35 Percy Jackson Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Become A Legend? | Kidadl


35 Percy Jackson Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Become A Legend?

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You've hitched a ride for an exciting trivia quest, taking you back to the fictional world of gods, goddesses, and monsters from the Percy Jackson franchise. This collection of questions and answers will take you through the pages of the captivating Percy Jackson novel series, and the blockbuster hits that graced the movie theaters in 2010 and 2013.

Starting from a charming bedtime tale for his son, the author sculpted a world of valiant friendships, daring feats, and the enchanting escapades of Percy the demigod and his trusty sidekicks. Now, who's up for a challenge? It's time to dive back into this exhilarating world with some thrilling Percy Jackson quizzes. Ready to test your knowledge of the books, the characters, the movies, and even some lesser-known tidbits? Let the Percy Jackson trivia showdown begin!

Percy Jackson Books Quiz

Prepare to prove that you've not only witnessed but also lived every heart-stopping moment with Percy and his intrepid companions. It;'s time to muster up your spirit, as we dive into this epic quiz about the Percy Jackson books. Show off just how intimately you're acquainted with this phenomenal series. Let's ignite that demigod spark and unleash the Percy Jackson aficionado within you!

1. Question: Who is the author of the Percy Jackson novels?

Answer: Rick Riordan.

2. Question: What is the name of Percy's mom?

Answer: Sally Jackson.

3. Question: What book number is 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle Of The Labyrinth' in the Percy Jackson series?

Answer: Four.

4. Question: In 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters', one of the undead soldiers is called Riordan, as a reference to who?

Answer: Rick Riordan.

5. Question: Which Greek god is Percy's father?

Answer: Poseidon.

6. Question: Who was later discovered to be the real 'lightning thief'?

Answer: Luke Castellan.

7. Question: How many Furies did Percy kill alongside his friends?

Answer: Three.

8. Question: Who is Thalia's father?

Answer: Zeus.

9. Question: What is Annabeth Chase's hair color according to the Percy Jackson books?

Answer: Blonde.

10. Question: Who is Luke's mother?

Answer: May Castellan.

11. Question: The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series includes how many books?

Answer: Five.

12. Question: Who is the father of Annabeth?

Answer: Dr. Frederick Chase.

Greek Gods And Goddesses From The Percy Jackson Series Trivia


Imagine being decked out in your armor of wisdom and curiosity, ready to step into the enthralling realm of Greek mythology. This is a world where deities mingle and epic quests are a daily affair. This captivating quiz about the Greek gods and goddesses from the Percy Jackson series is ready to challenge your memory. Can you unveil the marvels of Zeus, Athena, and other deities in Olympus?

13. Question: Who is the goddess of springtime?

Answer: Persephone.

14. Question: What is the name of Demeter's Roman counterpart?

Answer: Ceres.

15. Question: What is the name of the creatures that pull Poseidon's chariot?

Answer: Hippocampi.

16. Question: Athena is the goddess of_____.

Answer: Wisdom and warfare.

17. Question: Who is Hermes's mother?

Answer: Maia.

18. Question: Which Greek god serves as the director of Camp Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson movies?

Answer: Dionysus.

Hard Percy Jackson Trivia Questions

So, you think you've decoded every hidden nugget nestled within the chapters of this grand series? Brace yourself to face the ultimate trial with the next list of hard Percy Jackson trivia questions. It's time to plunge into the heart of Riordan's enchanted universe and give those brain cells a workout. Embark on this exhilarating memory marathon, and show that your grasp of Percy's world is as unshakeable as the formidable walls of Olympus itself.

19. Question: Who got his Helm of Darkness back and therefore returned Percy's mother?

Answer: Hades.

20. Question: There is a place where the souls of dead people who were neither good nor evil go. What is this place called?

Answer: Fields of Asphodel.

21. Question: Name the Roman counterpart of the Furies.

Answer: Dirae.

22. Question: How old is Percy when he is first introduced in 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief'?

Answer: 12.

23. Question: In the Percy Jackson series, what kind of music is sometimes heard blaring from Ares' cabin?

Answer: Rock music.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief Trivia Quiz

Here's where you embark on a nostalgic journey back to the genesis, 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief'. Remember that entrancing story that sparked a passion for this series? So, step forward and venture into this short trivia quiz designed to scrutinize your knowledge of this thrilling odyssey. Let's see if your trivia prowess can remain unmatched.

24. Question: Name the magical sword given to Percy.

Answer: Anaklusmos/Riptide.

25. Question: Which of Percy's teachers turns out to be a centaur named, Chiron?

Answer: Mr. Brunner.

26. Question: When was the book 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief' published?

Answer: 2005.

27. Question: In the book, 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief', where is the Underworld located?

Answer: Los Angeles.

28. Question: The 'master bolt' belongs to whom?

Answer: Zeus.

29. Question: What is the number of the cabin at Camp Half-blood that houses newcomers who are unclaimed?

Answer: 11.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters Trivia

For the final challenge, we have another short quiz about the second installment of the movie series - 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters'. This cherished sequel has won countless hearts, but only a select few have truly plumbed the depths of the story. Are you among these extraordinary explorers? Prove it by testing your knowledge of this exhilarating follow-up.

30. Question: Who does Grover spend his time searching for when he's not busy bringing new demigods to Camp Half-Blood?

Answer: Pan.

31. Question: At Camp Half-Blood, who guards the Golden Fleece?

Answer: Peleus.

32. Question: What are the coordinates of the Sea of Monsters?

Answer: 30 degrees 31 minutes north and 75 degrees 12 minutes west.

33. Question: How many known entrances are said to be there to the Sea of Monsters?

Answer: Two.

34. Question: How are Tyson and Percy related?

Answer: They are half-brothers.

35. Question: Name the ship boarded by Clarisse, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.

Answer: CSS Birmingham.

You have reached the end of this fun trivia challenge about the Percy Jackson franchise. Did you find this rollercoaster ride through Percy's magical world in the form of trivia to be interesting and enjoyable? You've proven yourself a brave companion on this trivia odyssey, diving deep into Percy's adventures and recalling tales of mythical gods and his thrilling quests. Whether you got a high score or struggled with some questions, it is all part of playing a trivia game.

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