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When the view is so amazing, you have got to whip out your bag of hilarious puns about mountains.

No matter your audience (friends or family) we’ve got mountain puns for every occasion. Feel free to use them as you see fit.

This extensive list of hilarious and funny mountain puns are perfect to be used by people who love to trek, hike, or simply enjoy the majestic views of the mountains. With puns for mountain summits for everyone, from hiking to the rocky mountains or to Mount Everest, we have a mountain pun to suit your every need. This carefully crafted list of mountain puns is sure to impress your friends and family! Stock up on these top mountain puns and truly become the true life of the party, with a great pun to share at every opportunity! These mountain puns are also perfect for you to use in your Instagram captions for those breathtaking mountain pictures you are going to snap on your next hiking trip in the mountains. Let’s get going then, here are some of the best mountain puns that we could find.

If you love making others laugh and are looking for more even more funny nature puns to share with friends and family, check out these hiking puns and skiing puns that are bound to earn you some more laughs!

Clever Mountain Puns

The key thing about mountain puns is to keep them clever. There should be a new and good twist to them to make others really wonder about how smart your mountain pun is. However, they shouldn’t be very tough to understand, or else you will lose your audience. Choose from some of the best clever hill puns you’ve ever come across here. We also have mountain dew puns in here! One way or the other, you’re going to impress everyone with these hill areas puns! (Get it?)

1. Mountains are such great comedians, they are just hill areas.

2. The hiker hated the top of the mountain because it was all downhill from there!

3. There was once a mountain biker who murdered everyone in his path because he was a clinical cycle-path!

4. Whenever I am up in the mountains, I always try to catch the fog, but unfortunately, I have always mist.

5. When poets climb up hills to write sweet poems they are called a hike-u!

6. I’ve always considered mountain plateaus to be the highest forms of flattery.

7. There was once a jolly happy mountain that offered fantastic advice to a grumpy hill. "Change your altitude", he said!

8. A flock of sheep tumbling down the hills might very well be called a lamb-slide!

9. A ghostly mountain is called a peak-a-boo.

10. The baby mountain failed his mathematics exam because he didn't know how to calculate the slope.

11. A mountain full of kittens might very well be called a meowtain.

12.  There is no point playing hide and seek with the mountains because they always peak.

13. When a mountain falls sick, it tells the doctor that he’s feeling really very, very hill.

14. The mountain got promoted because he was at the peak of his career!

15. The science teacher decided to take her class out on a field trip to the mountains because all the kids in her class desperately needed higher grades.

16. Mountains are always able to see everything because those sneaky things always peak.

17. The most dangerous mountain in the world, without a doubt, is Mount Kill-a-man-jaro!

18. If you want to quench your thirst in the mountains while on a hike, drink Mountain Dew.

19. Mountains always seem to catch a cold because they constantly wear snow caps.

20. The only four member rock band that can’t sing is Mount Rushmore.

21. The most intelligent mountain in the world is Mount Cleverest.

22. You can climb to the highest peak of any mountain but it is only going to be downhill from there.

23. Whenever I hear folksy stories about the hills, I can never get over them.

24. The only soda that the mountains drink is Mountain Dew.

25. The mathematician wanted to understand how far apart the mountains were, but he couldn’t figure out which range they were in.

Mount Everest Puns

We cannot compile a hill-areas list of mountain puns without taking into account the highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest. Show off your pun skills by highlighting the mighty Mount with these hill-areas puns! Which one is your favorite?

26. I am never going to climb the Mount Everest because I will never be able to see the point.

27. The book on Mount Everest was super interesting because it had so many cliffhangers.

28. These mountains and hills are always tired because they don’t Everest.

29. How are you going to climb the peak if you don’t Everest.

Hiking Puns

Looking for a hiking pun that will leave your hiking party in splits? We have got you covered. All hike puns need to really take the essence of the mountains and then be delivered in the most hill-areas way possible. Looking for hiking puns when you are hiking up high in the mountains with friends and family? Look no further, we think you will like these!

30. If you don’t know how far you have hiked just sum-mit it all up.

31. The guy fell from the mountain while hiking. He really hurt himself because he couldn’t stick the landing.

32. I’m mad at you, you did not hike my recent post on Instagram!

33. I ditched my job and moved to the mountains because my crazy boss would not agree to give me a wage hike at all.

34. What’s the point of having friends and family if they do not understand your hikes and dis-hikes.

Mountain landscape with hiking trail

Alps Puns

We cannot talk about mountain and hills puns without talking about another world famous mountain range, the Alps. This high and extensive range in Europe makes for some amazing puns that will have your friends and families yodeling in laughter. If you want to showcase new and funny puns, why not choose to go with these fantastic hill puns?

35. The Alps were named so because whenever the Swiss fell from the peak, they yelled out “Alp!”

36. This gym equipment is amazing since it alps you build muscles for any hike or trek.

37. Thank you so much for this, you have really alp-ed me out!

38. God only alps those who alp themselves.

39. No one helped the Swiss hiker when he fell from the mountain because he did not call out for "Alp".

Mountain Captions For Instagram

There is no better way to use these mountain puns than using them for Instagram captions. Wearing your winter attire, hiking into the mountains and enjoying the majestic views is fantastic. But we also want you to be able to share the same vibe and ambience with your online community of friends and family. Use these forest puns and outdoor puns as captions for your Instagram captions and watch your comments section quickly fill up with people giggling at your puns. They are sure going to love these!

40. When I go hiking I like to wear snow caps like the mountains because it gets chilly on the top!

41. If you think you have peaked in life, find another mountain to scale.

42. How can you not love the great outdoors? That is un-be-leaf-able.

43. Dew you love morning walks in the mountains?

44. What were you saying again? I completely lost terrain of my thought.

45. Hiking the hills looked hard at first but I definitely got over it!

46. I asked my boss for a raise and he told me to "take a hike". So I did!

47. There’s snow place like the mountains!

48. When the hiker wearing clunky boots passed by the river, the river asked, "Water those?’"

49. At first I thought I could not scale the mountain, but when I got to the top, it was such a re-leaf!

50. Whenever a mountain fern doesn’t know the answer to a question, it just shrubs.

51. I fell down the slope and didn't need any medicine because I was just pine!

52. I am all a-boot that hiking life!

53. Adjust your altitude or walk away!

Cliff Puns And Walking Puns

A walking pun or cliff pun is another great way to get your Instagram or real life audience to love your humor and make you the star of the day. Here are the best cliff and mountain walk puns that are bound to get your audience laughing away at how funny they are. Like any other mountain puns, these puns won’t leave you high and dry but always make you the hilarious one in the group.

54. When a mountain gets exhausted it always wants to tall it a day.

55. If you ever hear the joke about the egg falling down the cliff, the ending is going to crack you up!

56. A mountaineer hangs their clothes on a cliff-hanger!

57. A cow walking on a cliff is definitely ledge-n-dairy.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best mountain puns to make your friends and family laugh and are looking for more funny puns to share, then why not take a look at this list of hilarious nature puns that the whole family will love, or for something different these volcano puns will have the kids laughing all day long.

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