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70+ Cute Jokes That Are Perfect For Instagram Captions

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Instagram is not only about sharing the best picture- you can also make it much better by setting super funny jokes as captions.

A hilarious joke or series of corny funny jokes is just the thing you need to get the best out of your Instagram profile. If you really want your Instagram profile to stand out, one of the best ways to do that is by posting really cheesy jokes and funny silly jokes.

As Shakespeare quite briefly noted, "Brevity is the soul of wit" and we stand by it. Wit can come in all shapes and sizes. There are jokes that are very funny, and then there are funny puns for kids, there are cheesy funny jokes and then you have cuddly cute jokes. Ideally whatever you post should aim to have a positive impact on the social media platform. The best ways (or at least one of them) to begin is by posting cute jokes and puns. You could consider genres like adorable cat puns and cat jokes, funny dog puns, lovable baby puns, and cute couple puns as a stepping stone to becoming that one Instagram profile with a difference.

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Scroll down to see all the cute short jokes here!

Amazingly Cute Funny Jokes

Instagram captions can be both cute and funny. That's what can make it really special. Here's an adorable list of some of the most cute cheesy jokes.

1. How can you try befriending a squirrel? Just be a nut.

2. Why did the donut go to visit the dentist? He had to get a new filling.

3. What did the cautious tall chimney say to the short chimney? You're way too young to be smoking!

4. What did the crying strawberry say? My mother's stuck in a jam!

5. What would you call a pepper that is nosy? Jalapeño business.

6. Ever wondered why frogs are so happy? Well, they usually eat anything that bugs them.

7. Which bird happens to be the strongest lifter? A crane!

8. Did you know why the jaguar ate the tightrope walker? It just craved one well-balanced meal.

9. How did the egg comedian make the audience laugh? He told them a yolk.

10. What did the doctor tell the bucket when he went in for his regular check-up? I hope you are ok, you sure look a bit pail.

12. Why did the bee have sticky hair? Because he was using a honeycomb.

13. Why does a cheetah not play hide and seek? Because it is spotted.

14. What begins with an E and also ends with one but has 1 letter in it? An envelope.

15. Why was everyone waiting for the snake? He said he would not be too long.

16. Why was the dentist happy with her award? As it was a plaque.

17. Why was the tomato blushing? Because it had seen the salad dressing.

18. What did the frog order at McDonald's? French flies and Diet Croak.

19. How do you make a tissue dance? You just have to boogie in it.

20. Why did Linda throw a clock out of the window? She wanted to see time fly.

21. Which is slower hot or cold? Definitely cold because everyone catches it.

22. Why did Mr Burger not get food at the local restaurant? Because they did not serve food there.

Get A Load Of These Short Corny Jokes

Corny jokes are a must. You have to have some in the bag.

Good things always come in small packages. These short silly jokes are bound to be some of the best goofy jokes you can find.

23. What's a pig that knows karate? A pork chop.

24. What ghost has the best hearing? The eeriest one.

25. Athletes get athlete's foot, elves get? Well, mistle-toes.

26. What is brown and also sticky? A stick.

27. What would a vampire do if he were sick? He would be coffin.

28. What do dinosaurs do when they sleep? They dino-snore.

29. Why should you not buy things with velcro? Cause it's a rip off.

30. What is a cat's favorite color? Purrrrple.

31. Why couldn't the pony sing a lullaby? She was just a little hoarse.

32. What gum do bumblebees chew? Bumble gum.

33. How does a nut sneeze? Cashew!!

Corny Jokes For All Ages

There are cute corny jokes and then there are really corny jokes. With corny jokes that are funny you never really know where to draw the line. Here's an amazing list of some of the most quirky jokes around which can easily make your parents laugh.

34. In the jungle, why do call the alligator if there has been a crime committed? Because he is the lead investi-gator.

35. Why do burial grounds always have boundary walls and gates? Because most of the folks are just dying to get in.

36. Among all the planets of the solar system, who do you consult when in need of music suggestions? Nep-tunes.

37. What do you think the Kraken eats for breakfast? Obviously, fish and ships.

38. Why could the bear not bite the campers who had intruded his space? Because he was a gummy bear.

39. How did the dietician burn up 2000 calories in an hour? He had left the cheese pizza in the oven for too long.

40. Why did the hipster end up burning his tongue? Because he gulped the tea before it was cool.

41. Why did the animals at Pride Rock not trust their king at all? Because he was always lion.

42. Why did Danny the fish not qualify for medical school? Because all his high school grades were below sea level.

43. Why was the barrel thrown out of the nightclub? Because he was on a roll.

44. What did the football coach shout at the student who had picked his pocket? Give me my quarter-back!

45. Why did the animal medical school never take ducks into the student medical program? Because they were rumored to be all quacks.

46. Why did the burglar not get caught in spite of the palace being heavily guarded? Because he decided to wear sneakers on the heist.

47. Why could the watermelons not get married against their families' wishes? Because they just cant-aloupe.

48. Why did all the fish at school hate Shanty the shrimp? Because he was shellfish.

49. Why could the eggs never join their friends to go watch a stand-up comedy show? Because they cracked up way too easily.

50. What do you call a romantic movie where the lead pair meet at a traffic stop? Love at first sign.

51. What did the sign outside the church say when the man who invented velcro died? RIP.

52. Why did Bob the cat ignore the 'no animals inside' sign outside the diagnostic center when he went for an MRI? Because cat-scan.

Cute And Sweet Jokes Involving Candy

Funny jokes involving the sweetest food- candy.

Some of the cutest jokes around involve candy, and what could be better than that right? Here's a list of some funny cute jokes involving candy.

53. What did the candy tell her lover after their first date? I should have mentioned even more Reese-ently that you are totally amazing."

54. What do you call the candy who always dropped stuff since he would let things slip from his grip? Butter Fingers.

55. Why did the child develop cavities at such a young age? Because he was not able to Reese-ist the sweet candies.

56. What is a lollipop's favorite song? 'My life would suck without you.'

57. How did the candy astronaut feel whenever he ate something sweet? He could feel his heart Starburst.

58. What do you call a Candybar who loves cats? Kit Kat.

59. Where do all the aliens in the world of candies come from? They come from Mars.

60. What kind of a photograph did the candy want for his profile picture? A candi-ed picture.

61. What made candy granny so sweet? She gave out 100 Grand to her close friend.

62. Why is a candy bar better than anything in this world? Well, there could be a million 'Reese'-ons why.

63. Why were the children over the moon when their father brought them some candies? Because pop-rocks.

64. What did the psychiatrist tell Mr Candy after the initial consultation? That Mr Candy was just going through a Sour Patch.

65. Upon walking into a footcare store, Mr Candy asked the attendant if they had some products for men? Turns out, the store did not stock products for men-toes.

66. What did the other candies in the class offer their classmate when he was depressed? Some encourage-mint.

67. What did the candy school teacher tell the class when it came to her notice that the new candy in the class was made fun of behind her back? You should never Snicker at someone who is sweet to you.

68. Which candy is always late for everything? Choco-late.

69. Why did Mr Candy quit his job? Because he missed his PayDay.

70. Where does the most adept spy of the candy kingdom live? Bourne-ville.

71. What did George Bernard Shaw write for the candy king when he was requested to write a good play for them? Candy-da.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cute jokes then why not take a look at I love you puns, or mother's day puns.

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