40+ Best Otter Puns That Are Otter-Ly Hilarious

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Asian Small-Clawed Otter
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Otters are aquatic, semi-aquatic, or marine animals.

There are 13 different kinds of otters like sea otters, giant otters, or marine otters still living on this planet. All of them are extremely cute looking furry animals.

Otters belong to the mammal family and are carnivorous by nature. Their diet consists of fishes and other smaller marine or aquatic animals like frogs, clams, and crayfishes. These cute and furry animals have a life span of around 16 years. Otters have a streamlined body, which makes them expert swimmers. They have short limbs and a long body. The most striking feature of the otter's body is their feet. They have webbed feet, which are extremely powerful and predominantly help in swimming.

Otters hunt their prey with their sharp claws and are known to be expert hunters. For hunting, otters are known to stay under water for large amounts of time. When they're not hunting otters are fun loving animals that spend a lot of time making merry and being adorable. They are known to play games amongst themselves with stones or water slides. These beautiful animals have been hunted by humans over the last 300 years fir their slick and beautiful fur. Take a look at these otterly awesome otter puns that include some of the best funny otter sayings, otter love puns, even some river puns. So, leave your life on otter-pilot and laugh along with these funny animal puns that are sure to blow you otter your mind.

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Best Otter Puns For You to Dive Under The Water

Pair Of River Otters

Here we have the best otter puns, sea otter quotes, sea otter puns, and so many otter statements for you and your significant otter to enjoy. These funny animal puns will surely make you laugh out loud. We guarantee that after reading all of these puns, you'll wish you could explore otter space.  

1. There was an otter that was studying to become an astronaut. It just wanted to go to otter space.

2. A few otters were trying to cross the river to get to the otter side.

3. One day, when our heater broke down in winter, my sister and I were talking. For some reason she wanted to know what kind of an animal I wanted to be, so I just said, "I just want to be a little otter right now."

4. Some aquatic animals escaped from the zoo the other day. It was otter chaos out there.

5. One day, one otter came home with a black eye, so his father asked him what had happened. He just said, "you should see the otter guy."

6. To otter siblings were fighting amongst each other the entire day. Their mother got exhausted and said, "stop all of it. I'm done with this otter nonsense."

7. There was an otter who got new glasses because his doctor recommended it. He was a kind of a sea otter.

8. Two otters were fighting amongst each other in school and accidentally broke a glass cabinet. The principal told them, "you otter be ashamed of what you've done."

9. A sea otter caught a cold because he went outside without a warm jacket. His friends started calling him a snotter.

10. There were some German otters in our area. When I asked the kind of road they drive on in Germany, they said they drive on otter-bahns.

11. A weasel was talking to a badger. The weasel said, "we should be kind to otters."

12. An otter was standing in front of the judge. He said to the judge, "please put it on my log that my otterney advised me to plead innocent."

13. There were a few aquatic mammals who stole a variety of prized cars during a heist. The police called it Grand theft otter.

14. I saw an otter drive a car the other day, and when I asked him what kind of car it was. He told me it was a Furrari.

15. There is a kids' book for otters about a wizard otter. It's named 'Harry Otter'.

16. There is a Turkish robot water weasel who is famous all around the world. Everybody calls her an ottoman automaton.

Funny And Furry Puns About Otters

We did some otterly awesome wordplay to make punny animal puns and some funny otter names too

17. I decided to combine my interests in bomb-making and taxidermy. I need a sponsor. So, when I meet him, I'm going to make him an otter he can't defuse.

18. Every otter was told to bring items to decorate the den for Christmas. However, because everybody got too many gifts, they were told to holt off!

19. The only thing otters drive in rivers is an otter-mobile.

20. Two otters went to a water theme park. Both of them were on two different water slides, and one of them started singing, "hello from the otter slide."

21. Some otters got the opportunity to go to a movie premiere. They all got the ottergraph of their favorite celebrities.

22. There was a fraud company that made an otter their CEO. A few days later, they went otter business.

23. An otter needed some advice. His friend told him to go to sea kelp.

24. A tiny otter was learning to talk. She called her mother 'Motter'.

25. My wife, son, and I went to the zoo. They couldn't find where the otters were. So I walked up to them and said, "there has to be one or three of them here". My wife said, "why not two?" To which I replied, "I don't think they would put an even number of odders in there."

26. An otter was getting ready to go up into space. He was going to have to leave the otter-mosphere.

27. There was an otter who went broke. He had to live in an abandoned house after that. People were calling him a squ-otter.

28. There was a kid otter whose father was always very cold. That's because he was an otter pop.

29. Our entire family went to a local aquarium. We walked into the land and sea carnivorous mammals exhibit, which mostly included otters. My mum said, "I can only see one otter". My dad replied, "well, there. I see an-otter one."

30. I told my father that I wanted to get an otter. Dad told me not to because they can't talk. He said, "they don't otter one word."

31. The little otter did not want to come back home in time for dinner. She said she wanted to keep playing because the otters were still there.

32. Noah realized that some animals still hadn't entered the arch. So, he said to the other animals, "we have to wait for the otters."

Otterly Awesome Puns

Lastly, here we have some otterly awesome puns about these otterable animals.

33. There was an otter who loved hearing rock songs. His favourite 90s rock song was 'Alanis Morrisette - You Otter Know'.

34. When everyone came to see the baby otter in the hospital, they said, "aww, she is otterable."

35. An Otter was given a 747 plane to drive, and she nailed it. Probably because the plane had otterpilot mode on.

36. All otters love to use otterly buttery for their morning toast.

37. A Canadian took his English friend to a restaurant and asked him, "have you ever had beaver curry?" When the Englishman asked what it was, the Canadian man said, "it's just like any normal curry, but it's just a bit otter."

38. I've decided to write a children's book about a female otter who goes to college. I'm going to call it "Alma Otter's alma mater".

39. There was an otter who was ripping out it's hair in frustration. So, it was sent to Hogwarts, as he was the hair-rip otter.

40. An otter accidentally stood on a grape. The grape didn't say anything to the otter. It just let out a whine.

41. The little otter failed his science examination. When he came home, the disastrous result made his mother otter-ly disappointed.

42. A teenage otter had a party at his house when his parents were out of town. When the parents came back and saw the situation of the house, they were otter-ly dumbfounded.

43. When the teacher asked the little otter a question, she replied with a low voice. So the teacher said, "Would you please speak up and stop otter-ing under your breath."

44. The otter living just beside our house is a little shy and a little socially awkward. Otter-wise, she is a good otter by heart.

45. A new charming otter recently got transferred to a nearby school. Everyone kept saying that she is a very otter-active person.

46. The young otter lived a very lavish life. When he bought the latest car, his parents scolded him for otter-ociously squandering money.

47. Two otters got married, and the groom otter said to the bride, "I vow to spend otter-nal life with you".

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