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100+ Best Fruit Puns That Are Berry Pear-Fect

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Kids love everything colorful and fruits are the most vibrant and exciting food items there are.

To engage kids with fruits, using puns can make it funny and memorable. Even at parties, one can tell a few puns and jokes on fruits to make the mood light and hilarious.

If you are making a birthday card, an Instagram photo caption, or even a witty greeting, you can manage to include a fruit pun and make it amazing. Sometimes kids' parties, baby showers, and Sunday brunches are organized with a fruits and berries theme. While engaging in a conversation, one might shoot some fruit one-liners with funny orange puns or funny cherry puns and even a few funny pear puns. And, sometimes while gifting your loved ones, you can, without a doubt, choose a few fruit puns about love. For the ones who love berries and melons, you can always have a variety of strawberry puns, smoothie puns, grape puns, watermelon puns along with our regular favorite fruits like fig puns, and kiwi fruit puns. These puns can also be said as funny fruit jokes. Orange you glad to find such versatile puns that can be said as funny fruit jokes. These puns are one in a melon and anyone you say these funny fruit puns would love you berry much! After all, when it comes to jokes, it takes two to mango - one to hear, and the other ap-peach-iate the one who produce puns!

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Funny Fruit Puns

Fruit puns can be the funniest. A brunch or breakfast is incomplete without a plate of fruit, and what is better than fruits for a light dessert? That means a fruit pun wouldn't be amiss! Here's a list of hilarious fruit puns for you to choose from including mango puns, pomegranate puns,  plum puns, fruit juice puns and peach puns too. These one-in-a-melon puns can be converted into funny fruit captions.

1. After a meeting between the apples and oranges regarding their annual fair, the head of apples said, "It was a fruitful discussion."

2. After a hectic day at work, the melon said, "All the running around the office has sucked all the juices in me."

3. Fig is always late to school, on the day of the principal visit, he reached juiced on time.

4. The palm leaf was very excited as she had chosen a date for her friends.

5. The principal of the fruit school did not mix with other fruits of the community, though was known to be a prune woman.

6. As the guests were coming, the nectarine asked his daughter to plum the cushions.

7. The guava told his children after his return from the war, "I love you all cherry much."

8. The fruits made many friends durian their summer camp.

9. The fig said that this Christmas would be her first pear-formance as a singer.

10. The fruits could not manage to get pear-mission for their participation in the school dance competition.

11. The plum was told that his booking was canceled at the hotel after reaching there, and he went bananas.

12. The apple had lost her pet, so her friends sat be-cider her to provide comfort.

13. The citrusy fruits told their teacher on their farewell, "You are one in a melon."

14. The watermelon had a silly accident in the park and said, "I won't come here in a melon years."

15. The stand up comic was so funny the fruits yelled, "These jokes are kiwing me."

16. To impress his girlfriend, the mango said, "I will go to grape length to fulfill your wishes and then get married, if we can."

17. The melon siblings were blaming each other for the broken vase and their mother said, "It takes two to mango."

18. The cruise of the fruits in their journey to the Bahamas was sailing smoothie.

19. A fruit once went to China and said he had become a mandarin.

20. The fruits had organized a party, and a human was brought in but he did not enjoy the party, so some of them said, "Let that mango."

21. The guests were invited to a melon party and they were given the premium fruits to rest in the hotel.

22. The favorite fruit of a vampire is a neck-tarine.

23. The palm leaves said their favorite subject in school was history as it was full of old dates.

24. The kiwi got fired from the orange juice factory as she could not concentrate enough.

25. After the fruit babies are born, they are kept in their tiny apri-cots.

26. The kiwi was finding a suitor for her daughter and finally found the pear-fect one.

27. The watermelon was feeling sad in his childhood home and said, "I'm feeling a little melon-cholic."

28. The pineapple worked in the call center and her friends called her pineapple rings.

29. When fruit becomes famous through their work, they are called star fruits.

30. There were many kinds of apples in the group but the pineapple never felt like he fitted in.

31. The leader of the revolutionary fruits was named Che Guava.

32. The orange police officer said to the detectives in the crime scene to get to the fruit of the matter.

33. With the big accident in the fruit market, the atmosphere had become very pulp-able.

34. At their wedding, the kiwi said to her husband, "You hold the kiwi to my heart."

35. On their morning of the trip, the husband berry said to his wife, "Honeydew you know that olive you so much."

36. The kiwi was lying to his parents even after being warned so his parents told him, "You're plum-believable."

37. After the tap broke, the orange family called up a plum-ber immediately.

38. The apple was advised by her mother that, if she loved someone then to never let that mango.

39. In the treasure hunt the instructor refused to guava clue.

40. After taking English classes, the apple said, "Shakes-pear is my favorite poet."

41. The apple said that he had got a tattoo out of pear-pressure.

42. The teacher tried to stop the quarrel among the oranges, said it was not that fig of a deal.

43. As the lemon failed in the test, his teacher asked him not to be sad as he was doing grape in other subjects.

44. When two fruits who love each other get married, they say "Olive you so much".

Grape Puns

Grapes and raisins are tiny and sweet. Puns on grapes and raisins are sweet to hear too.

45. The famous king among the fruit community was Alexander the Grape.

46. The grapes were not happy with their mother's decision to cancel the trip, their mother said, "Stop wine-ing, we can go there later."

47. The grape parents were looking for a school for their children but could not afford any, said, "It is getting difficult for us to live in this town while raisin kids."

48. The grape brought in good news for his colleagues as he arranged the seed money for their startup.

49. The grapes were very angry with the apples and said, "Please use some logic and raisin."

50. The elderly grapes said that they were very grapeful to the younger apples for their help during crises.

Banana Puns

Bananas are a really funny kind of fruit and puns about bananas can also be really exciting as well. Enjoy our banana fruit pun list.

51. The banana got sick and the others brought in fruits for him, later the banana said, it was cherry sweet of them.

52. As the banana had some work and could not go on the trip, he said to his friends that I'll be pear in spirit.

53. The guilty banana wanted to get an a-peel to get out of the law suit.

54. When two banana peels are on the ground, they are called a pair of slippers.

55. The banana asked for rest in the middle of the day as he was not peeling well.

56. The banana wanted advice for his first stand up show, his friends said, "Your humor needs to be a-peel-ing for the public."

57. When the banana was not able to make a split, he went completely bananas over it.

58. After the banana lost her father, her mother was the only seed of hope.

59. The apples were feeling lonely because the banana split.

Apple Puns

Fruits in basket on placed on wooden table

Whenever we talk about fruits it is the apple that comes to our mind at first. An apple fruit pun can be really interesting in any kind of conversation.

60. The queen of the apples had her own cherry-ot for traveling.

61. The teacher apple-auded the efforts of her students in the fruit festival.

62. The other apple always said to his children, "You're the apple of my eyes."

63. The grandmother apple told her grandson, "You're one fine-apple."

64. The apple and its skin were partners in crime, the skin told the fruit, "I've got you covered."

65. The short-tempered apple is called a crab- apple.

66. During the winter, the apple family went to the store to get apple-over.

67. When the kid apple made a mistake, he was very apple-ogetic.

Orange And Lemon Puns

Orange fruit puns or lemon puns are quite tangy. If you want to add them to a conversation, here's our fruit pun list. Orange you glad to see such fruity puns that anybody would love!

68. When the lemon met her friend after a long time, she called out "Yellow, how are you?"

69. The lemon said to his sister that he has orange-d a meeting for her, the next day.

70. The lime was finally coming out of the hospital. After surviving the disease, she had such zest for life.

71. The orange was having some skin issues due to lack of melonin.

72. The lemon was a trained nurse and his clinic was called lemon-aid.

73. The orange coach said to his students to squeeze the day on their final tournament.

74. The lemons had organized a game for their kids, it was, "Find the treasure zest."

75. The lemons were not happy to go back to the daily rind after the vacation.

76. The dietician had instructed the oranges to sweet out the fat.

77. The ripe orange in the meeting said, "I have a bitter idea for the picnic."

78. Whenever the orange got excited, his heart started to pulpitate.

79. The lemon said to her boyfriend while breaking up that their relationship had several blurred limes.

80. The mother, orange was angry with her children's behavior, said, "You need to know where to draw the lime."

81. The inspiring citrus leader said "We must squeeze the day and act now!"

82. When the girlfriend and boyfriend tangerines were finally reunited, the boy asked, "Orange you glad to see me?"

Funny Peach Puns

Are you looking to get peachy with some puns? Here are some amazing puns on peach.

83. The two newly married nectarines said that "We are made for peach other."

84. The nectarine left everyone s-peach-less in his debut performance on the stage.

85. The apples made a piece of jewelry out of peaches and called them nectarines.

86. The peach boss a-peach-iate-d the orange-inal ideas from his employees.

87. The peach teacher advised his students to always practice what they peached.

88. The mama peach said to her daughter, "You're a peach of my heart.'

Avocado Puns

Here's a list of avocado puns for your fun conversations. You'll love this fruit pun list!

89. The avocado that shows bravery is called a bravocado.

90. After marriage the grapes lived happily avo-after.

91. In the zoo of the fruits, the scariest animal is a guaco-dile.

92. The avocados thanked the hosts for their hass-pitality.

93. The little baby of the avocados was very avocadorable.

94. The avocado wanted to avo-cuddle with his avo-cat-o.

95. The two avocados opened a business and named it avoca-bros.

96. When the dips were all eaten up, the host realized he reached the guac bottom.

Berry Puns


Puns on berries are interesting and as sweet as the taste of our favorite berries like strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry, and if you are looking for some of them, here's a berry fruit pun list.

97. The gooseberry said she was swimming against the currant when she had an accident in the ocean.

98. The mother strawberry told her children to always respect the elderberries.

99. The raspberry had invited guests for the party and greeted them saying, "Berry happy to see you."

100. The blackberry and his siblings performed their jam session for the family.

101. As a mark of their friendship, the fig and the guava have berried a box under the tree on their porch.

102. The strawberries said to their children, "We love you berry much" as they left for college.

103. As the pandemic reached its peak, the fruits were berry worried and felt as if all hell broke juice.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Fruit Puns, then why not take a look at Banana Puns or Apple Puns.

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