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50 Best Sales Jokes And Puns To Generate Your Interest

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A salesperson is someone who sells or promotes a product or service for a company.

They either visit individuals and businesses by going door-to-door or contact people telephonically or virtually. This is how salespeople get orders for products and services they provide.

Salespeople comprise one of the most important facets of a company. They get hired to represent the company and increase its sales, which helps the company thrive further. Making a brand name, or increasing a company's reputation by making the company look good, is the job of a company's PR wing. The salespeople are handed the responsibility to make a company look good in terms of their clientele.

Salespeople are generally very busy because they have to hit a lot of targets. If there's a product, there will be a salesperson who has a responsibility to sell that product. Once a product is sold, the salesperson profits from that sale by making a certain commission. Many companies run schemes to incentivize salespeople to sell more products and attract a larger share of the company's target audience.

From keeping the company's finances in mind, being witty, impressing the clients, and maintaining its public image, salespeople have a lot on their plate. Here, we've accumulated some of the best sales jokes and puns, salespeople jokes, and salesperson jokes that will equip you with the correct salesperson humor you need to understand how to make a funny sale!

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Funny Sales Jokes

A car salesman joke and sales jokes are worth retelling.

Sales jokes are timeless. You can hound your friends at any point in time with these jokes, and you'll surely get some laughs. Here we have a list of sales jokes, including selling jokes, funny car sales jokes, some car salesman jokes, and funny salesman jokes. These sales jokes will help you inculcate some salesman humor into your vocabulary.

1. How could the new shoe salesman dance around all day? Because he has a deep sole.

2. Which salesperson knows the slickest line? The hair grease salesperson.

3. Why did the team of German salespeople get thrown out of the convention for sausages? Because one of them was behaving like the wurst person ever.

4. What did the salesman do when a piece of land that he sold to a client flooded and was entirely underwater? He just sold the client a houseboat.

5. What does a real estate salesperson have to look ahead to when they get up in the morning? Lots.

6. What did the sales leader say when the telemarketer asked her if she read any magazines? She said I do, periodically.

7. What did the insurance agent say to the potential client after he explained the life insurance policy? He said, "Let me know what you think if you wake up in the morning tomorrow."

8. What did the sales rep reply when his manager said, "The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary!" He replied, "Sir, didn't you check inside before buying it?"

9. What did the office manager say when the salesman told him, "This computer will cut your workload by 50%?" The office manager replied, "Sounds great! I will take two!"

10. What did the horrible buyer say to the salesperson who had a 24h deadline? Give me another week to think about it.

11. What did the department store sell the most in their flash sale? Torches.

12. What did the crystal ball seller say to the prospective buyer? This is £40, but you'll haggle me down to £25.

13. What was written on the ad for the broken quiz machine? For sale: Only £15. No questions asked.

14. What did the advert for the new car say? Polo for sale in mint condition.

15. What did the Midwife textbook ad say? Very knowledgeable. Can deliver.

16. What ad did the new watch salesperson put up? 50% off on all watches. Works perfectly half the time.

17. What was written on an Incredible Hulk t-shirt ad? For sale: Only $5. Usual wear & tear.

18. What did the advert for a quiet guitar on eBay say? For sale: No strings attached.

19. What did the ad for the Batman DVD collection say on eBay? For sale. Almost complete DVD collection of Batman. No Returns.

20. Did you hear about the bed shop with 6 feet long beds that's running a 50% off sale? Yes, I went in there, but they only had beds that were 3 feet long.

21. What did the salesman that was selling some racing geese say to a customer? Would you like to take a quick gander?

22. What did the salesman reply when a customer told him that the new pure wool pants he sold her had a label that said "100% cotton"? That is so that the moths keep away, ma'am.

23. How did Yoda become the best salesman at his company? He used the SalesForce.

24. Didn't you take a U2 version of monopoly from the saleswoman the other day? It's no good. The streets have no name.

Funny Sales Puns

These sales jokes are full of purchasing humor.

Funny puns on sales are so great that you'll be the one knocking on salespeople's doors trying to convince them to try one! We've curated some funny sale puns by taking inspiration from cold call jokes and pricing jokes that are full of the best car sales humor. Here's a list of funny sales puns just for you.

25.  I drove by a store with a trampoline sale. So I just jumped on it.

26. A store in our area was having a sale on batteries. If I took two packs, they'd throw in another pack of dead ones, free of charge.

27. I came back to my office after an entire day of trying to sell my company's products door-to-door. My boss later asked me if I got any orders that day. I said, "Yes, sir, two, and those were 'Get out!' and 'Stay out!'"

28. A salesman was offering everyone a free abacus with every purchase. Most of the customers didn't purchase anything as they couldn't really count on it.

29. I was fired the other day from my job where I sold amplifiers. I couldn't achieve the company's required volume of sales.

30. I used to be a salesman for Velcro. But I couldn't really stick with it.

31. There was a salesman that sold a lot of freezers over the phone. He mostly made cold calls.

32. A carpet salesperson ends all of his letters to his wife by writing 'Lots of love and rugs to you!'

33. A salesman asked an office manager, "Would you like to buy a pocket calculator?" The customer replied, "No, thank you. I already know the numbers of pockets I have."

34. A salesperson was shouting, "Come in for mammoth bargains in our mammoth sale". A man going by the department store commented, "Does anyone have any room in their houses for a mammoth?"

35. People who sell eyeglasses are generally very agreeable. They mostly see eye to eye on most problems.

36. The salesman at the shoe store showed me a pair of shoes, which he said were made from alligator, but I knew they were crock.

37. A bread factory in my area closed down because the sales were stale. It was so easy for everyone to see how the business would not rise again.

38. The best advice I got from an office manager was that one can easily trust a glue salesman because they always stick to their words.

39. There was a boomerang salesman that decided to take two months after resigning from his job. He's now trying to make a comeback.

40. I went for an interview for a job where the office manager wanted me to represent cereal grains in a different and positive light. I got hired, and I'm now a bran ambassador.

41. I got a few railway buffers at a cheap price in a discount sale in our area the other day. I guess it was the end of line sale.

42. There was a big sale going on rowing paddles at the local shop in our neighborhood. It was quite an oar deal.

43. I lost my mattress the other day and went to buy a new one. The salesman asked if I would like to buy one. I said I wasn't sure about which to take, so he told me that I should go home and sleep on it.

44. On the last day, I went to the car boot sale that was going on in the neighborhood. I lucked out because I already have a car boot.

45. I went to my neighbor's yard sale yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't enter because I only had a two feet long ruler.

46. I saw this sign on a house window yesterday which read, "For sale: A flat-screen TV at only £20 with a broken volume control". I just couldn't turn it down.

47. I went to the book store yesterday and saw a 'Third off all book titles' sale going on. So I decided to buy 'The Lion, The Witch'.

48. A salesperson on the street today gave me a leaflet that read "jumble sale". The sale was very big. So far, I've only reached ales and seal.

49. I was shopping online the other day and saw someone holding a sale on horses. I decided to take two, so I just clicked on the button that read "add to cart".

Long Joke About Sales

Lastly, here we have a long joke about sales that we're giving out for free just for your laughs.

50. Did you hear about the salesperson who was impressing everyone that stopped by at his store to look by putting a comb through stress and torture? Yes, he said it was unbreakable. But then, in a stunt in front of the crowd, he bent the comb and recovered by saying, "This is what the inside of the unbreakable comb looks like."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 50 Best Sales Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at Economics Jokes and 60 Best Money Jokes You Have To Cheque Out.

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