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75+ Best Lobster Puns You'll Love Forever

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Funny lobster one-liners can be a mood setter for a warm Sunday brunch with your friends and family.

Lobster is one of the most desired dishes for many people and ideal for family brunches and dinners. Cracking a pun on such occasions would make you the funny one in the family and hard to ignore.

Puns are a play of words that sounds similar but can have different meanings. Clever puns and jokes always lighten up the mood during social gatherings and these can be quite contagious. You might start the punny journey and later you'll find almost all your friends or even family to have contributed throughout the time. It's fun, engaging and a great way of bonding with your close ones. Puns can even be a great rescue for awkward family conversations at the dinner table. Sometimes when you need something from your parents, it is easier this way to reset their mood.

Instagram is the best place to share the highlights of your day. The posts and stories should always have an edge for your followers to know about your funny side. So, to make them edgier, you should definitely use puns and jokes in your Instagram captions. Lobster jokes or lobster quotes can also be a great idea to be added to your posts and stories. "Once upon a time there was a lobster..." and then you add a silly pun, all your followers will be hooked to your Instagram account.

Lobsters are a variety of species of marine crustaceans. They are usually quite big in size, have muscular tails and lot of flesh compared to other species of the same family. They have five pairs of legs and three of them have claws and the first one is the largest. Lobsters are one of the most expensive dishes in any restaurant, as they economically important and very profitable too. In coastal regions, various kinds of lobster dishes are available like Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Malay Curry, Lobster Iguru, Aggari Style Lobster, and many others. Lobsters can be found in various colors, some are albino, cotton candy, blue, calico, orange, and the most common - red. But there are many others too. Lobsters usually reside at the bottom of the sea and make burrows under sea rocks. Lobsters were made popular by New Yorkers and Bostonians in the mid-19th century. The red lobster is the most common and cooked variedly around the world. It has to be cut and served in the right way for one to enjoy the beautiful taste of its flesh. Taking the flesh out of lobster tails can be a bit of work but the meat is the juiciest and worth the effort.

Funny lobster jokes, crab puns, shell puns are a catch and if one can get it right, one can stand out among everybody and will be known as the punny one of the family. This is one kind of witty fame that is quite desirable and easy to achieve. So here is a list of such funny yet clever puns regarding your favorite dish and the world of lobsters. One cannot miss any one of these puns if they want to be titled as the punniest one of all.

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Funny Lobster Puns

It is a must that you crack a funny lobster pun every time you are on a Sunday brunch with your family. Landing a lobster pun can be challenging so go by the basics and keep it casual. It gets funnier if you keep it light and spontaneous.

Here's a list of amazing puns to choose from for the next family get-together:

1. A greedy lobster was called a shellfish by his friends.

2. Lobsters prefer their morning clawfee to be hot.

3. Annoyed with work pressure, a lobster ranted about his frustacean.

4. The lobster neighbors never send us gifts during Christmas, they are so shelf-centered.

5. Crabs and lobsters catch their trains at Queen's crustation.

6. The shellfless lobster donated everything to charity.

7. A lobster that is scared of tight spaces has claw-strophobia.

8. A lobster returned from the office and kept his clothes in his claw-set.

9. The friend of a narcissistic lobster called him a shellfish.

10. A lobster wore a Christmas hat and the children called him Santa Claws.

11. A shellfish called his Chinese lobster friend a crust-asian.

12. The lobster cooked for his family and they said it was souper good.

13. A lobster was crying. Being asked, he said that his teacher called him a lost claws.

14. A crab called the lobster and he picked the phone and said "Shello".

15. After a great performance in tennis, the coach called him a lob-star.

16. As a huge lobster was approaching, the little crab whispered "That's a s-hell of a creature".

17. You should never host a lobster race since all shell will break loose.

18. After witnessing a crime on the streets, the brave lobster crabbed the phone and called the police.

19. The police asked the lobster to be more pacific while describing the crime.

20. All the sea creatures were celebrating the holiday sea-son.

21. A lobster asked his prom date, "Shell you dance with me?"

22. While playing hide and seek, a lobster screamed, "I can't sea you!"

23. A lobster left home out of pier-pressure.

24. "The sea a-piers to be dark blue today", says the lobster.

25. The lobster greeted the ocean in the morning and the ocean waved back at him.

26. A lobster needed money so he went to the prawn-broker.

27. The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

Smart And Clever Lobster Puns

Red lobster with vegetable and lemon on black slate plate.

To land a pun or a joke, it has to be both smart and clever, so to impress your friends with lobster puns here's a list that you can choose from. Here are some awesome lobster puns:

28. The lobster said to a salmon, "Who is your cod-father?"

29. The lobster was performing quite whale when the director called it sea-n.

30. The lobster became broke as he was shelling off money.

31. A lobster opened a store after it was licensed to shell.

32. The lobsters were selling movie tickets on a first-come, first surfed basis.

33. The lobster won the race and achieved the tidal of a captain.

34. The lobster decided to throw a thanksgiving party but it turned out to be a turtle disaster.

35. The lobster family always sand wishes for the holiday season to their friends.

36. The lobster was quite sandguine about his new endeavor in life.

37. The lobsters partied all night like cray-sea.

38. The fast-swimming lobsters were sailected for the race based on their performance.

39. When others were confused about the trip location, the lobster said, "Water boat going to the Bahamas?"

40. The very motivated lobster advised his friends, "Seas the day."

41. "If there is a will, there will be a wave" says the wise old lobster to his grandchildren.

42. The clam called the lobster shellfish as she never shared her pearl.

43. The little crab said he is happy as a clam when in school.

44. The old crab couple were shellibrating life at the beach party with the younger ones.

45. Even after being struck down several times, the lobster went with the float.

46. The lobster did not make many friends as he was crabby most of the time.

47. The good lobster friend always tides to help his friend in need.

48. The teacher asked if the students were undersanding the lessons.

49. During Christmas, the lobster tide his gifts on the Christmas tree.

50. The lobster had fished for a boat on his birthday.

51. A bachelor crab was thinking about marrying. The other crab asked if he was shore about the decision.

52. The lobster claimed that he was closely tide to his job.

53. I do not like eating lobsters and clams cooked in hot water because of my shellfish steamed issues.

54. The crab missed work as he had a mussel pull.

55. the lobster teacher praised the student's speech as it was quite crabtivating.

56. The lobster sang for his new wife a song on their wedding and it was shrimply the best.

57. The lobster is often found bragging about his party in the hot tub.

58. The lobster who wrote and sang songs was called the rock lobster by his piers.

59. The lobsters started a music band and named it Buoys of summer.

60. The crab said he wanted to be a prawnfessional chef.

61. The mother asked the lobster to cut the crab and tell her the truth.

62. The stand-up lobster comic was trying to crab everyone's attention.

63. "Shello there mate!", said the lobster to his long lost friend.

64. The lobster in his wedding vows said, "She is my butter half."

65. The crab threw a party and everybody said it was clawsome.

66. The lobster was looking for a shellphone, he was recommended the brand Clamsung.

67. The lobster made a painting of the sea, the others said it was lobstacular.

68. They served the party snacks on a cray.

69. As the crustacean got late for her work for the entire week, she lobster job.

70. The lost crustacean was taken to a lobster home.

71. When a crab starts throwing things at others that crab is called a lobster.

72. Generally, you would find many hipsters among lobsters. That's because many do not belong to the main stream.

73. In the exotic fish markets, a seller was selling lobster tails for 2 dollars. I paid him 2 dollars and he started saying, "Once upon a time, in a distant sea, there was a lobster..."

74. The little lobster was terrible at his studies. He stayed at C-level.

75. There are many people who want to work at the Red Lobster. It just helps them to drop their shells.

76. The lobster from Spongebob Squarepants might be the funniest character of the show. He is hil-larry-ous.

77. The lobster ordered a bookshelf from IKEA. The product was not quite right, but it still looked shelf-ish.

78. The convicted lobsters was let go by the court as he had no reasonable claws to commit the murder.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for lobster puns then why not take a look at fish puns, or for something different take a look at ocean jokes.

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