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30+ Funniest St. Patrick's Day Jokes Perfect For Kids

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At the beginning of the 17th-century, people started celebrating 17 March as St. Patrick Day.

It is a feast day primarily celebrated in Ireland and by Irish people all around the world. The festivities involve a public parade, céilís, green attire, and people wearing shamrocks.

St Patrick was a bishop in Ireland during the fifth century. He helped pagan Irish people convert to Christianity. Allegorically, it is said that he drove away all the slithering reptiles out of Ireland. St Patrick Day is observed on the day of his death anniversary. St Patrick Day is celebrated in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Montserrat, and the United Kingdom, and by the Irish diaspora of Brazil, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Argentina. If you're celebrating St. Patrick's day, we wish you a Happy St. Patrick Day!

In 2010, Ireland started the Global Greening Initiative with the motto of "Going Green for St Patrick's Day". The tradition of drowning the shamrock is popular, especially in Ireland. The Leprechaun is a mythical creature associated with St. Patrick's Day. The four-leaf clover is also an important symbol associated with this day. This list is perfect for those hunting for Saint Patricks jokes, St. Patrick day jokes, and St. Patricks day jokes for kids. Here we have made a list of St. Patrick's Day jokes for you.

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Saint Patrick's Jokes

Saint Patrick was one of the most celebrated saints in Christianity. Here we have compiled a list of Saint Patrick's celebration day jokes and shamrock jokes that will have you Dublin over with laughter.

1. Heard of the musician showing off his talent on St. Patrick's Day? He was playing the brag-pipe.

2. Do you know why people wear shamrocks on St Patrick Day? Regular rocks are too heavy.

3. Have you ever seen a fake Irish stone? It's a shamrock.

4. What would one shamrock say to the other? Look cl-over there.

5. Heard about the Irish stunt double of Dwayne Johnson? They call him the Sham Rock.

6. What is the favorite music genre of Irish people? Sham rock and roll!

Patrick's Day Jokes

Funny St Patty's day jokes will amuse you.-min

Leprechauns are short, bearded men that wear a green coat and a hat. They were thought to be shoe-makers who had hidden a gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Here are some funny St. Patricks day jokes, Leprechaun jokes, and Irish jokes for kids.

7. Heard about St. Patrick driving all the slithering snakes out of Ireland? He couldn't fly them out as the airplanes were not invented yet.

8. Heard about the jealous leprechaun? It turned green due to envy.

9. Heard of the leprechaun playing video games? He lost the game, so it said game clover.

10. How can a leprechaun tell if a potato is not the Irish potato from Ireland? When it is a French fry.

11. Heard about the magical spell of the leprechaun witches? They cast lucky charms.

12. Heard about the leprechaun who is really into green living? People call him the wee-cycler.

13. Heard about the leprechaun who became a florist? He has green fingers.

14. Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun? They are always short of it.

15. Heard about the leprechaun's love story? It was about a four-leaved c-lover.

16. What did the four-leaf clover say to the leprechaun? I be-leaf in you.

17. What do you call a bad leprechaun dancer's move? A jig mistake.

18. What would you say to a very smart leprechaun? You are really clover!

Knock Knock Jokes

St Patrick's day jokes can lit up your festive mood. Here are some St. Patrick's Day funnies in the form of knock knock jokes.

19. Knock Knock!

Who is there?

A jig.

A jig who?

A jig jogging Irish man, dancing for you.

20. Knock Knock!

Who is there?

I wrist you.

I wrist you who?

It's Irish stew for you.

21. Knock Knock!

Who is there?


Pati who?

Pati'O furniture for the St. Patrick's feast.

22. Knock Knock

Who's there?


Ireland who?

Ireland you some money, just pay me back on time.

23. Knock Knock!

Who is there?


Wee who?

Wee whoo, the leprechaun's here.

St Patrick's Day Jokes

St. Patrick's Day celebrations include traditional music, marching bands, and cultural rallies. Here are some amazing St Patrick's day jokes quotes.

24. Heard about the St Patrick special stand-up comedy show? It was too good. Everyone was Dublin over with laughter.

25. How is St Patrick Day good for global warming? People go green on March 17.

26. Do you know why frogs love St. Patrick's Day? Because they are already wearing green.

27. Why did the leprechaun jump on the rainbow? To get to the other side.

28. Ever tried ironing a four-leaf clover? You might end up pressing your luck.

29. What did St Patrick say while he was driving all the serpents out of Ireland? "Everyone got seat belts on back there?"

30. What would a leprechaun call a happy man wearing green? Jolly green giant.

St Patrick's Day Humor

St. Patrick's Day jokes will set the festive vibes for kids

St Patrick's Day will surely amuse you. Here are some jokes inspired by St Patrick's Day puns.

31. Heard of the long-legged Irish spider? They call him paddy long legs.

32. What would you call an Irish outdoor space? Paddy'O.

33. What is a leprechaun's favorite fantasy film? 'Green lantern'.

34. Why are Irish leprechaun's not a big fan of morning runs? They would rather jig then jog.

35. Heard about the leprechaun who got the secretary job? They say he was great at shorthand.

36. Why did the leprechaun cross the road? Because it turned green.

37. Heard about the Irish leprechaun who won the race and got the gold medal? They say he took a shortcut.

38. What if you get if you celebrate Christmas and St. Patrick's Day together? You get St. O' Claus.

39. They say shamrocks are rare, but where would you easily find one? In the dictionary.

40. What would you get if you cross an Irish jig with McDonald's? A shamrock shake.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 30+ St Patrick's Day Jokes then why not take a look at New year jokes, or Halloween puns?

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