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60+ Best Shrimp Puns That You Have To Sea

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We promise not to shrimpose on you too much.

Shrimps are a type of crustacean that can be found in many of the world's oceans. They are usually consumed by seafood lovers.

There are thousands of shrimp species around the world, most of them have been found to adapt to a variety of different habitats. They are one of the most shrimportant sources of energy for larger sea mammals, such as whales. Shrimp harvest is one of the most lucrative marine professions in the world, as it garners over $50 billion dollars a year. Shrimps are assumed to be one of the early predecessors of the modern lobster, as many lobsters have features that resemble those of shrimps.

Shrimp puns can be a great source of inspiration for humorous Instagram captions. A shrimp joke is a fun way to get someone on your tide. A prawn pun and shrimp pun put together is a kriller combination. Lobster puns, prawn puns, and funny shrimp jokes can make anyone clam down.

If you're looking for puns that are absolutely fintastic, then you should check out these dolphin jokes. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more snappy, these crab puns will make you scream in delight!

Best Shrimp Puns

Person holding a bunch of white shrimps in hand.

Here are some great shrimp puns that are going make you laugh so hard that you'll say, "You're krilling me!".

1. If you want good secondhand shellfish, you should go to the prawn broker.

2. A baby prawn was lost at sea for weeks, thankfully they flounder last week.

3. My shrimp friend was panicking about his upcoming law exam, so I told him to take it easy and clam down.

4. A couple of prawn friends were learning how to swim at summer camp, when Tony, the prawn raced ahead of everyone else. "Are you krilling me?" blurted his friend Bob.

5. The prawn always loses at chess because of his low rank.

6. A funny shrimp's favorite movie is Codzilla.

7. The prawn was scared of telling his sister about his problems because he had a fear of intima-sea.

8. The young boy couldn't eat boiled clams or lobsters because he had problems related to shellfish steam.

9. The prawn and noodles got into a heated argument over a burner stove. The prawn told the noodles that if he didn't get the stove, he would wok away.

10. Shrimps never make good pirates because they're shellfish with their findings.

11. My friend, a shimp called Bart, is always getting injured. I guess he's just prawn to accidents.

12. The little shrimp girl tried to make it into the Japanese film industry for a long time. Unfortunately, she never got very far due to her short tempura.

13. The shrimp was able to easily recover after his surgery because his injury was tempurary.

14. All the fishes gathered around to watch the neighborhood clam bake.

15. Shrimps love ocean flour because they're bottom feeders.

16. The shrimp doctor was used to handling a lot of patients. When patients got worried about his diagnosis, he just showed them his pacifications.

17. The lobster and the shrimp were taking part in a food competition and the shrimp lost. "Let it go", mocked the lobster. "You have no swave here", replied the shrimp.

18. Shrimps who surf the net for hours are prawn to internet addiction.

19. The boy shrimp was annoyed that his sister was allowed to be the shrimp on the barbie.

20. A teacher was telling his students about the importance of safety. "It is extremely shrimportant that you always check both sides of the road before crossing the street".

21. The shrimp family always hosts a large gathering at the beach, so they're in charge of tideying the sand.

22. You can't be shrimpartial when dividing your seafood.

23. A shrimp professor was teaching his last class of the semester. "I hate to shrimpart like this", he said.

24. Tidals are extremely shrimpbolic to prawn athletes.

25. A father was trying to convince his shrimp son to try out for the shrimp olympics. "Nothing is shrimpossible if you put your best antennae forward".

26. Prawns that are shellfish don't let anyone stay in their shrimpartment.

27. The mother shrimp was worried that her presents wouldn't be shrimperfect for her children.

28. The prawn couldn't find a good surfboard anywhere, so he had to get it shrimported.

29. The lobster complimented the shrimp so much that she felt shrimpelled to turn pink.

30. I'm so shrimpatient to get a taste of the shrimp on the barbie.

31. Shellfish presidents get shrimpeached.

32. Shrimps that have to travel to other oceans generally whale a carp.

33. The lobster was finally able to buy a house because he pawned all of his belongings.

34. Timmy the shrimp crossed the ocean to get to the other tide.

35. The lobster was in dire need of cash, so he went to the prawn broker.

Best Crustacean Puns

Check out these crustacean puns, they'll surely make a shrimpact on you.

36. I couldn't really trust any of the employees at the seafood restaurant. They all seemed a bit fishy to me.

37. A man was looking at his fishnet when he realized he'd caught a huge haddock. "Dear cod!", he exclaimed.

38. A fish was having a bad day at school, so his father told him "Don't trout yourself! Other people are just spreading fishcious rumours".

39. The annual fish pageant is a great oppor-tuna-ty for fishes to get dressed up in their best gear.

40. A funny shark wanted to tell his friends about his new favorite food. "I'm hooked!" he exclaimed.

41. A boss at the fishery had to let his assistant go. Apparently, she wasn't up to scale.

42. I couldn't let my DJ friend handle the catering at my one year old's birthday party. He always drops the bass.

43. A mother swordfish was consoling her teenage daughter by telling her how great she was. "Don't worry, you're absolutely fintastic!" she affirmed.

44. "I think you're really sofishticated", declared the clownfish after meeting the goldfish.

45. Clownfishes that don't share their treats with their friends are shellfish.

46. A fish was feeling extremely sick, "Ugh, I'll have to go and see the sturgeon again," he professed.

47. The main protagonist of a fish movie is the starfish.

48. Fish students keep themselves updated about marine life by studying current affairs.

49. A fish got sent to the principal's office because he stole his friend's geometry box. The principal told him that he was being shellfish.

50. A fisherman who couldn't read was having trouble navigating his fishing boat. "Oh no, I'm lost at C again!", he mumbled.

51. Some people shouldn't eat seafood because it makes them feel eel.

52. I went diving last week and accidentally strained a mussel.

53. My father doesn't eat clownfish. He says that it tastes funny.  

54. A whale was eating her third slice of fish cake. Getting concerned, her mother noted, "You whaley need to slow down".

55. A salmon, a trout, and a tuna fish were discussing their lives with each other when the salmon accidentally blurted out the tuna's biggest secret. "Salmon was going to find soon enough", cried the tuna.

56. Charlie Chaplin the fish was really famous in the fish community. You could hear the audience at most of his shows drowning in laughter.

57. A fish's parents were getting concerned because his grades were low. They really wanted their son to better grades, at least above sea level.

58. A fish and his friend were talking in the neighborhood park, After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, the fish asked his friend, "what happened chum? Why are you acting so koi?".

59. The adolescent fish got into trouble because he was using his shell phone in class.

60. Nobody likes clams, they're extremely shellfish.

61. A whale and a shark were getting into a heated argument in a bookstore when the whale dropped his book. "Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here", commented the shark.

62. For the third month in a row, a blowfish was elected  'employee of the month' at the tire factory.

63. The octopus had a pet shellfish, but he lobster.

64. Shellfish puns are great ice breakers, they end up kraken everyone up.

65. The seafood restaurant owner was extraordinarily busy on the first day of his restaurant opening. She had a lox on her plate.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for shrimp puns, then why not take a look at Dolphin puns or ocean jokes, or for something different take a look at hedgehog puns.

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