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100+ Best Planet Jokes That You'll Be Over The Moon For

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Science jokes can be witty and funny at the same time.

A mars joke or an asteroid joke can be hard to find but can be very informative too. Astronaut-based jokes or a joke about the sun can be extremely informative for kids.

A space joke can absolutely brighten your day. You can crack a few jokes about the sun at any time of the day. These planets jokes make for great conversation starters and can be amazing for those who like such astronomical jokes. These astronomy jokes can be both witty and funny.

The article includes great space jokes for kids that include astronaut-based jokes and jokes about stars. These jokes can also occasionally give out fun facts about the solar system. These planet jokes also include individual planet jokes like Saturn jokes, Jupiter jokes, Neptune jokes, Uranus jokes, and Earth jokes. This article will definitely up your sense of humor with some of the most awesome science jokes. Read this article for some amazing and cool space and jokes on solar systems that are extremely funny too. If you like this article, you may also love our articles on: Moon Puns and Space Jokes.

Funny Planet Jokes

Are you looking for some of the best solar system jokes to crack and laugh at? Here is a list of some funny universe jokes, including jokes about Jupiter and funny sun jokes. These jokes about earth will be really funny for you:

1. When does Earth know that the moon is out of money? When it goes down to its last quarter.

2. Why does Planet Earth have only one moon? Because the planet is moonogamous.

3. When does Earth know that the moon cannot eat anymore? When the moon is full.

4. Why did Earth call the moon crazy? Because he was a luna-tic.

5. What is a planet's favorite gum? Orbit.

6. Why does Earth not like visiting the restaurant on the moon very often? Because there is no good atmosphere.

7. How do you organize a party for the space elements? You planet.

8. What did Planet Earth say to the other planets? You guys have no life.

9. What kind of songs do the planets in outer space sing? Nep-tunes.

10. What did Mars say to Saturn? Please give me a ring sometimes.

11. What do planets like to read? Comet books.

12. What did Planet Earth say to its lover? I really love you to the moon and back.

13. What did Mars say to Earth? Get out of my space.

14. Which planet was awarded the undefeated solar system hula hoop champion? Saturn.

15. Which planet is the richest of them all? Saturn, because it has many rings.

Cool Planet Jokes

The Milky Way galaxy has enough source material for jokes.

Are you looking for some absolutely stellar jokes that will make you happy? Read on for some amazing jokes about meteors, atmosphere jokes, astronauts jokes, and milky way jokes.

16. What is the astronaut's favorite chocolate? Mars.

17. Why can the astronomer not tell anyone about his hobbies? Because they are all out of this world.

18. Why did the rock on the moon taste better than the rock on Planet Earth? Because it was a little meteor.

19. Where do all planets go for their higher education? To the universe-ity.

20. Why are astronauts difficult to talk to? Because they are not down to earth.

21. How does Jupiter successfully hold up its pants? By wearing an asteroid belt.

22. Why was Uranus feeling claustrophobic? He just needed some space.

23. Why was Mickey Mouse found in outer space? He was looking for Pluto.

24. Why could the young man on Mars not concentrate on his work? Because he kept spacing out.

25. Why are the planets not friends with the sun? Because the sun thinks it is above everyone else.

26. Why is it difficult to explain things to Mercury? Because it does not understand the gravity of the situation.

27. Why did Mercury not have to go to university? Because it already had so many degrees.

28. What is Planet Earth's favorite dance move? The moonwalk.

29. What is a planet's favorite magazine to read? Cosmo.

30. What is a planet's favorite drink at the bar? A Cosmo-politan.

Witty Planet Jokes

Are you looking for some witty planet jokes? The list below has some funny astronomy-based jokes including some alien jokes for kids. Try to get them, and you can make other's laugh out loud with them:

31. What is Planet Earth's favorite board game? Moon-opoly.

32. Why did the astronauts struggle when they landed on Venus? Because they faced a lot of pressure.

33. Why did Earth not get along with Venus? Because Venus was moving too fast.

34. Why is fine dinner mostly served on Jupiter? It's gastronomical.

35. Why was Jupiter disqualified from the race between the planets? He was caught taking asteroids.

36. How did the planets know Pluto was dead? His name was in the orbituaries.

37. Why was Earth angry with Mars? Because Mars de-asteroid Earth's trust.

38. What did Earth say to the planets when he wanted to prepone the party? The lunar, the better.

39. Which artist is most popular among the planets? Bruno Mars.

40. Where did the astronaut park his rocket when he left the planet? A parking meteor.

41. What did the planet win in the competition he participated in? A constellation prize.

42. Why did Venus have to install air conditioners? Because Mercury moved in.

43. Why was the Sun awarded at the end of the academic year? Because the Sun was the star student.

44. Why can everyone not think of going to visit the moon? Because the prices are astronomical.

45. Why do people on Earth like the way the planet rotates? Because it makes their day.

Awesome Planet Jokes

Are you looking for some awesome planet jokes that are really out of this world? Here is a list of some amazing science jokes for astrophysics enthusiasts who love constellation jokes. If you get them, you will love it and have a great cosmic year :

46. Why did Mercury have to skip his classes one day? Because he had a very high temperature.

47. Why is it most dangerous to go near Mercury? Because one might die of mercury poisoning.

48. Why is everyone on Mars considered a communist? Because they live on the red planet.

49. Why did Earth always trust Groot for everything? Because he was a Guardian of the Galaxy.

50. Why did the cow want to leave the planet? To go to the Milky Way.

51. Why is it never dark in Mercury? Because it is the Morning Star.

52. What did the planets drink when they wanted to bulk up? Milky Whey.

53. How do planets pay each other? With star bucks.

54. Why was it difficult for planets to play golf? They spotted many black holes.

55. Why do planets always like short poems? They like uni-verses.

56. Which social media platform do planets like to use the most? Spacebook.

57. Which virtue do planets believe in the most? Comet-ment.

58. What did Earth say to the rocket? You are a blast.

59. How do astronauts say sorry to Earth? They Apollo-gise.

60. What do you call planets that are not vegetarian? Meteors.

Amazing Planet Jokes

Are you looking for some great galaxy jokes and rocket jokes? Here is a whole list of the best outer space jokes you will find on the internet today:

61. Why did Pluto have to go to the dentist? Because he spotted some black holes.

62. How did the planets express they were against the sun? They started revolutions.

63. Why is everyone scared of Earth? Because it keeps everyone grounded.

64. What do planets generally say in disbelief? Are you Sirius?

65. Why is Earth considered the best among all planets? Because Earth rocks.

66. Why are all the planets scared of suggesting a new idea to Mercury? Because he is mercurial.

67. What did Neptune say to Pluto when they fought? Comet me, bro.

68. What did Mars say to Earth when they got into a verbal fight? Shuttle up.

69. What did the planet say to Neptune when there was poor phone network? I can not hear you, you are Nep-tuning out.

70. Why did all the planets give the most attention to the sun? Because the sun is the center of the universe.

71. Why can the moon not do without Earth? Because the moon's life revolves around the Earth.

72. Which slow animals do you think you might find on other planets? Snail-iens.

73. Why are planets never able to execute their plans? Because they make them out of thin air.

Great Space Jokes

Are you on the search for some great space jokes? Read on to laugh at some of the greatest Nasa jokes, Mars jokes, and jokes about the Earth you can find:

74. How does the man who lives on the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.

75. How do astronauts serve dinner? On flying saucers.

76. Where do astronauts like chilling at weekends? The space bar.

77. When do you know an astronaut is angry? When he blasts off.

78. How did the astronaut react to the present he got? He was over the moon.

79. Why was everyone talking about the cow astronaut? Because he successfully landed on the moooon.

80. What is an astronaut's favorite day of the week? Moon-day.

81. Which beverage do astronauts generally prefer? Gravi-tea.

82. What do you call an alien with three eyes? An aliiien.

83. How do you make sure an astronaut is not aggressive? You give them space.

84. Why do astronauts not want to visit our solar system? Because it has been rated with one star only.

85. Why did the sun read novels? To get brighter.

86. Why did the star get arrested? Because it was a shooting star.

87. What would you call it when Dwayne Johnson lands on the moon? A moon rock.

88. What did the frustrated moon say to its therapist? I am just going through a difficult phase.

89. How much do you have to pay for the moon? One dollar, which equals four quarters.

Clever Astronaut Jokes

Do you want to know about some clever astronaut-based jokes that will take you over the moon? The list below has some amazing meteor jokes and other science jokes that will keep you and your family and friends laughing for hours:

90. What holds the moon up all the time? Moon beams.

91. Why did the solar system not like the Orion's Belt so much? They thought it is a waist of space.

92. What is a light-year? A normal year with less calories.

93. What do you call a crazy spaceman? An astronut.

94. What kind of stars wear glasses all the time? Movie stars.

95. How does an astronaut make their baby sleep? They rocket.

96. What is an astronaut's favorite salad ingredient? Rocket leaves.

97. Which meal are astronauts most excited about? Launch.

98. Where do astronauts usually keep their sandwiches? In launch boxes.

99. What did the doctor say to the astronaut? You need a booster shot.

Funny Jokes On The Solar System

If you are looking for some one-liners and jokes in question and answer form that relates to the solar system and space, have a look at the following:

100. How did the solar system justify its mood swings? By saying it is just a phase.

101. Why did the astronaut ask his friends to scooch? Because he really needed some space.

102. What kind of beer do planets like to drink when they go to the bar? Satel-lite beer.

103. Which animal first went to space? Definitely, the cow that jumped over the moon.

104. What do planets usually do when they are bored? They stare into space.

105. What do astronauts wear when they feel cold during winters? Apollo-neck sweaters.

106. What happens if people get married on the moon? They go for their honey earth.

107. Why did the planets not like the taste of the coffee that was served to them? Because it was Milky Way too much!

Knock Knock Jokes

Do you hear the space knocking at your door? Here are some funny space knock-knock jokes for you:

108. Knock knock.

Whos that?


Solar who?

Solar you going to come up with a funnier joke on planets?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Planet jokes then why not take a look at Space Puns, or Star Puns.

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