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50+ Best St Patrick's Day Puns To Bring Good Luck

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St Patrick's day is celebrated on March 17, predominantly by the Irish community.

Irish people forget their worries and enjoy themselves to the fullest on St Patrick's day. Puns made on St Patrick's day can bring you good luck.

St Patrick's day or the Feast of St Patrick is observed on the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, a national holiday in Ireland. Saint Patrick is the primary patron saint of Ireland. The day is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Celebrations include attending public parades, participating in traditional folk music sessions, wearing green and shamrocks, and drinking. It is said that St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish.

The shamrock is a symbol of Irish culture and heritage in Ireland and many other countries. It is customary to wear green clothing and shamrocks on St Patrick's day. These happy St Patrick day one liners and green puns will make you look clover in front of your friends. Here we have compiled 50 St Patrick puns that can bring you good luck, or just a few laughs.

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Funny St Patrick Day Puns

Irish Boy with flag

Puns made on St Patrick's day include shamrock puns, gold puns, rainbow puns, and four-leaf clover puns. These puns can also be used as St Patrick's day jokes. Take a look at these funny St Patrick's day one liners to get lucky with the laughs.

1. My friend gifted me a pair of green shamrock earrings on St.Patrick's day. I was so happy that I was greening from ear to ear.

2. During the St.Patrick's day parade, I saw a few people sneak into the crowd. They were under-clover cops.

3. I have decided to gift everyone handmade greeting cards on St Patrick's Day. In every card, I used green glitter pens to write 'Irish you a happy St Patrick day!'

4. My four-leaf clover-shaped hanky was wrinkled. I did not know how to iron, so I decided not to press my luck.

5. The leprechauns were the ones in charge of the music on St Patrick's day. They were playing sham-rock and roll.

6. I am happy that the arrangements for St Patrick's day are going great. The large bottles of green soda look pitcher-perfect.

7. March 17 is near, and I am so excited about it. The clover it gets, the more excited I become.

8. After cleaning St Patrick's carnival, I decided to take some left-clovers back home for my children.

9. After the children did a skit on leprechauns on St Patrick's day, everyone was Dublin over with laughter.

10. On a romantic date on St Patrick's day, the leprechaun whispered in the clover's ear, "you are my lucky charm."

11. My friend said that St Patrick drove out all snakes from Ireland because they were causing mass hiss-teria.

12. We went to attend the public parade on St Patrick day. On the board outside the St Patrick's day carnival, it was written in big letters, 'Wear green or leaf.'

13. My friends wonder why I have decorated my home with four-leaf clovers and green stones. I like to collect four-leaf clovers because I be-leaf in their magic.

14. We used a bunch of shamrocks to decorate the house on St Patrick's day. I bet the shamrocks were happy about it because they were green-ing.

15. We were enjoying the St Paddy's day party by drinking many glasses of shamrock shakes. My friend said it is better to take a pitcher as it will last longer.

16. We were supposed to write down our wish on paper and put it in the lucky box for a St Patrick Day party. I wrote, "Irish I get a pot of gold."

17. The decorations for St Patrick's day party fell off due to heavy winds. There were some shamrock shakes too.

18. My friend believes everyone should wear green clover costumes on St Patrick's day. I a-green entirely with him.

19. I gifted my friend a shamrock leaf on St Patrick's day. We have been clover than ever since then.

20. The green rock my brother brought for decorations was not fit to use at all. It became useless. What a shame-rock!

21. One should keep all their worries at home on St Patrick's Day. After all, we are here to paddy.

22. I was amazed to hear that dinosaurs also have parties and celebrations on March 17. They call it St Pat-Trex day.

23. I did an excellent clover dance at the café on St Patrick's Day. I made quite a big shamrock shake.

24. Because of the new Covid-19 regulations, we are supposed to keep our hands green this year on St Patrick's Day.

25. On Saint Patrick's day feast, I did a funny cosplay skit about Saint Patrick. Irish you saw it.

26. My brother was playing video games on the computer. The moment I saw him playing, I knew it was game clover.

27. The musician who came for the parade was a big boast. He was showing off by using his brag-pipes.

28. We found the treasure chest and were able to open it without a key because there was a sham-lock on it.

29. My foreign friend hurt her eyes during the St Paddy carnival. When she visited the doctor, he said, "Your Irish has a problem."

30. This year, the St Paddy celebrations have been canceled to stop the coronavirus infection from Dublin.

31. I told my friend that our old school friend is coming to attend St Patrick's feast. She was surprised. She asked, "O'Reilly?"

32. One day, Saint Patrick asked a leprechaun why he liked to play pranks. The leprechaun said that it was in his greens.

Leprechaun Puns

A leprechaun is a fairy or a supernatural being appearing in Irish folklore. These tricksters are considered a symbol of luck in Ireland and are closely associated with St Patrick's Day. The leprechaun puns are a great source of inspiration for leprechaun jokes for kids. Check out this list of leprechaun puns to get your lucky charm.

33. We saw a large gathering of leprechauns on St. Patrick's day. I heard they were having a wee-union.

34. I thought the leprechaun gifted me a big chunk of gold, but when I opened it at home, I realized I was fooled. It was a sham-rock.

35. The little green fairy doesn't know how to walk. He only knows to jump. It turns out; he is a leaprechaun.

36. I saw some leprechauns putting coins in the vending machine but in vain. They were using lepre-coins.

37. A leprechaun has boils and skin lesions all over his body. People say it is leprosy. Now we call him leper-chaun.

38.Unlike the other mischievous leprechauns, these ones were good. They were collecting plastics, aluminum cans, and papers on St Patrick's day to wee-cycle.

39. Some Irish guy tried to sell me a green rock by saying it is an emerald from the Emerald Isle. But I knew better. He was a lepre-con.

40. I find it very weird that everyone finds leprechauns funny. I find these pranksters very o'ffensive.

41. I have heard many prank stories of leprechauns. One of them includes a leprechaun tricking everyone into wishing him 'Happy St Pat-trick day'.

42. The leprechauns were allowed entry into a dance party. None of them knew the steps, so everyone was jumping around madly. It was a jig mistake.

43. The leprechauns across the river produces butter by beating the milk. They go by the name lepre-churns.

44. The leprechaun footballer prefers to celebrate something else on St. Patrick Day. He says it is St Hat-trick day.

Irish Puns

St Patrick's day is not clover without a great Irish pun. These puns can be converted into Irish jokes for kids. Take a look at these funny Irish word-plays.

45. People in Ireland love potatoes. Irish potatoes are spud-tacular.

46. When I went to my favourite Irish cafe after years, I felt Deja brew all over again.

47. We are going on a trip to Ireland. To get rid of boredom, we decided to play games. Our best choice was Truth or Kildare.

48. I am drinking my Irish coffee at the park. It is refreshing. It is surely a brew-tiful day.

49. Someone told me investing in potato farming is profitable. I hope it is true because Irish-ed my pot of gold on it.

50. This weekend, I will watch a new Irish movie based on a marathon runner who only ate potatoes. It is called Starch Trek.

St Patrick's Day Puns

Nothing can stop you from laughing when you hear an excellent joke. St Patrick's Day puns are not only funny; they are lucky too. They can be converted into march jokes, St Patrick jokes, and even a leprechaun joke. Here we have arranged a few St Patrick's Day puns for kids.

51. People always hesitate to acquire money from leprechauns because they are a little short.  

52. Leprechauns love to cast luck charm spells.  

53. Green Lantern would have been St. Patrick's favorite movie if he was born in the 21st century.

54.  Leprechauns don't like to jog because they prefer to jig.

55. A jealous shamrock is always green with envy.

56. Irish prefer dollar bills because dollar bills are green.

57. The Irish donn shamrocks on St Patrick's Day because they find the regular rocks too heavy.

58. St Paddy's cousin, the one who roams in December, is St O'Claus.

59. St Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland because snakes can not drive by themselves.

60.  A sizeable Irish spider is termed as Paddy long legs.

61.  Frogs get excited on St Patrick's Day because they are always wearing green.

62. Leprechauns prefer to use a rainbow out of all the bows.

63. People from Ireland like to sit and relax on a sham-rocking chair on St Patrick's day.

64. A leprechaun found all of his shamrocks in a mess. His house was in shambles.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions St Patrick's day puns then why not take a look at Happy Birthday puns or for something different, take a look at Thanksgiving puns.

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