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61 Space Puns That Are Out Of This World

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A pun: A joke that is a humorous play on words, using words that sound alike and/or the same meaning.

No space joke collection is complete without puns. Whether you choose one which is every inch for comedy effect or slips a few quick quips into your every day chats with family and friends, you'll love our space pun list!

For our collection of out of this world puns we've counted space as our solar system, scoured the planets and the stars, and even come back down to earth to bring you 61 of the best. Maybe when you've finished with this selection you could make up your own?

Try using the words stars, rocket, astronaut, planet, universe, and more to create your own genius word-play. Com-met us with your best and most passion-aut performance, and you'll have everyone laughing in no time.  If you really want to impress with your space puns, maybe you can build some puns around these fun facts:

- Astronauts are weightless so can sleep in any direction, but have to attach themselves to something, so they don't bump into anything, then it really would be 'Sleepless In The Shuttle'. (see what we did there?!).

- Astronauts still get treats in space. Could you slip freeze-dried ice cream into a pun?

- The sun is described as an average-sized star, but it could still fit one million earths inside it.

The Best Hubble Telescope Puns From Outer Space

What do you get when you cross the world's most famous telescope with funny space puns? Let's find out below.

1.I'm cooking 'hubble and squeak' for dinner.

2.Hubble, hubble, toil and trouble, it's Halloween.

3.You are really asking for hubble.

4.Oh no, here comes hubble.

5.Let's sing Bridge Over Hubbled Waters.

Planet Puns About The Sun and Moon

The sun and moon might be millions of km away from earth, but gravity will pull those world hilarious puns down from the stars to make everyone laugh.

The Sun Puns:

6.It's all sun and games.

7.What UV is what you get.

8.It's morning, rays and shine.

9.Chance would be a shine thing.

10.Like father like sun.

11.Sun and dusted.

12.Been there, sun that.

13.Sunny you should ask.

14.A sunny thing happened today.

Moon Puns:

15.That was a sneaky moon-euver.

16.Wait a moon-ute.

17.Good morning, moon, and night.

18.See you lunar rather than later.

Clever Space Puns

Is the universe ready for a genius space pun or two? let's find out.

19.Aliens are great poets, they write their poems in uni-verses.

20.Feeling sad? Hope you can Saturn that frown upside down.

21.To organise the best space party ever, you need to plan-et.

22.People ask how I manage to stay so organised. I just plan-et that way.

23.Shuttle up and get moving, we're going to be late.

24.I really can't hear you, I've nep-tuned you out.

25.Do you like my space-puns, comet, and let me know.

26.When you spill your cup of tea, you'll be left with a 'crying' saucer.

27.I'm off to otter space.

28.When you're shopping for food this Christmas, how about some astro-nuts.

29.Don't forget to put some money on the parking meteor before you leave the car park.

30.Kangaroos and koalas are my favourite animals, they are mars-upials.

31.At a snail's space.

32.Put through your spaces.

33.Ju-pi-ter double check that just in case.

34.Behind mars (bars).

35.Written in the mars (stars).

Startup concept with businessman inside abstract space ship sketch on chalkboard background.

Funny Space Puns

These puns about space are out of this world funny.

36.Burgers always taste better in space because they are meteor.

37.Planets have their very own Spotify playlists, they are full of Nep-tunes.

38.If the solar system wore pants, they would be held up with an Astroid belt.

39.Planets have their own social media network, it's called Spacebook.

40.Alien children love to read, their favourites are comet books.

41.Astronauts never get hungry on a space mission because they've had a big launch.

42.There's only one reason an alien would visit a bird of prey centre. To see a Millenium 'Falcon'.

Earth Themed Puns

We couldn't leave the planet we all live on out of the fun, so it's time for some earth themed puns?

43.I bet the earth makes fun of the other planets for having no life.

44.I'm loving the way the earth rotates, it really makes my day.

45.Did you know that growing your own garden will bring peas on earth?!

46.I hope your b-earth-day celebrations are out of this world.

47.Life is a song earth singing.

48.A picture is earth a thousand words.

With Your Pun-mission, Here Are The Final Space Puns

Some final funny space puns to rock-et your world!

49.When you want a baby to go to sleep, you just rock-et.

50.When an astronaut on a diet wanders into a bar he orders a satel-lite beer.

51.It's not that Sirius.

52.Get outer my space.

53.Reaching new flights.

54.It's hard learning about space all day, I think I need a launch break.

55.Not everyone will suit wearing a space-suit, but I think I'll rock-et.

56.I think space puns and jokes are addictive, but I might over-comet one day.

57.Don't forget to apollo-gise if you do something wrong.

58.Felines love hanging out in space, there's lots of cat-mosphere.

59.When Santa Claus sees a space ship he goes UF-Ho, Ho, Ho.

60.When aliens go shopping in space, they visit the department-star.

61.To tell the time in space, you just need a rocket watch.

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Lauren John

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