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Easy Shredded Wheat Nests Recipe For No-Fuss Baking

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Are you tearing your hair out wondering what to do next to keep the kids amused and dreading the call for more snacks? Relax, we've got you covered.

Not only is this recipe for shredded wheat Easter nests one of the easiest recipes for young children to help make, but it also can be ready on the table in 15 minutes. There's no cooking involved and plenty of opportunities for toddlers to get involved in stirring the bowl, while older children can have a go at melting ingredients on the hob under your supervision.

Even the least accomplished of cooks will be able to excel with this one - it's as simple as melt, mix and make. This recipe should make around 15 nests and if they don't all get eaten immediately they can be stored in an air-tight container for up to three days. Though we're guessing they won't last that long.

Although many Easter nests recipes call for shredded wheat it's easy to change this ingredient for any other cereal. In fact, there are many different recipes for this type of snack - but after much research, we've decided this is the easiest and the tastiest. So, round up the kids, don your aprons and get ready to silence the kids with a plate of chocolate loveliness! Happy cooking.  

Shredded Wheat Nests

400g of chocolate

100g of unsalted butter

100g of golden syrup

Eight full size shredded wheat biscuits

Mini Chocolate Eggs for Shedded Wheat Recipe

1: First you need to get the kids to break up the shredded wheat. Pop them into a bowl and get the kids to smash them up wooden spoons. Set to one side.

2: Break your chocolate up into chunks and place into a bowl large enough to fit over a saucepan. Fill the saucepan with a little water and place on the hob. Let the simmering water melt the chocolate in the bowl above. Remember it's important that the bowl doesn't make contact with the simmering water. Younger children should be supervised at this part.

3: In a separate pan melt the butter and the golden syrup stir until melted and then take off the heat.

4: Tip all of the melted ingredients into one bowl and give them a good stir to combine them.

5: Tip in the broken up shredded wheat and stir well – you want the shredded wheat to be completely coated by the melted chocolate mix.

6: Carefully scoop out spoonfuls of the mixture onto a sheet of baking paper. Use the back of a spoon to hollow them out a little. Then top with some chocolate Easter treats. Mini chocolate eggs work well as will mini eggs or even chocolate chicks.

7: Pop in the fridge to harden for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Shreaded Wheat Nests by Jane's Patisserie
Image: © Jane's Patisserie


We like making our Easter nests with shredded wheat because it's the best thing to give that birds nest texture. But you can use any cereal to make your chocolate Easter nests.

Children tend to prefer these chocolate nests when they're made with milk chocolate. Many recipes call for dark chocolate because it has a richer taste, while white chocolate is rarely used in recipes as it doesn't combine as well with the other ingredients. You can use whichever you like but milk chocolate has a sweeter flavour.

If you find it hard to form the Easter chocolate nests freehand then you can pop them in cupcake cases instead. Once you've filled the cupcake cases just use the back of a spoon to create a small hollow for your mini eggs or chocolate eggs. You can also place a length of cling film over a muffin tray and spoon on to that pushing into each hollow. Chill it in the tray and remove only when they've hardened into shape.

Shredded Wheat Nests by Baking Mad
Image: © Baking Mad

You can make the topping with any mini chocolate treat you have to hand. Mini chocolate eggs work really well. Just make sure that any topping is suitable for the age of the children eating them.

It is easy to adjust the ingredients you use – like the butter, chocolate or cereal – for recipes that are gluten-free or vegan-friendly.

There are many different recipes for this particular bake – we love adding a handful of marshmallows to the saucepan to add some extra chewiness.

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Cora Lydon

Cora Lydon is a freelance journalist living in Suffolk with her husband and two children. She’s also a children’s book author who loves finding activities and place to inspire her children. Her dining table bears the scars of many craft activities attempts (many unsuccessful).

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