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105+ Harry Potter Trivia Team Names That Will Cast A Spell On Your Opponent

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Are you all set to embark on a whimsical journey brimming with captivating Harry Potter trivia team names that will bewitch your trivia adversaries?

Remember when you first dived into the magical world of Hogwarts through the pages of J.K. Rowling's spellbinding novels? Ah, the nostalgia! Now, imagine blending those warm, fuzzy memories with a dash of trivia fun. Picture yourself draped in your house colors and armed with the perfect team name that encapsulates your group's magical wit and camaraderie.

Ever found yourself chuckling at a clever play on words like 'The Wizengamot Whizzes'? Or felt your heart tug at a sweet tribute to our beloved Luna with 'The Luna Lovegood Lunatics'? The possibilities are as endless as the corridors of Hogwarts itself! Step onto this magical platform, folks - there's no limit to where your creativity can take you!

Cool Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Greetings to all you magical trivia enthusiasts out there! Ready to add a pinch of Potter magic to your trivia night? Let's journey together into the fantastical universe of Harry Potter team names. How about something like 'Quizzard Harry'? Check out these cool Harry Potter trivia team names for your next Harry Potter Trivia night.

Harry Potter Lego Cast

1. The Triwizards! - For teams of three.

2. Hogwarts Heros

3. Beauxbatons Bravehearts

4. Durmstrang Defenders

5. Chudley Cannons 

6. The Bludgers

7. The Whomping Willows

8. Dumbledore's Army - It's a classic.

9. The Team That Survived - It's a take on the Boy Who Lived.

10. The Trivia Sorcerers 

11. The Nimbuses - Soar high like the Nimbus 2000.

12. The Order of the Phoenix - 

13. The Death Eaters

14. Half-Blood Princes

15. The Team Of Erised

16. Band Of Banshees

17. Deadly Dragons

18. The Quizzlers

19. Gang Of Gryffindors

20. Sly Slytherins

21. Hufflepuff Hotshots

22. Ravenclaws Gone Radical

23. The UnderFrogs

24. Wild Weasleys

25. Poltergeists 

Harry Potter Teams Names Based On Characters

Think about the thrill of summoning one of those charmingly eccentric names from the Harry Potter world for your trivia team! Go on then, let's don our wizarding hats and creatively craft our trivia team identities using these enchanting character names - it'll be like stirring a little bit of magic into our game night cauldron!

26. Granger Danger - For all you Hermione fans!

27. We Are Potters 

28. Snapes On A Plane

29. The Mad Moody Hatters - What you get when Alastor Moody Meets the Mad Hatter.

30. The Marvelous Riddles - A pun on Voldy's name.

31. Carrow To Quiz? - Remember those wretched Carrow Twins?

32. Mystical McGonagalls

33. Moaning Myrtle

34. Flitwick's Nitwits

35. Qui-Qu-Quizzells

36. The Umbridge Package 

37. We, Fat Ladies - Guarding Gryffindor rooms.

38. Not So Fluffy - Don't you agree?

39. Cho-mpians

40. Ron’s Chudley Cannons

41. Bunch Of You-Know-Whos

42. Mad, Madder, Malfoys

Harry Potter Team Names Based On Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.'

Do you recall our friend Newt Scamander's suitcase, brimming with extraordinary magical creatures? Well, we have an equally marvelous collection, but of team names inspired by these enchanting beings! So, let's embark on this fun-filled expedition to unearth these delightfully whimsical Harry Potter team names inspired by our favorite magical beasts and creatures!

43. The Blast-Brainy Skrewts 

44. Hungarian Quiz Tails - Our every move is unpredictable.

45. Big-Brained Basilisks

46. Badass Boggarts - You never know what we are.

47. Devilish Dementors - Ready to suck the points right out of our opponents.

48. Brain-Eating Slugs

49. The Erumpent QuizMasters

50. BuckBeak Brainiacs 

51. Famous Phoenix - We rise from the ashes.

52. Hermione's House Elves

53. High Hippogriffs

54. Genius GrindyLows

Harry Potter Team Names Based On Spells

Ah, the captivating enchantment of the spells from the Potterverse! They aren't just reserved for duels in the Hogwarts Great Hall now, are they? Have you ever been part of the 'Leviosa Liftoffs', soaring high in a trivia challenge? Or maybe heard whispers of the formidable 'Expelliarmus Experts'? Let's mix up some trivia team names inspired by these magical spells, straight from Hogwarts' classrooms. Are you strapped in for a whimsical journey filled with magical fun? Let's get this enchanting party started!

55. Accio Answers 

56. Apareciu -The- Answers 

57. Avada Quizevra! - This will knock you dead, for real.

58. Cantis be? 

59. Capacious Mindus - More mind, more knowledge.

60. Alohomora

61. Descendo Opponents 

62. Engorgio Trivius

63. Accio Beer 

64. Expecto-Heroes

65. Trivada Kedavra 

66. Evanesco your points

67. Flipendo Trivio - Flipping quiz tables like a pro!

68. Periculators

Harry Potter Trivia Names Based On The Food

Got an appetite for some excitement? Let's whip up trivia team names inspired by the scrumptious smorgasbord from the world of witchcraft and wizardry! Just like when my son's team became 'The Butterbeer Buzzers', sending waves of giggles through the crowd, or when 'The Treacle Tart Titans' added a sugary touch to trivia night. So, let's blend the delectable delights of Harry Potter's magical cuisine with our trivia antics, and dish out some truly tasty team names!

69. Sherbet Lemons - Dumbledore would have loved this.

70. BrighterBeers

71. Cauldron Cakes

72. Pawky Pasties

73. Rockhard Treacle tarts - Not as hard as Hagrid's rock cakes.

74. Pixie Puffs

75. Quizochoc

76. Bertie Botts (The all-flavored team) - Multi-talent display.

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names Based On Items from Weasley Wizard Wheezes

Ah, who could forget Fred and George's enchanting joke shop? It was always brimming with tricks and laughs, just like a good trivia night should be! My friend's group once went as 'The Skiving Snackbox Snatchers', and boy, did that turn some heads! So, let's put on our jester hats, turn on the Weasley charm, and see if these team names do justice to our favorite wizarding pranksters! Ready for some magical mischief?

77. Headless Hats

78. Skiving Smart-boxes

79. Brain-biting Teacups

80. Comb-a-champs

81. Trivy Wands

82. U-No-Win

83. Bombtastic-Bombers

84. Winners In A Bottle

85. Twilight Brain beams

Trivia Team Names Based On Harry Potter Series

Can anything top the laugh riot that 'Snapes On A Plane' induced or the nostalgic nod to 'Dumbledore's Army'? Well, we've got a wizard's hat bursting at the seams with team names that'll have you chuckling heartily! Eager to illuminate your trivia night with a flourish of some top-tier, Harry Potter-inspired quiz names? Let's pull back the invisibility cloak and let the magic shine through!

86. Moaning Myrtle

87. CutThroat Binns

88. Wailing Winners

89. Nearly Headed Nicks

90. The all-powerful Squibs

91. The Deathly Hallows

92. The Goblet of Answers

93. Felix Felices

94. Page Turners

95. House Elves

96. Snitches get Stitches

97. The Elder WandBand

98. Grindelwald’s Army

99. Voldy’s Sidekicks

100. TheMugglesWhoKnow

101. Ze Illuminators

102. The Wise Pensieves 

103. The Marauders

104. The Nifflers

105. The Mysterious Thestrals

106. Mindblowing Mandrakes

107. Parselmouths 

A great team name can make all the difference in the enchanting world of Harry Potter trivia. From clever puns to character tributes and magical creature references, the options are as limitless as the wizarding universe itself. Remember, a well-crafted team name can ignite a sense of camaraderie and add an extra touch of magic to your trivia night. So go ahead, gather your friends, let your imaginations soar, and choose a name that captures the essence of your wizarding prowess. Unleash the laughter, showcase your knowledge, and cast a spell on your opponents with a team name that will leave them spellbound.

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