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The number pi written with chalk on the blackboard, with its equivalence in numbers.
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Pi is the name of the symbol used by mathematicians to denote the ratio between a circle's circumference and diameter!

Pi jokes and puns are part of corny math jokes. Along with pi jokes, maths jokes also include calculus puns and jokes, number puns and number jokes, square puns, and circle jokes!

The number pi is irrational in nature but is of major significance in the math world. Although being a recurring decimal amounting to approximately 3. 14 or 22/7, it used in many calculations in geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, and many other higher topics in math. You'd never guess how important it is from the adorable name and symbol!

Now, puns and jokes about pi can also be interpreted in a different way. Because it is phonetically similar to the word pie, a pi joke is interchangeable with many pie jokes and pie puns. Furthermore, very smartly many jokes about pie can be turned into circle puns! Along with that, there is an opportunity for a pi pun to be made from pi day puns, pi day quotes, pi day jokes, and puns about numbers in general. Pi Day is usually held on the 14th date of the third month of the year that is March. This corresponds to the approximate value of pi as well:3-14.

Now, as we promised, we will not go on forever. Let's head straight for the Pi jokes and pun that you can tell anyone on Pi Day!

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Best & Funny Pi Jokes

Take a look at some of the best pi jokes that you can easily crack during math class:

1. Who was the most round medieval knight at the High Table of King Arthur? The knight was Sir Cumference because he had eaten too much of pi!

2. Why should someone never pick a fight with pi? This is because, as we all know, once pi starts to hit you, it will never stop hitting you!

3. What was the favorite dessert dish of the renowned scientist, Sir Isaac Newton? He would always love to have a fresh dish of Apple Pi!

4. What is the name of the animal that is known in the animal kingdom to celebrate Pi Day? The name of this animal is Pithon!

5. What happens when a cheese pie has the thickness of a and the radius of z? It very simply becomes a pi.z.z.a!

6. What is that one movie that a pi likes to watch at any day anytime? He loves to watch the award-winning movie 'Life of Pi'!

7. What is the total number of chefs required to make a pie that will never end? The total number of chefs required is 3.14!

8. What happens when a jack-o-lantern becomes very studious and gets a doctorate degree in math? What happens is that it turns into a pumpkin pi!

9. When the pi fell sick after getting food poisoning on pi day, what medicine did the doctor prescribe to it? The doctor gave him anti-pi-otics to have!

10. What is the favorite day of the year for a pi? The favorite day of the pi every year is the same- it is March 14!

11. What would you call a secret agent who is very good at math and can easily solve difficult equations? We should definitely be calling him a s-pi!

12. What ratings did the mathematician give the movie 'Life of Pi' when he wrote for his monthly college magazine? He humorously gave it a rating of 3.14 out of 5.

13. When pi was making illogical arguments in the debate with fellow numbers, what did the other say? They said, "Poor pi! He can't help himself from being irrational!"

14. What do you call a young student who loves math and wants to know more about the number pi? We can say that he is an as-pi-ring mathematician!

15. What is the name of the Dutch soccer player who loves math? His name is Memphis Day-Pi!

Awesome & Best Pi Puns

Brilliant Young Mathematician Approaches Big Blackboard and Finishes writing Sophisticated Mathematical Formula/ Equation.

Here are some of the best puns on the pi that can be transformed into awesome pi jokes and math jokes:

16. I was at this maritime history class and the professor revealed some very interesting facts. He said that of the sailors in the 22/7 percent of them were pi-rates!

17. There was a reason why the other numbers stayed away from Pi. You know, once Pi starts to talk it will go on and on forever!

18. The chef took a green cheese and interestingly tried to divide its circumference by its diameter. Now, he has a special type of moon pi!

19. There was a murder in the maths department. When the police and the other detectives couldn't solve this murder, they brought in a special investigator. His name was MAGNUM P.I.!

20. A mathematician once walked into a restaurant. The waitress went over to his table and asked him what he wanted. He replied, "1.57"! The waitress was very confused but it turns out that he wanted to have half of a pi!

21. Researchers were astonished when they discovered something new in Alaska. They found out that the value of pi decreases every day over there. They later realized that everything shrinks in the cold!

22. I was very keen to know what my nephew was doing in the garden. He was looking at the sun and making calculations. Upon further inspection, I understood that he was trying to divide the circumference of the sun by its diameter to get an end result of a Pi in the sky!

23. My mother was making pumpkin pie as a way to celebrate Pi day! I strictly told her each and every member of the house should get no more than 3.14 slices!

24. After years and years of rumors, the Pi finally announced that it was going to write a book about its own life. This was going to its auto-pi-ography!

25. The mathematician was on a diet but he was not opposed to eating chocolate pie. This is because he knew that in each slice there was a nominal calorie amounting to 3.14!

26. Seeing everybody join social media, Pi was once inspired to join Twitter. However, it was majorly disappointed because a tweet only had 280 characters and that would never be enough to express itself!

27. Last weekend, Pi again got into a driving accident. He was going way over the acceptable speed limit and was not slowing down and soon got into a crash! The police had to revoke the driving license because Pi never knows when to stop!

28. I, once, went with a friend to buy some pie for Halloween. As I asked what the volume of the pumpkin pie was, my mathematician friend interjected by saying pi-r square! The baker looked shocked and said that pies aren't squares, they are round!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Jokes/Puns/Riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Pi Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at geology puns, or for something different take a look at doctor puns.

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