A Christmas Carol Trivia: Tricky Questions About The Classic Novel And More

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Hello there, holiday-loving knowledge seekers! What could be more Christmassy than a sprinkling of 'A Christmas Carol' trivia to spice up your festive season? We're talking tricky questions, astonishing facts, and curious anecdotes about Dickens' timeless masterpiece. This brain-tickling challenge is like a Christmas cracker filled with literary delights, ready to burst with fun for all. Whether you're a seasoned 'Christmas Carol' scholar or a trivia beginner just joining the party, this trivia promises to add an extra dash of magic to your holiday season.

Remember when you first read 'A Christmas Carol'? Charles Dickens wrote the novella when Britons were delving into and assessing their old and new Christmas traditions. This trivia is the perfect conversation starter for any holiday gathering. It is time to put your festive know-how to the test with these jolly good trivia questions about that beloved Dickens classic. Ready for some holiday fun? There's a flurry of fun facts and fascinating details to uncover.

Amazing Scrooge Trivia

Prepare for a delightful ride into the world of 'A Christmas Carol' with some amazing Scrooge trivia. Ready to peek behind the curtain and learn more about literature's most famous miser? Full of intriguing facts and surprising insights, this journey will take you through Scrooge's life as it plays out in the novella. Let's ignite that festive spirit and see if you can unravel these hints about Scrooge and events from his life.

1. Question: Which of the spirits do not speak with Scrooge?

Answer: Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come.

2. Question: Who does Scrooge see in the tiles surrounding his fireplace?

Answer: Jacob Marley.

3. Question: Why does Scrooge prefer darkness?

Answer: It was cheap.

4. Question: Who shows up at Scrooge's door?

Answer: Jacob Marley's ghost.

5. Question: Who rests in the grave in stave four in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Ebenezer Scrooge.

6. Question: In which year did Charles Dickens write 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: 1843.

7. Question: Who were the three ghosts that visited Scrooge?

Answer: The Ghosts Of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come.

8. Question: Why did Belle break up her engagement with Scrooge?

Answer: Scrooge's greed.

9. Question: What is the name of Fred's mother in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Fan.

10. Question: What was Scrooge's occupation?

Answer: Moneylending.

11. Question: Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea?

Answer: The Ghost Of Christmas Present.

12. Question: Who was Scrooge's cheerful and kind-hearted clerk?

Answer: Bob Cratchit.

13. Question: How does Scrooge typically respond to being greeted with "Merry Christmas"?

Answer: "Bah! Humbug!"

14. Question: What's the name of Scrooge's late business partner?

Answer: Jacob Marley.

Trivia About A Christmas Carol

Now, it's time to dig a little deeper into this beloved holiday classic. Bursting with more fun facts about Dickens' masterpiece, this quiz might be like finding an extra cookie left by Santa. Prepare to tackle some trivia gems about 'A Christmas Carol'. Let's see if you are still aware of the plot and specific elements in the story.

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15. Question: Who was the illustrator for Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: John Leech.

16. Question: What is the Ghost Of Christmas Present's throne made up of?

Answer: Food.

17. Question: Which spirit has a glowing head?

Answer: The Ghost Of Christmas Past.

18. Question: Where does Martha work?

Answer: Apprentice to a milliner.

19. Question: Who inherits Bob Cratchit's shirt?

Answer: Peter Cratchit.

20. Question: Which character said, "God bless us, everyone"?

Answer: Tiny Tim.

21. Question: Who said these lines, "Christmas has done me good, and will do me good"?

Answer: Fred.

22. Question: How did Scrooge change at the end of the story?

Answer: He became kind and generous.

23. Question: Who said, "Why do you doubt your senses?"

Answer: Jacob Marley.

24. Question: Which ghost was a female?

Answer: The Ghost Of Christmas Present.

25. Question: Who said, "He's so much kinder than he used to be"?

Answer: Fan.

26. Question: What are the names of the two children under the robe of the Ghost Of Christmas Present?

Answer: Ignorance and Want.

27. Question: How many children does Bob Cratchit have?

Answer: Six.

28. Question: Who is Fan in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Scrooge's sister.

29. Question: What was the name of Scrooge's former business?

Answer: Scrooge And Marley.

A Christmas Carol Trivia Questions About The Characters

Apart from Scrooge or Tiny Tim, how many characters from the novella can you recall? In this quiz, we are exploring your knowledge of Dicken's peculiar characters who add to the mystery of the world in 'A Christmas Carol', while also making the story relatable. Ready to delve into the magical world of Dickens? Let's see how many of these trivia questions you can get right!

30. Question: Who was Scrooge's employer when he was young?

Answer: Mr. Fezziwig.

31. Question: How many brothers does the Ghost Of Christmas Present have?

Answer: Over 1800.

32. Question: What was the name of Scrooge's housekeeper who sold his bed curtains?

Answer: Mrs. Dilber.

33. Question: Who is Peter in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Bob Cratchit's first son.

34. Question: How old is Tiny Tim in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Seven years.

35. Question: Who is Martha in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Bob Cratchit's oldest daughter.

36. Question: How many years before the beginning of the story, did Jacob Marley die?

Answer: Seven.

37. Question: Over how many nights do the ghosts visit Scrooge?

Answer: All in one night.

38. Question: Following his transformation, who does Scrooge give a raise to? He also starts to treat his family with kindness.

Answer: Bob Cratchit.

39. Question: What does the Ghost Of Christmas Present represent?

Answer: Generosity.

40. Question: What does the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come represent?

Answer: Death.

A Christmas Carol Trivia Game

Hey there, lovers of yuletide cheer and Dickensian tales! Whether you're a Scrooge scholar or a casual Cratchit fan, our next game promises to spice up your holiday gatherings. Here's a mixed bag of questions to test your knowledge of the cherished classic. To ace this quiz you will have to recall more details about the story while also knowing key facts about the publication of 'A Christmas Carol'.

41. Question: Who is the sickly but optimistic son of Bob Cratchit?

Answer: Tiny Tim.

42. Question: Who always invites Scrooge to Christmas dinner?

Answer: Fred.

43. Question: On what day does the story of 'A Christmas Carol' take place?

Answer: On Christmas Eve.

44. Question: Who buys Scrooge's belongings after he dies in a vision?

Answer: Old Joe.

45. Question: Who is Scrooge's nephew in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Fred.

46. Question: What period is 'A Christmas Carol' set in?

Answer: The early 1840s.

47. Question: How long did it take Charles Dickens to write 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Six weeks.

48. Question: What were the chapters in 'A Christmas Carol' called?

Answer: Staves.

49. Question: What is the name of the publishing company that published the first edition of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Chapman & Hall.

50. Question: How many chapters (staves) were in the original story of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Five.

51. Question: What was the lifespan of the Ghost Of Christmas Present?

Answer: One day.

52. Question: According to Jacob Marley, what was his 'business'?

Answer: Mankind.

A Christmas Carol Unique Trivia

For all 'A Christmas Carol' aficionados out there, here's another tricky quiz to test the depths of your knowledge. You will find a mix of both easy questions and a few that might get you thinking hard. Picture unearthing treasures from an old Christmas stocking; only this time, they're unique trivia about your favorite festive tale. Time to dive into this captivating blend of literature and yuletide trivia.

53. What is the surname of Dickens' miserable protagonist Ebenezer?

Answer: Scrooge.

54. Question: What city does Ebenezer live in?

Answer: London.

55. Question: Where did Ebenezer Scrooge work in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: A counting house.

56. Question: What time at night does the Ghost Of Christmas Past visit Ebenezer?

Answer: 1:00 a.m.

57. Question: What is Marley's ghost covered in, when he appears before Ebenezer?

Answer: A long chain.

58. Question: What holiday greeting became popular after its mention in the classic novella?

Answer: Merry Christmas.

59. Question: What does the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come show Ebenezer to make him change his ways?

Answer: His own grave.

60. Question: Scrooge once had a fiancée. What was her name?

Answer: Belle.

61. Question: What house does the Ghost Of Christmas Present take Ebenezer to?

Answer: The Cratchit family house.

62. Question: Who is the first ghost to visit Scrooge?

Answer: Jacob Marley.

63. Question: What's the last ghost that visits Scrooge?

Answer: The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come.

64. Question: What's the famous last line of the novella?

Answer: God bless us, everyone.

65. Question: What is Scrooge’s reaction to seeing Tiny Tim’s empty chair and crutch?

Answer: He was sad.

66. Question: What is another name for the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come?

Answer: The Ghost Of Christmas Future.

67. Question: What happened right after the ghost of Jacob Marley removed the bandage from his head?

Answer: His lower jaw dropped to his chest.

68. Question: What does Scrooge offer Bob Cratchit when he comes to work late on Boxing Day?

Answer: A raise in his salary.

69. Question: Who is Franklin Scrooge in the story?

Answer: Father of Ebenezer Scrooge.

70. Question: What gift does Ebenezer send anonymously to the Cratchit family on Christmas Day?

Answer: A prize turkey.

71. Question: How is the weather described in Stave One?

Answer: Cold, bleak, biting, and foggy.

A Christmas Carol Movie Trivia

For the final round of this trivia challenge, we are taking a ride through the world of movies, to explore the various film adaptations of 'A Christmas Carol'. From subtle details you may have missed to some backstage fun facts, this joyous journey will bring a whole new dimension to your favorite Christmas flick. These trivia nuggets will keep you engaged and your holiday spirit aglow. Let's delve into the cinematic charm of this classic tale!

72. Question: What is the title of Disney's first animated adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' (1983).

73. Question: 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' is one of the live-action film adaptions of 'A Christmas Carol'. In which year was it released?

Answer: 1992.

74. Question: Who acted as Scrooge in the 1951 film adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Alastair Sim.

75. Question: Who acted as Scrooge in the 1970 musical film adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Albert Finney.

76. Question: Who acted as Bob Cratchit in the 1951 film adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Mervyn Johns.

77. Question: Which actor played the role of old Scrooge in a 1984 movie?

Answer: George Scott.

78. Question: Who played the character of Mrs. Cratchit in 'A Christmas Carol' (2009)?

Answer: Lesley Manville.

79. Question: Who played Bob Cratchit in 'A Christmas Carol' (1984)?

Answer: David Warner.

80. Question: Who played Ebenezer Scrooge in 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' (1992)?

Answer: Michael Caine.

Well, there you have it, we have reached the end of this 'A Christmas Carol' trivia challenge. These carefully curated tidbits offer a brief dive into the world in 'A Christmas Carol', while also being a fun challenge to test your memory. Remember, the best part of trivia is the shared laughs and light-hearted debate for playing the game together and challenging each other, even if you can't remember all the answers.

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