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100 Things to Do This Easter!

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If you thought you'd have nothing to do for Easter during lockdown, think again! We've rounded up a whole 100 things to do handily split into Easter crafts, food and drink, garden ideas and family fun games! Download the sheet below to tick them off and make your Easter weekend truly eggs-cellent...

things to do at easter
Written By
Laura Savage

Laura grew up in London and loved special family trips out to the theatre, Science Museum and all of the city's wonderful parks. She loves travelling, writing, drawing, exploring new art exhibitions and finding the best food and drink spots in the capital! At Kidadl, Laura handles our social media channels and is part of the busy brief writing team, creating the blueprints for the diverse range of articles you'll find across the site. She also dabbles in graphic design pieces for Kidadl's Instagram and writing blog articles full of family fun herself.

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