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Test your knowledge on chocolate, eggs and the Easter bunny.

The Big Chocolatey Easter Quiz

In the UK, clocks will be set forward by an hour on the last Sunday of March.

Clocks Go Forward But Why How To Explain It To Kids

Plenty to look forward to in April. It’s peak spring. It’s Easter.

Awesome April Things For Kids To Get Excited About

Women enjoying and playing cards

Let Womens History Month Inspire Your Kids

Teach your kids about these amazing women who travelled the skies.

Teach Your Kids About The Great Women Aviators

March sees a welcome change of season, particularly this year after a long winter stuck indoors.

Spring Into March Things For Kids To Get Excited About

All kids love the mystery and adventure of space exploration.

Try This Ultimate Space Quiz

Evolution by natural selection is an important topic in the science curriculum.

Amazing Facts About Darwin And Evolution For Kids

Dinosaurs are a source of fascination.

Dinosaur Facts The Kids Probably Wont Know

26 January is Australia Day, the official national day of Australia.

How To Celebrate Australia Day With Kids

Baseball is a sport that depends on luck - the bounce of the ball can greatly effect the game.

Baseball Facts That Are Out Of The Park

Read on to find out how to say Happy New Year in different languages

How To Say Happy New Year In Languages