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Paint Your Own Cookie This Christmas!

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Setting up a glass of milk with cookies for Santa is part of the Christmas tradition. You prepare a small treat for Santa when he visits on Christmas night to leave presents for the children. Crafting and painting cookies can be a simple way of involving your child in preparing Christmas decorations. You can take your kid to attend Dulce Senso’s one-off Paint Your Own Christmas Cookie workshop. The masterclass gives simple instructions to bake and paint cookies. You can guide your child through the project and make it a fun learning experience. At the end of the session, your kid will have a bunch of self-made decorative cookies. The workshop can help children to explore their creativity, develop focus, and discover their artistic talents. Parents get to engage in teaching and take pride in their child’s creations. The workshop tickets come at a low price of just $7. It will be both an entertaining and educational experience for your child. Some might require a bit more convincing to spend their money and time. Here are five reasons why the workshop can be beneficial. 


1. Get Your Santa Hats On And Be As Creative As You Can

When it comes to decorating Christmas cookies, there are many techniques you could follow. In Dulce Senso’s PYO Cookie workshop, you’ll have all the tools, colors, and expertise at your disposal. You and your child can work with anything both are comfortable with. The variety of options enables children to be imaginative to their heart’s desire. 

2. You Can Easily Recreate It At Home

A session of Dulce Senso’s PYO Cookie workshop is held for about half an hour. But a child can easily replicate everything they learned during that short time. The simple instructions make it easy to remember every step. You will need to spend on ingredients for making cookies and edible paints for coloring. You also introduce your kid to baking techniques and basic kitchen rules. Your kid will also have a lot of sweet, colorful treats to enjoy throughout Christmas. 

3. It’s Bound To Get You Feeling Festive

You get to engage with new people and probably some parents attending the workshop. Your kid might also find new toddler friends to play with. Baking can be delightful, and doing so with your kid makes it more fun. You feel like a part of a happy and engaging community. Thus, the workshop can provide a great experience of the festive spirit of Christmas. So why not bring the family together and try it at home on Christmas morning?  

4. It’s The Perfect Activity For Your Youngsters

Decorating cookies with edible paint is a simple exercise that can engage your child in Christmas preparations. They can enjoy spending hours painting cookies. It is entirely harmless and allows children to be creative with the colors. The work requires focus and is an effective way to build patience in children. It is also an excellent opportunity to encourage kids to express themselves. 

5. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

The best part of the workshop is that you get to relish what you create. When the session ends, children can take the cookies they made. Children love to eat sweet treats during Christmas. Preparing cookies with your kid at home is far more enjoyable than purchasing the best product from a shop. Apart from having a lot of treats, your child will also feel a sense of accomplishment. The process can help children build confidence and learn some basic skills. It is also a proud moment for parents, watching their children create works of art.  

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