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45+ Best Ironic Jokes And Puns

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Irony is a type of rhetorical device that is used as a literary measure.

Irony means when someone says something to signify a particular meaning which is usually the opposite of the literal or supposed meaning of the term. Ironic terms are usually used to induce humor or witty statements.

Irony arises as it turns out that what really happens is entirely different from what would be predicted. The three primary forms of irony are: dramatic, situational and verbal. Though there are also a few other varieties.

Dramatic irony refers to the event when the spectator is more aware of what happens in a plot than the characters. As the viewer watches to see if the characters can know what is happening before it gets too late, it will create anticipation. Stories with an omniscient narrator, as a narrative technique, frequently use dramatic irony. For instance, The title character in Macbeth seems to be faithful to the character of Duncan. Macbeth is probably plotting Duncan's death, though. It's not Duncan who knows this, the crowd does.

Situational irony comes whenever something that is totally different from what was planned arises. These cases usually contain a sort of contradiction and a significant degree of confusion or shock. For instance, an individual has been working hard for decades, investing less to save retirement money. The individual suddenly has a freak heart attack the week before retirement and dies.

Verbal irony happens when one thing is said by a character, but implies another. Although they are not the same, this sort of irony is frequently confused with sarcasm. Sarcasm includes a demeaning tone, instead of using words in an ironic (opposite) manner, with somewhat of a dig that is mean-spirited. For example, there is a writer working on a comedy. The atmosphere was dull, making it impossible to craft witty scenes. He opens the blinds of his window only to witness grey clouds in the sky. The writer says, "Great. Another rainy day. How wonderful."

Now that we have gone through the most common types of irony, let us dive right into some really funny ironic jokes. Or maybe a good ironic pun will take your fancy. The list includes irony jokes, irony in humor, jokes about irony, ironic humor, humorous irony, comedic irony, irony humor, ironically funny jokes, and irony examples as well. If you like an ironic joke or pun head over to our Sarcastic Jokes and Smart Riddles.

Ironic Jokes

Funny jokes around irony can really tickle your funny bone.

There is nothing better than an irony joke to boost your day. Take a look at these funny jokes to lighten up your mood. These are ironic jokes about jokes and can really be a great way to start an interesting conversation or to gauge if people around you can get a joke about jokes or ironical jokes. Smart jokes are always something to look out for!

1. Which is the most ironic gym phrase? Skipping a leg day.

2. Do you know when AI is ironic? When a computer inquires if I am a robot.

3. What is even more ironic than when someone wakes up tired? If someone dies in the living room.

4. Which sentence is both ironic and hypocritical at the same time? The sentence: I am not telling you what to do, so do not tell me what to do.

5. Where are ironic Roman emperors sent to? Tsar Chasm.

6. How is 'Communism' one of the most ironic terms? It is capitalized.

7. What can be the most ironic name for a person who is chubby? Jim.

8. Do you know a funny irony in grammar-related language? It lies in "hyphenated" and "non-hyphenated" words.

9. How did I know that the dry cleaners did not understand irony? Because all my shirts were crumpled.

10. What did the smith who worked near a blast furnace say? "Irony will be the death of me."

11. What are the ten things that I hate the most? Lists, repeating myself, lists, irony, trickery.

12. Did you hear about the town's irony convention? I don't know why the pacifists are up in arms about it.

13. What is a historical irony? When history channels do not show much history anymore as it is in the past.

14. What is the definition of irony? When people do not understand the difference between a definition and irony examples.

15. What is an ironing board that makes your clothes more crumpled called? An irony board.

16. What do you call a fly with no wings? You should still call it a fly even though the irony is a misfortunate one.

17. How come kleptomaniacs do not understand irony? Because they take things, literally.

18. What is a vampire's all-time favorite form of humor? Irony.

19. What did the doctor say when the hispter got depressed over his low social media reach? "I think you are low on irony."

20. What did the astrologer who got rejected from the Mars mission say? I need space.

21. What did the person say when he did not see any ice cream shop nearby? "The streets are oddly desserted."

22. What was ironic about the cable operator's wedding? The reception was not up to the mark.

23. What is ironic about a dentist and a manicurist being friends? That they are not fighting tooth and nail.

24. What is ironic about a bicycle not being able to stand on its own? It is two tired.

25. What is ironic about a deposed king? Him getting throne away.

26. Why was it ironic that the orange lost the race? Because it had the most juice.

27. Why is teddy bears being hungry an irony? Because they are always stuffed.

28. Why was everyone surprised at the irony of the snowman being a nice person? Because everyone thought he would be a flake.

Ironic Puns

Puns filled irony to make you go gaga.

Wondering how to be ironic? Well, we have got just the list for you. Keep reading the puns to get the best humor and irony.

29. If I get to be a superhero I would like to get the name 'Ironic'. That way whenever I run in case of an emergency, everyone would say, "Isn't that Ironic?"

30. Ironic how Jan-worry and Febru-worry were 2020's only two months where we did not worry.

31. It is ironic how the word "queue" is just the alphabet q with a long line of silent letters following it.

32. It would be so ironic if a movie depicting the "flat earth theory" gets a Golden Globe Award.

33. The adjective form of 'metal' is 'metallic' but that is not the case for 'iron' which is ironic.

34. It is ironic how my neighbor got an award the very next day after her vegetable patch was struck by a tornado. The award was for whirled peas.

35. Although 'Parasite' won the Oscars, it is ironic how there were no hosts left to conduct the show.

36. It is ironic that chilli is hot and not chilly.

37. Ironic how in America the colors red, white, and blue mean freedom unless they are flashing behind you on the streets.

38. Quite ironically, a pandemic can help people all over the world unite by maintaining distance from each other.

39. My grandmother was a Cancer but it is ironic how she passed away after eating a crab.

40. Some say the Iron Man is in reality made of Titanium. How ironic.

41. It is so ironic that a thief is the only professional who wishes for your prosperity.

42. History's biggest irony is that there is no lower case in the Russian alphabet. It's all capitalized.

43. It was ironic when the guy from the credit card company said, "Do not cross your limits."

44. It is a pure irony when a cage on the side of the road holds a parrot but also has a sign that reads "free bird".

45. I like my humor exactly the way I like blood. Irony.

46. Although both my parents were metallurgists, they hated their job. They named me Steele but I think they chose it because it was ironic.

47. Since I majored in Literary Criticism I have been begging everyone to not talk about the irony.

48. Funny how Google search results advise to stay off electronic devices.

49. I have no problems with keeping a secret. It is the people who I tell those secrets to, who can't stay hush.

50. I hate people who use big words just for the sake of making themselves appear perspicacious.

51. The other day my activist friend said that he would kill to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

52. Every year the television channels cut down 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', which is a movie about excessive commercialization of the holiday season, to make room for more commercials.

53. It is ironic and sad how a group of squid is not called a squad.

54. The doctor said that my blood type is A. But it was actually a Type-O.

55. The class laughed at the irony when the teacher asked the lightning to conduct itself.

56. It is an irony that the math book looks so happy despite having so many problems.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns and jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Ironic Jokes then why not take a look at Nerd Jokes, or Computer Jokes.

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