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Awesome April: Things For Kids To Get Excited About

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With winter shaken off, blossoms blooming and the promise of life under fewer restrictions, April was always going to be a brighter month. Throw in the Easter holidays, a massive chocolate fest, April Fool’s Day and… um… National Unicorn Day... and this might just be the best month of the year. Here’s our guide on what families can look forward to.


April Fool’s Day

It’s easy to forget and be caught out! 

1 April is, of course, April Fool’s Day, when people everywhere play jokes on one another. Actually, it’s a half day as, by long-standing convention, any pranks after midday are deemed unfunny. To get you in the mood, here’s our guide to learning circus tricks, including clowning skills. And you may also want to browse our list of a joke for every occasion.

The Easter Holidays

The first week and a half of April is given over to school holidays. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 61 family activities to try over the holidays, including many themed around Easter itself. Keep an eye on Kidadl for further ideas over the hols. Remember, Good Friday (2 April) and Easter Monday (5 April) are also holidays for most grown-ups, so make the most of the family time together.

Lots Of Chocolate!

This one definitely won’t have escaped your notice. Since the start of March, supermarkets have been packed to the gunwales with chocolate eggs. During April, it all gets eaten. We’ve got a few alternatives to shop-bought confections, if you’re looking to get more creative. First, you could try making your own choccy eggs. It’s not that tricky - you just need to find an egg-shaped mould, readily available online. Chocolate nest cakes (made with cereal such as cornflakes or shredded wheat) are another old favourite. Alternatively, try these recipes for chocolate tiffin, chocolate fondue, a hedgehog cake and - oh my days - a giant Jaffa cake. Just remember to brush your teeth after every indulgence!

Relaxing Of Lockdown

At the time of writing, the UK is on track with its roadmap out of lockdown. 12 April should see a whole raft of changes. On this date, non-essential shops are set to reopen, along with sports facilities (including swimming pools) and services such as hairdressers (big yay!). Cafes and restaurants will also be able to offer table service, but only al fresco. Outdoor attractions such as theme parks, zoos and drive-ins will be allowed to reopen. Perhaps best of all, libraries and the various forms of community centre can also fully reopen.

Wildlife Awakes

April is also the month when the natural world really starts to spring into life. This is the time for cherry blossom, birdsong, ducklings, butterflies and an all-round greening of the world around us. We’ve focused things down to these 22 ideas for exploring the spring as a family. Ever thought of going catkin spotting, or building a bird box?


Fingers crossed for clear skies on the night of 26-27 April. The full moon will be at perigee (closest point to Earth) on that date, and will look particularly bright and impressive. 

Plenty Of Unusual Days To Celebrate

April brings a myriad of weird and wonderful days to mark. Here are the ones that might appeal most to kids, besides Easter and April Fools.

2 April: International Children’s Book Day
2 April: World Autism Awareness Day
4 April: National Burrito Day (US)
7 April: World Health Day
9 April: National Unicorn Day (US)
12 April: Yuri’s Night (International celebration of spaceflight, on the anniversary of the first)
14 April: National Dolphin Day (US)
17 April: Bat Appreciation Day (International)
22 April: Earth Day
23 April: St George’s Day (patron saint of England)
23 April: Shakespeare’s birthday
23 April: World Book Night
24 April: World Immunisation Day (International)
24 April: Save the Frogs Day (International)
25 April: DNA Day (US)
25 April: World Penguin Day
29 April: International Dance Day

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Matt Brown

Although originally from the Midlands, and trained as a biochemist, Matt has somehow found himself writing about London for a living. He's a former editor and long-time contributor to and has written several books about the capital. He's also the father of two preschoolers.

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