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50+ Best Hipster Jokes And Puns That Are Too Cool For School

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Hipster usually refers to a genre of contemporary subculture.

Hipster culture became more prevalent in this 21st century. Hipsters claim that their style is unique, different, and authentic than that of others, but it is an irony.

Many hipsters often try to prove that they are trendsetters by digging into retro stuff. Hipsters are also often associated with the indie genre of music. Most millennial hipsters are residents of a city and this culture is rarely seen in the outskirts or in villages. Hipsters are overt followers of trends that are not considered mainstream and so, are often thought of as disingenuous. Phony behavior and expert knowledge in every matter is a typical characteristic of a hipster. However, it doesn't matter if you are a hipster who supports underground movements, our collection of jokes and puns will be loved by all. So hurry up and read these before they run out of fashion!

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Hilarious Hipster Jokes That Are Mainstream

Hipster jokes are popular and should be enjoyed with friends and family.

Enlisted below are some cool hipster jokes, popular jokes, funny hipster jokes, hipster one-liners, jokes on funny hipsters, jokes on the first hipster, how to drown a hipster, and hipster jokes that you have probably never heard before! You can also use these jokes as cool puns.

1. While eating his lunch why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he ate the food before it was cool!

2. Which flavor of ice cream does a hipster despise the most? A hipster hates vanilla-flavored ice cream!

3. Why did the hipster fall off the ice when he went ice skating in the lake? Because he started to skate before the ice was cool enough to freeze!

4. Why are all hipsters afraid to swim in the river? Because they think that it is very mainstream!

5. Why is lava considered a hipster? Because lava knows how to rock before it's cool.

6. What happens when a hipster runs a marathon while vaping? Apparently, at the end of the race, he just runs on fumes!

7. Why do all hipsters wear flannel shirts during the summer? Because the hipsters wanted to wear the flannel before the weather turned cool!

8. Why did the association of hipsters decide to change the name of the road to 'Hipster Avenue'? Because it was the main street!

9. What does a hipster say if you pull a prank on him? He says, "Yo bro, that was not cool at all".

10. Why did the hipster scientists decide to invent a new weather instrument? Because they wanted to build an instrument that would inform them before the temperature drops to cool!

11. How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb? Zero. They don't think it's a cool job to do it!

12. What is the best place if you want to drown a hipster? You throw them in the mainstream of the river!

13. Why did the hipster not take the beautiful mansion which was beside the sea? He said that that was too current!

14. In what metric system does a hipster weigh their own weights? They measure it in insta-grams!

15. What would you get if you ever cross a hipster with a vampire? You are bound to get Count Swagula!

16. Do you know who was the first hipster ever? Don't worry, no one has probably heard of him!

17. What is the best way to describe a hipster who can't speak properly and stumbles a lot? You call him a mumblr!

18. Why do hipsters love putting ice in all their drinks? Because water with ice is cool.

19. Why do all hipsters stay indoors and turn on the AC or sit beside a fan? Because they always want to stay cool no matter what!

20. What is the best way to proceed if a hipster doesn't like eating hot dogs? Put it in a man bun and they are bound to eat it at the very earliest!

Puns On Hipsters That Are Really Cool

Puns on hipsters are enjoyed by one and all.

Here you will find some puns on hipsters, mainstream jokes, funny hipster puns, lovely hipster humor, funny hipster jokes, a wonderful hipster pun and hipster joke, and puns on hipsters that you have probably never heard before!  

21. I once saw a baby hipster. It was extremely fedora-ble!

22. A hipster always likes making a craiglist. He is always looking to trade all his old things for brand new items!

23. Hipsters love listening to songs by Shakira. They are absolutely sure that hipsters don't lie!

24. All Indian hipsters love listening to rap-rock music. They are ardent fans of the band 'Underground Authority'.

25. If a hipster visits the forest and there a tree falls in the woods but no one is around to hear it, they will decide to buy the soundtrack.

26. I once burst a cracker in a room filled with hipsters. It turned into utter chaos as everyone was fighting to prove that they heard it first!

27. I just realized that all hipsters are excellent survivors. They are very efficient in early adaptations!

28. You will always find hipsters cooking all their food in microwaves and nothing else. I guess it is because they all hate the normal conventional ovens!

29. The hipster of our neighborhood decided not to undergo his surgery. When I asked him about it, he replied the surgeons were going to perform local anesthesia on him, he would rather have an imported one!

The Funniest Hipster Jokes That Will Make You Hide Underground

Here you will find all the jokes about being cool, cool jokes, bad hipster jokes, jokes on many hipsters, jokes on hipsters that are probably never heard before, and jokes on hipster weight.

30.What should we never say to a hipster? We shouldn't tell them, "You remind me of someone!"

31. Why do all hipsters love traveling in subways and tube rails? Because those are the only means of underground transportation!

32. What kind of toppings do hipsters love putting on top of strawberries? They absolutely love putting on the cool whip!

33. What kind of cereal does a hipster eat every day for breakfast? You will always find a hipster having Emoji-Os!

34. Why was the hipster fiddling with a particular icon on the computer? He was checking the recycle bin just to see if he could turn any of its contents to retro!

35. What is an ideal breakfast for a hipster? A hipster would be absolutely delighted if you feed them bronuts and man buns for breakfast every day!

36. What is the best way to know that an event has happened without checking the news channels? You will find a hipster Instagramming it!

37. What did the husband hipster say to his wife as a loving compliment? He said, "Dear, I can make your hips stir to this lovely underground indie music".

38. Why are all the hipsters so lanky and thin? I guess it is probably because they have all skinny genes!

39. Why are all dead musicians an absolute favorite among all hipsters? Because the musicians are now all underground!

40. Why did the hipster take a long leave from work? I think it was probably due to the fact that he caught the uncommon cold!

41. Why should you never ever bet on a hipster which takes part in a bike race? Because it is obviously fixed!

42. Why should you never ask a hipster to brew you a pot of coffee? Because hipsters make bad coffee as all the coffee beans are under-ground!

43. Why can hipsters make excellent silent assassins? Because all hipsters have the special ability to hide bodies where no one can ever think of!

44. How do all the hipster atoms connect with each other? They are usually joined by ironic bonds!

45. Why did the police catch the hipster? Because the hipster started following people before following them on Instagram!

46. How do you best describe an old man who wants to join the teen crowd? You should call him a dislocated hipster!

47. What should you call a hipster who got injured while playing soccer and now jumps around? You call him a hopster!

48. Why do hipsters not live in the North pole? They don't reside in the North Pole because it is already cool!

49. Which vampire was a hipster? I guess it was Count Dra-cool-a!

50. What devastating event happened at the apparel factory which was run by hipsters? The ceiling fell down and there were lots of casual tees!

51. Which movie do hipsters love watching the most? All hipsters love watching 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' because it was the first indie movie ever made!

52. How does a German hipster greet his friend? He greets his friend by saying "Gluten tag".

53. Why do all hipsters hate eating bread? Because hipsters always prefer to go against the grain!

54. Why do hipsters meet their friends and exchange their shoes with one another? Because they really enjoy Conversing with one another!

55. Why did the hipster get angry with the Wesley Crusher action figure? Because the hipster was Wheaten intolerant!

56. How much does a hipster weigh? A hipster weighs an Insta-gram.

57. Why did the hipster become a rocket scientist? He became a rocket scientist so that he could only work in the superb retro rockets!

58. What did the hipster suddenly cross the road? I guess to go to a place where no one has ever heard of before!

59. Why was Snow White a hipster? Because she could never say no to an Apple!

60. Why was the hipster trying his level best to become a theoretical physicist? So that he could know all about the anti-matter!

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