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60+ Best Facebook Jokes And Puns For Your Friends

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If you are someone who loves to spend time on social media, then funny Facebook jokes and Facebook puns are what you need to get a soaring number of likes!

Facebook is a place to connect with friends and family and share life updates and photos with them. But for most of us, funny FB jokes, puns, photos, and memes are what make Facebook a fun and entertaining platform.

No matter how focused we are on our goals, all work and no relaxation will make us dull. And what better way to unwind than scroll through Facebook's feed on our phones or PCs? Be it a meme, funny photos, a joke, a funny video, or a simple status, Facebook is a source of unlimited entertainment. But making people laugh is no piece of cake! So, unless your sense of humor is at a mind-blowing level, it's best to do some research on jokes for Facebook posts. Here on this page is a list of some funny jokes to put on Facebook along with some witty puns. Better your social media skills with some new and side-splitting humor! If you like this, you would also like Sarcastic Jokes and Text Jokes.

Funny Jokes About Facebook

Facebook humor can get your friends and followers ROFL-ing!

Do you want to make your friends laugh out loud with some hilarious jokes about Facebook? Are you looking to get a like for your humor? Then here is a funny list of some new and latest Facebook status jokes that'll leave everyone in splits!

1. What is common between a Facebook feed and the jokes you read on the internet? Both ways, you will find users reposting stuff from Reddit.

2. Why is Facebook such a hit? Because people show way more interest in others' lives than their own!

3. Why is Facebook a really great site for introverts? Because it’s the only place where you can talk to a wall without being called a loser!

4. Why is it fun to create a Facebook account with the name "Nobody"? So that when you like someone’s stupid post, they see it as “Nobody likes this”!

5. What is common between Facebook and a refrigerator? You keep visiting it every few minutes to see if there’s something good in it!

6. Why will you see Voldemort on Instagram but you won't find him on Facebook? Because he’s got followers, not friends!

7. How will you know if someone does not have Facebook? They will tell you.

8. What password does Forrest Gump use for his Facebook account? 1forest1!

9. What can you tell about someone who believes that Facebook’s IQ tests tell a lot about intelligence? They’re not very intelligent.

10. Why won’t you be interviewed if Facebook hires you? They already have your details.

11. What does the letter “p” in Facebook stand for? Privacy!

12. What password does Barney use for his Facebook account? PleaseAndThankYou.

13. What do you call it when old people look through their Facebook timeline? The Elder Scrolls.

14. What do you call it when Post Malone is on Facebook all by himself? Post Alone.

15. What is the best way to speak to your parents at home? Send them a message on Facebook!

16. Do you know why my Facebook posts never become viral? Because they are like the 1984 movie, The Never-trending Story!

17. What is the best thing a graphic designer can do on Facebook? Share his GIFs with the world!

Zuckerberg Jokes You Can Mark As Your Favorite

Facebook's founder may have come under the radar for all the wrong reasons, but it has definitely not stopped netizens from creating rib-tickling Zuckerberg jokes. Which one of these do you like?

18. Why would it be cool if you ever met Mark Zuckerberg? He literally knows everything about you and your interests.

19. What is silly about Mark Zuckerberg buying Instagram for a billion dollars? He could’ve got it on the App Store absolutely free!

20. Why doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg like formal events? He can never find a tux with a hoodie!

21. Which game did Mark Zuckerberg like to play as a child? I spy.

22. If Mark Zuckerberg had created Minecraft, what would he add to the game? Data, so that he can mine it!

Funny Jokes To Post On Facebook

A good Facebook joke on a timeline can instantly cheer up almost anyone! So, the next time you pick up your phone to use Facebook, try something new and post one of these jokes we have created for you. We know people will like them.

23. What would you call it if Madonna made a song about Facebook exhaustion? Like Aversion!

24. What did Nietzsche do right after joining Facebook? He Thus Poked Zarathustra.

25. What is common between my wallet and an onion? Both make me cry when I open them!

26. What is the easiest and quickest way to double your money? Just fold it over!

27. What is the mystery behind every successful Facebook status? ctrl+C and ctrl+V!

28. What happens when you try to make an anti-social media platform? It goes nowhere!

29. What happens when you make a social media platform for chickens? You make hens meet!

30. What is the term for a reptile that starts silly fights on social media? An InstaGator!

31. What happened to the 16-year-old teen who became a social media addict? He had to be taken to the hospital for tweet-ment.

32. Why should non-vaccinated children not have social media accounts? Because they can get viral!

33. What do you call it when your friends keep tagging you in poor pictures on social media? The #trashtag challenge!

34. Why shouldn’t you accept a social media friend request from Xerox? Because it could turn out to be a scan!

35. What did the doctor say when I asked for his help saying that I am addicted to social media? He said, “I don’t follow you.”

36. Why are online communities more prone to viral infections? Because there are too many social media influenzas!

Funny Puns About Facebook

Everybody likes clever and amusing wordplays on Facebook.

The fun for Facebook doesn't end at jokes. A Facebook pun that's well made can make you a social media star in no time! Here are some fresh and new puns you can use on your timeline on your profile page.

37. A social media page that’s very religious is called a Faithbook.

38. I wonder if privileged people join Facebook for their social net-worthing.

39. Sometimes I hate social media for being so meme-spirited!

40. People on social media platforms are so mean and self-obsessed. It is always meme, meme, and meme!

41. I miss Facebook. It gave me a lot of meme arrays.

42. Canada is the most talked-about place on Facebook because it has many lakes.

43. If you ask me to write a blog on Facebook, I will say that I am not a post to that.

44. All my friends are wearing hats in their profile picture saying because it is a Fez-book trend!

45. A Facebook celebrity with a cough is called a social media influenzer.

46. If Facebook ever buys Gmail, the “Mark As Read” option will change to “Mark Has Read.”

47. My grandmother passed away while commenting on her friend’s Facebook post. I’ll never see the likes of her again.

48. My friend did not have a phone or computer to access social media. So she stuck her face in a book!

49. When your Facebook feed keeps showing memes of a former vice president, it is due to the Al Gore rhythms.

50. If Facebook ever opened a detective agency, it would do very good criminal profiling!

51. If you have back pain from being on Facebook for long periods of time, it is probably scroll-iosis.

52. If you are a fence company looking for Facebook followers, make enough posts!

53. I wonder if spiders list their profession on Facebook as web designers.

54. I visited my favorite hardware shop’s Facebook page because I heard that they have a lot of fans.

55. When two atoms meet on Facebook, they react!

56. Facebook giving life advice to Twitter: “Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted.”

57. Ever since people began to post selfies on Facebook, it’s just “Meme, myself and I!”

58. I wonder why we all love Facebook but we hate the face of a book!

Witty Wordplays You Can Post On Your Timeline

If you need a break from posting photos and if funny jokes for Facebook wasn't enough for you, here are some humorous wordplays you can post online for other people to see and enjoy.

59. If snails had a virtual platform for making friends, it would be called a so-shell network.

60. An FB group called “Flat Earth” kicked me out when I asked if the social distancing guidelines had knocked anyone off the edge yet.

61. An old friend sent me a message on Facebook saying that I could make money by selling Egyptian curios. I figured out later that it was a pyramid scheme.

62. I crashed my car into a stop sign. It was night and I couldn’t see the dark post.

63. If bears did a social media detox, it would be called cybernation.

64. You can find out a narcissist on Facebook when you find out how they pronounce meme.

65. I wonder what employees at Facebook do to waste their time at work.

66. If Facebook creates a virtual rock band, the lead vocalist would be Like Shinoda.

68. If you don't have many friends on Facebook, it means that you have a life!

69. If a group of FB addicts created a rap rock band, it would be called Meme Class Heroes.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for facebook jokes then why not take a look at Ironic Jokes, or Computer Jokes.

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