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Top Visual Story Books To Watch With Your Kids

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Chances are your little ones have read their favourite books again and again, and sometimes mums and dads are working so hard it can be exhausting to read them all over again.

Online storybooks are a fun, visual way for you to watch a new story with your child, and feel like you're a part of the stories you see. Animated pictures come to life to tell tales with symbolic meanings that introduce your little ones to big themes in a gentle, easy way, and can get them thinking about their place in the world.

With so many stories out there, the options are endless! We've put together a list of our favourites, so settle down, get cosy and let storytime begin.

The Tale of Two Beasts

By Fiona Robertson, Read by Sarah Silverman

When walking in the forest, a little girl spies a tiny adorable animal on the way, who needs to be rescued. She brings him home, and looks after him, and is over the moon with her new lifelong friend. Until - shock horror - he runs away.

One day a tiny adorable animal was having a nice time minding his own business in the forest, when a scary girl-shaped monster kidnapped him. Luckily he manages to escape.

In this sweet book of two tales, we can teach our kids there really is two sides to every story, whilst laughing out loud and admiring the beautiful, colourful illustrations.

Age: 5 - 9

Scaredy Squirrel

By Melanie Watt, available on Voox

A good watch for kids who suffer from night fears, they'll be bound to relate to Scaredy Squirrel, who never ever sleeps because he's so scared of the dreams he might have, of monsters, bats and dragons. This silly visual storybook will have your little ones amazed at what really happens in the dark, and they'll feel a little bit safer going to bed at night.

Age: 4 - 8

The Tiger Who Came to Tea  

By Judith Kerr, narrated by Geraldine McEwan

Sophie and her mummy are having a lovely tea together in the kitchen, when there's a sudden knock on the door. They're not expecting anyone, so you can imagine their shock when they open the door to find a great big tiger who asks to join them! Their new house guest ends up being a little bit of a tricky one, and far hungrier than Sophie and her mum could have imagined!

Kids will love this beautiful classic book, especially if you have a little purring cat-friend to enjoy it with!

Age: 3 - 7

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle, made by Illuminated Films

This beautiful mixed media will teach your little ones all about growth and the incredible life of our caterpillar friends. The animated piece of media really brings the book to life and along with the addition of music, your kids will be wowed by this classic story.

Age: 4+

Made for Me

By Zack Bush, available on Voox

This heartwarming story of parenting will bring a little tear to your eyes. The bestselling book conveys beautifully the awe of watching in wonder as your little ones grow up. A great watch to bring dads and children closer, the tender, warm illustrations are brought to life by the use of animation and gentle music that makes for a perfect bedtime tale.

Age: 3 - 5


By Slumberkins, available on Voox

This is one of those beautiful stories your kids will be mesmerised by. Narwhal discovers he can make a difference in the world, and learns how to serve his community and ask for help from other people to do great things. An important message at times like these, this story may have your little ones on a mission to help everyone they can think of. Slumberkins stories aim to strengthen emotional learning skills for young children, so this uplifting story is a good tool to use to foster a little bit of kindness.

Age: 3 - 5

Family watching stories

The Cat in the Hat

By Dr Seuss, narrated by Nadeerah Franklin for Designonomy

Perhaps Dr Seuss' most famous story, this rhyming roller-coaster of visual storytelling will have your child on the edge of their seat. Sally and her brother are left home alone on a rainy day, and prepared for a day of boredom. Until the Cat in the Hat appears at their door, bring a whirlwind of madness and mayhem that will brighten up your rainy days.

Age: 3+

This Book Just Ate My Dog!

By Richard Byrne, narrated by Kid Time Story Time

This fabulous interactive tale tells the story of Bella, who's dog is suddenly eaten by the book while you read! Your little ones will be sucked in by the visual story, and watch in wonder while Bella enlists the help of lots of people to find her pooch. Kids who are learning how to read will love reading along with this easy book.

Age: 3+


Bear Snores On

By Karma Wilson, available on Voox

In a cave deep in the woods, Bear sleeps all winter long. Lots of different guests wind up stopping in to have a cup of tea and warm themselves up, but Bear never stirs even once. Eventually, when the fun finally disturbs Bear from his sleep, he wakes up to find a cave full of animals. This charming story will be a favourite with your children, as they eagerly await Bear's reaction to his uninvited guests. The suspenseful music will keep toddlers on the edge of their seats.

Age: 2 - 5

Stick Man

By Julia Donaldson, narrated by Robert Alley

If your little ones loved The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson's next book, Stick Man is sure to be a hit too. It tells the story of Stick Man, who lives in a tree with his stick wife and stick children. One day the stick man decides to venture outside for a walk, where he finds out that sticks make very exciting toys for lots of different creatures. After a whirlwind journey, all Stick Man really wants is to get home to his family.

This heart-warming visual storybook will leave you seeing sticks in a new light on your daily walk, and have you laughing along at Stick Man's crazy journey.

Age: 6+

For more ideas for little bookworms, take a look at how to create the perfect reading den for a cosy, creative space. If you need help choosing what to read, check out our guide here.

Written By
Emily Munden

<p>An experienced Londoner, Emily loves to discover new and exciting places in the city, especially with her two younger brothers. She has a passion for fashion and design and is also involved in art charities that facilitate workshops for children with special needs and difficult home lives. Emily is a trained life coach and enjoys writing about general wellness, mindfulness, and healthy relationships.</p>

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