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Top Delivery Ideas For Kids Birthday During Lockdown

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We know that it's a strange time to celebrate a birthday, but whether you're celebrating a teenager or a younger child, there are plenty of ways you can still make it special.

One of those is by making the most of the different online delivery services! Have a look at our favourite places to order decorations, cake and presents from so your child still has a proper celebration.



You might not be able to have a proper birthday party but that doesn't mean you shouldn't decorate! Ordering some proper decorations is a brilliant way to help make the day feel a bit different and to you get in the party spirit.

Ginger Ray is a beautiful company that deliver high quality and creative decorations nationwide. Their website is easy to follow with a section dedicated to kid's party decorations and even some virtual lockdown party ideas! From pamper parties to superheroes and dinosaurs, they've got lots of different themes to appeal to children of any age. You can mix and match any item on the website so it's a brilliant one-stop-shop for whatever you need, from bunting to banners to balloons, table decorations and candles, they've got it all. There's also free delivery on orders over £30!

Pretty Little Party Shop is a family run national company with plenty of different birthday decorations. They've got hundreds of different items on their online shop so you'll be able to get everything you need. The balloon selection is particularly impressive and you can blow them up as normal or go one step further and order a helium canister. The sale section is definitely worth having a look at if you want a few things that are a bit lower in price.

Not On The High Street is a brilliant option to order your decorations from because they partner with smaller businesses, which is especially important at the moment. They're still delivering nationally and have lots of great kids party decorations including pinatas and party hats. If you want something personalised then Not On The Highstreet is perfect as they've got lots of options for a reasonable price.


You can't beat a slice of birthday cake and sometimes it tastes even better when someone else has made it. If you're all baked out then there are plenty of places you can order a tasty treat from. If a loved one you don't live with is having a birthday in lockdown then a cake is a lovely thing to send them too.

Bettys is a bit of an institution when it comes to baking and their birthday cakes definitely live up to their reputation. Whether your child likes classic chocolate or special sponge, they've got plenty of options that they're delivering across the country. Having used the same special Yorkshire recipes for years, a Bettys cake has a classic taste that you just can't beat.

The English Cheesecake Company is a perfect option if you're after something different to mark the occasion. They don't have standard sponges but are delivering a range of delicious cheesecakes. Their cheesecakes won't be like any you've had before, think profiteroles on top, carrot cake cheesecake and of course, one made using delicious lotus biscuits. They're still delivering nationwide and recommend selecting a delivery day a couple of days before you need your cheesecake to ensure it arrives in time to celebrate.

Cakes & Bakes deliver delicious cakes within the M25. They've got a great selection of impressive round cakes and fun shaped kids cakes that look professional and taste incredible. The cone tower and the mango cake are some of our favourites. If you're celebrating a girl's birthday then they also do some really creative barbie cakes that are bound to make the day feel special.

Bad Brownie will deliver their dangerously good brownies anywhere in the UK. Not only do they make a great gift, but they're one of the best alternatives to a standard birthday cake. They do boxes of twelve or twenty-four and you can choose between their best sellers or lastest flavours. If you've got anyone who's vegan or gluten-free in your house then they've got some yummy options for them too.

Desserts Delivered accept orders for their cakes from anywhere in the country. They're sickly sweet in the best way, think cookies and cream red velvet and white chocolate Lindor. The selection of cakes is definitely more exciting than what you see on the supermarket shelf or what we could come up with at home! If you want to add anything extra to your order they've got some impressive cake toppers and candles.


Birthdays aren't all about presents, but they definitely help kids feel special and celebrated. You can't head to the high street at the moment but there are still plenty of brilliant options online.

Flowers are a simple birthday delivery that can make a day really special. They're a present that will spread a bit of joy and brighten up the house by bringing a bit of the outside in. Bloom and Wild deliver beautiful letterbox flowers and bouquets, you can even give a bit more and set up a standing order so they get a bunch every month! There are plenty of other blooming good companies you can use to send flowers, have a look at our ten favourites.

I Want One Of Those is still delivering nationwide as normal and have some of the best kids presents for you to browse and shop. Whether you're after some more games to play in lockdown or a few accessories for their bedroom, the huge range of items on the website means you're bound to find something. They've also got a few themed presents so if you want something specific for a Friends fanatic or someone who loves The Lion King then this is the place to look. If you're looking to send an adult a present then I Want One Of Those have some things for grown-ups too.

Wicked Uncle has a bit of a reputation for being the home of brilliant kids presents so it's great to know they're still accepting orders and offering national delivery. You can easily filter the items on the site by your child's age and gender to help you find the best present. The stock might be aimed at kids, but there's definitely a few things we'd love to get our hands on!

If you want to support smaller businesses or independent sellers then Etsy is a great option to buy from. There are lots of brilliant items and some really beautiful handmade kids gifts. You can personalise lots of the presents too which really add a special touch to whatever you choose to send.

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