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A January Birthday: The Ultimate Guide To Presents, Parties, And Fun Facts

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If you have a child with a birthday in January, we've put together a list of everything you need to know to make it special.

From the January birth stone to the January birthday flower, you're about to know more than you could have even imagined about being born at the start of the year. You'll have no trouble planning a party with these January birthday party ideas and handy tips.

Does your little one share their zodiac sign with a celebrity? Find out all about the famous birthdays in January and so much more with some January birthday trivia. From January birthday cakes to January birthday facts, you'll know it all about this time of year.

For more, let us help you navigate planning any [tween birthday parties] you have coming up, and check out these October birthday tips that are perfect for anyone with October birthdays to organize.

Famous January Birthdays

January birthdays are every bit as exciting as birthdays throughout the year.

If your child is born in January, they share the month with some pretty cool celebrities. We've got a list of some of the best January celebrity birthdays for a little bit of entertainment.

One of the most famous January birthdays we know is Mel Gibson, who was born in 1956 on the third day of the month.

Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton was born on January 7 in 1985.

It must be the month of sports superstars because Olympic gold medalist Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill was born on January 28.

January is also the month of birth of one of the most admirable royals, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of  Cambridge was born on January 9.

The popular singer Alicia Keys was also a January baby, she was born on January 25 in 1981.

Channel some fight night energy with fellow January-born celebrity Muhammad Ali - born on January 17.

Let's not forget the incredible late musician David Bowie, who was born in 1987 on January 8.

January Astrology

Are you in the know about the January zodiac sign? Don't worry, you're about to be!

January babies can be one of two astrological signs. If you're born between the first and 2oth day, you're a Capricorn, and anyone born after that is born under the Aquarius sign.

Capricorns are well known for being extremely focused. As an Earth sign, they know how to get things done in the physical world. Capricorn kids work hard at their goals and stay on top of their to-do list. If you need to organize something, Capricorns will do it in record time. As they get older, people born at this time of year usually start to get a little bit lighter and brighter and learn to relax and go with the flow instead of being so serious.

You might think that Aquarius is a water sign because of its name, but it is actually the final air sign in the zodiac calendar. These kind and warm-hearted social butterflies are out to change the world for the better. They think big and dream even bigger, and love being part of a team. Be warned though, kids who are Aquarians like to rebel against authority figures so parents might have their hands full.

If you are born in January, you are independent, creative, and hard-working, no matter which sign. January-born folk make great leaders and there have been studies done to show that people born in the winter months are more intelligent to top it off.

The January birthday stone is different for the two different zodiac signs. Capricorn's stone is the exotic blue sapphire, and Aquarius' stone is the shimmering purple amethyst.

The flower for January birthday holders is different depending on their star sign too, with the flower for Capricorn being a cute pansy, and Aquarius' flower being the elegant orchid.

Ideas For January Gifts

Anyone born in January knows too well the pain of their Christmas and birthday gifts being lumped together. That's why it means even more for us to create a happy January birthday experience for those special winter-born friends and family members. It can be extra special to give gifts that are unique for the month someone's born in, and these January birthday gifts are some of our favorite ideas for kids born at this time of year.

Gemstones are a great January present that will show a child that you've thought about them personally. A unique and special gemstone for January birthday presents is a piece of jewelry that can be treasured for years to come. An inexpensive tumbled gemstone is another great option to boost the energy of someone to who it relates, which you can pick up in local crystal shops or online.

For zodiac lovers, we can show that we care by gifting them all sorts of cool presents. From notepads and key rings to t-shirts and pillows, there are thousands of astrological gifts for all different styles.

With a serious chill in the air, warm and cozy is a good theme for January gifts. Blankets, mittens, and hot cocoa are all welcome additions to any winter home.

For anyone who'd appreciate a flowery gift, there are loads of beautiful ideas that use pansies and orchids. From pressed flower jewelry to printed tote bags, this can be a fun way to show your appreciation for a January pal.

January is the perfect time to start thinking about goals and resolutions, so year-long planners and diaries are always a welcome gift at this time of year.

Ideas For January Parties

Create a classy winter theme for a January party.

January birthdays can often be overlooked with the excitement of Christmas and New Year, but we're determined to change that. These January birthday ideas for kids will make the special day an extra special occasion.

Spice up a birthday party with some January trivia, try making a game about the history of the month. Include celebrity birthdays, historic events, and other celebrations we have during January.

Sports superstars might like a Winter Olympics theme for their January party. Wrap up warm and challenge your guests to some competitive sports in the backyard, and celebrate with chocolate medals for the winners (and maybe one for everyone who takes part too).

When the sun isn't blazing outside, it's a great time to do some crafting. Host a January craft-themed party and create some fun art for guests to take home with them. This might just save you from little ones running wild around the house!

A baking party is one of the coolest January birthday themes, where guests can help decorate a January birthday cake and take home a bag of freshly baked cookies. There's nothing better than a cozy hot chocolate and some fresh cookies when the weather's cold, so we think this January idea will be a guaranteed success.

If you're looking for a classy do, why not take the winter theme to the extreme and host a white party? With white outfits, snowball-themed snacks, and frosty milk to drink, you can go to town with decor and activities for this party.

With all the organizing and planning of the holiday season leaving parents feeling burnt out and exhausted when January comes around, sometimes it's the best idea to take the easy route. You can hire a themed entertainer to craft an awesome party for you. The slightly higher cost will be totally worth it when you're able to sit back and relax as someone else takes over all the hard work.

If you're looking for a chilled-out party idea that doesn't involve messing up your front room, then why not take things outside to your local ice rink? It's a great way to have a smaller party and avoid things getting out of hand, and you just can't beat a hot slice of pizza after a few hours on the rink.

When it comes to a birthday cake for kids born in January, we can't get enough of a winter theme. White chocolate icing makes amazing snow, and a cake with a polar bear or snowman will steal the show. If you want something totally instagrammable, an ice-themed marbled icing looks stylish and has a classy winter vibe.

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