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Trying to find the best ideas for kid birthday party events can often be a bit of a headache.

With so many party ideas out there, and with our kids growing up so fast and their tastes changing so rapidly in the process, it's no wonder we often find ourselves getting in a bit of a flap during the birthday season. However, planning kids birthday parties can be fun, rewarding and importantly easy, whilst still giving your kids the best birthday party ever that all their friends will be jealous of!

With our birthday party ideas, you won't be short of party themes, party games and cake suggestions ready for the big day. It's understandable that now your kids are getting older, what they used to see as fun isn't anymore. They may be looking for a birthday party that feels a little bit more grown-up, or maybe your kids are preferring something more silly to giggle with their friends. Whatever it is, we've come up with different birthday party ideas and recommendations that will suit any soon-to-be-ten-year-old.

1. Princess Party

What better way to throw a birthday party than to have a princess party? You can have great fun sending out themed guest invites and dressing as their best princess character. For extra fun, why not make it a sleepover birthday party? Have themed snacks ready for the sleepover. For example, frosted doughnuts are a fantastic Pinterest sleepover birthday party trend! One party game to try is the Tangled Rapunzel game, where your partner is tangled in yellow crepe paper and has to escape! This can even be something played later in the birthday sleepover evening.

2. Cool Party

Party view of kids activity.

Although being a 9-year-old might seem young still, kids do grow up fast, and their tastes and preferences can change in the process. A 9-year-old birthday party does not have to be silly to be fun, and you can add some elements of sophistication to the birthday party to make your 9-year-old feel that little bit more grown-up. Fun-shaped kids' canapés are one idea for birthday food for this atmosphere. Board games are also always winners, such as Articulate, which can really add some fun.

3. Movie Night

A movie night is always one of the great birthday party ideas and is also perfect for a more grown-up feeling party. Pick a film appropriate for your 9-year-old and their guests, and maybe throw a birthday party sleepover so everyone can stay up a bit later for hot chocolate. Have a themed cake in keeping with the chosen film!

4. Soccer Party

For more of a party games birthday, why not throw an outdoor soccer party? This is always a favorite theme among 9-year-olds. It encourages kids to get in the outdoor air and play soccer games. Invite enough friends to make up two teams. Party prizes in keeping with the birthday party theme can be given out too! And don't forget the soccer ball cake!

5. Artist's Party

With galleries beginning to reopen, what better time to throw an artist's themed birthday party? This is one of the more quirky birthday party ideas, but it definitely makes for a great and creative birthday party for kids. Ask everyone to dress up as their preferred artist, from Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali to Frida Kahlo! You can have artist-inspired birthday party games ready. One of our favorites is the portrait game, where the contestants have to try and see if they can draw their partner's portrait with limitations such as using one hand or having their eyes shut. Have a paintbrush and paint-inspired birthday party decorations at the ready too!

6. Beach Party

For another one of the outdoor birthday party ideas, have a go at throwing a birthday beach party! It's not as complicated as you might first think. Get together some sand, Hawaiian flowers, and lots of tropical fruit, and it's definitely a winner. One idea is to throw it in a backyard or even a local park if it's possible. Party games for younger guests too, like limbo, mean all the guests will be catered for whatever their age! For an extra special birthday gesture, give every guest a Hawaiian lei (a type of flower garland) as they leave as something extra to take home to remember the day by.

7. Character Party

If your kids have a favorite film or TV show in mind, a themed character birthday party might be the perfect option. Ask everyone to dress up as their preferred character from the show and play games related to the show too. It's one of our favorite birthday party ideas as it includes everyone and gives all guests something they can relate to, whatever age or gender! Character birthday parties always go down a treat. Themed decorations, food, and games make it feel extra special.

8. Animal Party

This is one of the birthday party ideas that can be achieved much in the same way as the themed character party, but with an added twist. Why not take your child and guests to a petting zoo or farm for animal feeding, stroking, and fresh air! Some even have birthday ideas and help if you book through them, too, with picnic food packages for parties being something they can cater for.

9. Ice Cream Party

For something that will suit any foodie, why not have fun throwing an ice cream party? If you can get your hands on an ice cream maker, even better, as everyone can have hours of endless fun making their favorite flavor homemade and decorating it with colorful toppings and sprinkles! You could even get the local ice cream van to come along.

10. Survival Skills Party

Much in the style of Bear Grylls, one of the most daring birthday party ideas is to have a survival party. Here you can have fun activities such as teaching your kids how to light a campfire, play with a toy archery kit, and even toast marshmallows.

11. Pirate Party

This is one of the birthday ideas that is so interactive and involves a challenge. Have everyone come as their favorite pirate and go on a birthday treasure hunt.

12. Science Fiction Party

From Doctor Who to Star Wars, get your kids and their pals to dress up as their favorite characters. For fun sci-fi recipe ideas, try out making the famous Star Wars Blue Milk drink! All you need is coconut milk, food coloring, blueberries, and your favorite juice, and you've got it!

13. Picnic Party

For something a little more chilled out, why not make the most of the sunnier weather and have a picnic kids' party? There's a full host of picnic ideas online to enjoy. However, one of our favorite ideas is perhaps the simplest; to head to your local park, throw down a few blankets, and have a laugh. For a more grown-up feel, have a go at making some alcohol-free Pimms with extra strawberries, and have the perfect picnic music playlist at the ready! For more playlist ideas, check out Spotify!

14. Party Games Birthday

An easy yet effective option is to have a party games party, where all you do is play nothing but games! From pin, the tail on the donkey, hide and seek, tag and piñata, there's endless birthday fun to be had!

15. Pizza Party

Get the dough ready with this fun pizza party option. It's one of the many foodie ideas out there but an all-time favorite. Get everyone to grab some dough, sprinkle on their favorite toppings and cook!

16. Slime Party

If you're brainstorming for a birthday party idea that's both unique and entertaining, why not throw a slime party? Slime is a popular toy amongst kids of all ages, and it's easy to make at home. Additionally, it's a terrific opportunity to take the kids away from screens and into some hands-on fun. Here are some tips for planning an ultimate slime party:

1. To make the slime, you'll need some white glue, Borax powder, food coloring, glitters to make your slime sparkle and water. You can purchase these items at your neighborhood craft shop.

2. Set up a "slime station" where kids can choose their own colors and add-ins. You can use this occasion to teach them about measuring and following directions.

3. While slime is non-toxic, it can be messy, so make sure to have plenty of wipes and napkins on hand.

4. Mix together equal parts of glue and water, then add in a few drops of food coloring. Next, mix in the Borax powder until the mixture becomes thick and slimy. Once it's the right consistency, your slime is ready to play with!

5. Now that everything is set up, it's time to let the kids loose! They can play with the slime however they want - squishing it, stretching it, molding it into shapes. The only rule is to have fun!

17. Cotton Candy-Themed Party

What could be more fun for a nine-year-old than a cotton candy-themed birthday party? The colors are bright and cheerful, and the theme is sure to please any sweet tooth. The best part is that the options for decorations, games, and activities are nearly endless.

Just imagine all of the sugary goodness! The Cotton Candy Machine, which you can rent, would be the star of the show, spinning pink and blue floss into fluffy clouds of sweetness. And, of course, there would be plenty of other cotton candy-themed goodies, like cupcakes with fluffy frosting, bowls of colorful jellybeans, and lollipops in every flavor imaginable. Even the drinks would be festive, with pink lemonade and blueberry punch.

And don't forget the birthday cake! A whimsical cotton candy cake would be the perfect finishing touch. You can organize a memorable party for your child with a little preparation.

18. Harry Potter Theme Party

If your kid loves Harry Potter a lot, then there's no better way to celebrate their birthday than with a Harry Potter-themed party. You can transform your home or venue into Hogwarts, complete with floating candles and a sorting hat. For entertainment, you can also hire a wizard to perform magic tricks or a treasure hunt for the golden snitch.

Finally, don't forget to make some delicious Harry Potter-themed food and drinks - think butterbeer and pumpkin pasties along with Harry Potter-themed birthday cake! With a bit of planning, your child's Harry Potter birthday party will be an unforgettable event.

19. Lego-Themed Party

Lego is not only a popular toy for kids of all ages, but it's also a perfect way to bring out creativity in kids. If you're looking for a unique and memorable birthday party theme for your nine-year-old, consider a Lego-themed party. Plus, there are plenty of ways to include Legos in games, activities, and decorations.

For the activity portion of the party, set up a series of challenges that require guests to work together to solve problems. For example, you could have teams build the tallest tower or see who can create the most original design. And for the cake, get creative with edible Lego bricks or even a life-size Lego man. Using some imagination, you can throw a fun-filled Lego-themed birthday party that your child will never forget.

20. Mermaid-Themed Party

Turning 9 is a big deal, so why not celebrate in style with a mermaid-themed birthday party? Send out invitations that feature colorful dolphins and fish, and you can decorate with all kinds of Under the Sea-themed items. Set the scene by hanging blue and green streamers from the ceiling, and use fishnets and starfish to create an underwater effect. Balloons in shades of blue and green will add to the festive atmosphere.

Your little guests will also love dressing up as their favorite sea creatures. For refreshments, serve up some fish-shaped or other ocean creature-shaped snacks and a blue Punch to resemble ocean water. You can even make a mermaid treasure hunt part of the party.

And don't forget the cake - make sure it's decorated with pretty shells and mermaid tails! Your daughter and her friends will have an unforgettable time at this one-of-a-kind birthday celebration.

21. Jungle-Themed Party

Planning a birthday party for a nine-year-old can be a lot of fun. There are so many great themes to choose from, and the options are really only limited by your imagination. If you're looking for something out-of-the-box, why not try a jungle-themed party?

For decorations, you can transform your home into a jungle oasis with green streamers, hanging plants, and animal print balloons. Craft a custom safari hat for the birthday boy or girl to wear during the party. Serve jungle-themed snacks like banana chips, oranges, and green grapes.

And if you're really feeling particularly daring, you can even set up a small zip line in the backyard! Whatever you do, a jungle-themed party is sure to be a hit with your nine-year-old and all of his/her friends.

22. Unicorn-Themed Party

If you want to plan a birthday party with a whimsical theme for your nine-year-old daughter, why not try a unicorn theme? It's a magical and fun way to celebrate your child's special day. You can decorate the venue with all things glittery and pink, from tablecloths and streamers to balloons and banners.

Make sure to have plenty of unicorn-themed activities lined up, such as face painting, pin the horn on the unicorn, and a treasure hunt. Don't forget Unicorn horn-shaped birthday hats for all kids. And, of course, no unicorn party would be complete without a beautiful unicorn-shaped cake decorated with sparkles. With some imagination and forethought, you can throw your child an unforgettable birthday party that she will always remember.

23. Minecraft-Themed Party

Minecraft is popular among kids of all ages, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a Minecraft-themed party? To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

1. Decorate the party area with Minecraft-themed posters, banners, and tablecloths. You can even hang streamers in the shape of Minecraft blocks.

2. Serve Minecraft-themed snacks and drinks, such as green " Creeper " cupcakes or " Enderman " candy bars. For drinks, try punch made with green Gatorade or Kool-Aid.

3. Set up a gaming area where kids can play Minecraft on laptops or portable devices. If you have ample space, you could even set up a projector so that everyone can play together on a big screen.

4. And don't forget the cake - a giant Minecraft block cake is sure to be a hit with all of the party guests. With a little planning, you can throw an unforgettable Minecraft-themed birthday party that your child and his/her friends will talk about for years to come.

24. Dinosaur-Themed Party

Does your little one love all things prehistoric? If so, then a dinosaur-themed birthday party is sure to be a hit! To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

1. First, set the scene by decorating your house or yard with dinosaur-themed props. You can find inflatable dinosaurs, plastic bones, and even green streamers to help create a realistic setting.

2. Next, prepare some fun games and activities for the guests. A dinosaur-themed scavenger hunt would be perfect.

3. Be sure to have plenty of prizes on hand for the winners! Finally, no birthday party would be complete without cake and refreshments. You can order T-Rex shaped cake! Serve up some Jurassic-themed snacks like “dinosaur eggs” shaped snacks, “fossilized” fruit tarts, or “volcanic” cupcakes.

You can organize an unforgettable party for your child with a little forethought and imagination.

25. Astronaut-Themed Party

Does your nine-year-old have their heart set on an astronaut birthday party? If so, you're in for a treat! This theme can be brought to life in a variety of entertaining ways. For decorations, consider hanging stars and planets from the ceiling or setting up a disco ball to give the room a galactic feel. You can also create a "space station" by setting up a table with all sorts of space-themed snacks and activities.

And for activities, you can't go wrong with a moon bounce or space-themed scavenger hunt or set up a telescope for the kids to look through. So get creative and make your little one's day memorable with an astronaut-themed birthday party!

26. Princess-Themed Party

A princess-themed birthday party is an ideal way to fulfill every young girl's dream of becoming a princess. For your nine-year-old’s big day, transform your home into a royal palace with a few simple decorations.

Hang sparkly streamers in shades of pink and purple, and set out glittery tablecloths and chairs. You can even create a makeshift throne by placing a large chair in the center of the room and draping it with a flowing piece of fabric. Don't forget the tiara!

And, of course, the princess-shaped birthday cake will be fit for a princess. As you continue planning the party, you can't help but get excited about all of the wonderful memories that you'll be creating with your daughter on her special day.

27. Karaoke-Themed Party

If your kid loves music and singing, why not go for a karaoke-themed birthday party? First, you'll need to find a venue that has a karaoke system. You can rent a space at a local karaoke bar or contact a mobile karaoke company. Second, you'll need to create a song list that includes plenty of upbeat, kid-friendly tunes.

And finally, don't forget the party decorations! Streamers, balloons, and neon signage will help transform the space into a true karaoke club. With all the singing and dancing, your kids' birthday sure will be memorable.

28. Spa-Themed party

Is your little girl turning 9 years old soon? If so, why not celebrate her big day with a spa-themed birthday party? She and her friends will love being pampered with mini-manicures, facials, and pedicures. Invite all her friends for an afternoon of pampering, starting with manicures and pedicures. Next up, they can enjoy relaxing facials and mud masks. And to top it off, they can indulge in a delicious cupcake or two along with the birthday cake. It'll be an unforgettable day that they'll talk about for years to come.

29. Fashion-Themed Party

A fashion-themed birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate your 9-year-old fashionista's birthday. Your little fashionista will love getting all dressed up for her special day, and she and her guests will have a blast playing dress-up games, doing each other's makeup, and strutting on the catwalk.

Naturally, cake and refreshments are a need for any birthday celebration, so make sure to stick as closely as you can to the theme. Your little diva sure will remember her day for the rest of her life!

30. Slumber Party Themed Birthday Party

A slumber-themed birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate your 9-year-old's birthday. Your little one and their friends will love spending the night in a "fort" made out of blankets and pillows. You can include a list of suggested activities, like pillow fights, telling ghost stories, and a movie marathon.

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