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20+ Sloth Jokes And Puns That Aren't Slow To Get A Laugh

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The reason that sloths are slow is because they have a slow metabolic rate that slows their speed down.

A slow is a slow paced animal that inhabits the tropical forests of South America and Central America. Sloths spend the majority of their time sleeping or hanging down from tree branches.

Sloths are extremely cute creatures that are loved by many people. There are many slow jokes made about sloths because of their characteristically slow speed. If you're looking out for some jokes that are going to make your kids laugh, animal jokes and zoo jokes are always a good bet. These sloth jokes for kids work great for birthday cards and as well as cards for other celebrations. We've curated a variety of funny sloth jokes and funny sloth puns in this article just for you!

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The Funniest Sloth Jokes

A sloth is a slow paced animal that inhabits the tropical forests of South and Central America.

These jokes are great for the adorable slow coach in your life. This list has a variety of funny sloth sayings and jokes. If you're looking for the funniest joke about a sloth, you'll find it right here with "Why did the sloth cross the road?" featuring at number four on our list!

1. Why don't sloths look at their watches to tell the time? They find it very time-consuming.

2. What is a sloth's favorite activity during wintertime? They love to make slow angels.

3. What does the  sloth journalist read every morning when he gets to work? A snooze paper.

4. Why did the sloth cross the road? Nobody knows, he's still trying.

5. Why didn't any species of sloth go extinct over time? They hadn't really made plans to go anywhere.

6. What is the name of the sloth band who play Scottish rock? Slow Patrol.

7. What happens when you mix a sloth with a cat? You get a slow leopard.

8. Where did the sloth couple first meet? At the sloth ball.

9. What do you call a sloth that is constantly showing off its slow speed? A slow-off.

10. Why was the sloth giving a lecture about existentialism to his niece? He was feeling philoslothical.

11. Why did the sloth not like to perform at kids' birthday parties? He thought he was far too slophisticated for that.

12. What did the sloth say to his friend who was going through a hard time? Just hang in there.

13. What did the sloth tell his wife on their fifth anniversary? I'm so glad you're by my side. I love you slow much.

14. Do you know what snacks a three-toed sloth loves to eat? Fritos.

15. What did the waiter say when the sloth took a deep breath in the middle of giving his order? Why such a long paws?

The Best Sloth Puns

These funny sloths' puns are the best you're going to see in a while! You'll get every kind of sloth pun in this list. Here are some funny sloth one-liners just for you!

16. The actor who played Othello took so much time to recite his lines that everyone started calling him 'Slowthello'.

17. The sloth mother was frantic about getting her son to school in time. She said, "hurry up and finish your breakfast slotherwise you won't reach school on time."

18. Everyone kept telling the 22-year-old sloth, "you're so slow!" because he was still a Slothomore in high school.

19. The sloth won homecoming King at his high school prom beclaws everyone thought his outfit was super cute.

20. The sloth was excited about introducing his wife to his friends. He kept saying, "Hello everyone, as you may know, this is my significant sloth-er."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for sloth jokes and puns, then why not take a look at these otter puns or penguin puns for more?

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