11 Firefighter Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Cora Lydon
Jan 29, 2024 By Cora Lydon
Originally Published on Jun 16, 2020
11 Firefighter Games For Kids Birthday Parties
Age: 0-99
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No need to panic when your child asks for a firefighter party.

There's plenty of firefighter games and activities to keep guests occupied. Plus you won't need fancy props or expensive equipment - or real fire - to make it happen.

We've done the hard work for you so there's no need to search for entertainment for your firefighter guests. Many of these games will require some preparation on your part before the big day, but most can be adjusted to suit multiple age groups. So, invite your little firefighter friends to join you for the party, get ready to rescue and don't forget the hose!

Flame Fighters

firefighter with a water pistol

Suitable for all ages

If you want a game to play in the garden then this one is it. You'll need to take some red chalk and draw flames on the fences, walls or on chalkboards dotted around the garden. Equip each firefighter with a water pistol then set a timer and task them with putting out all the fires in five minutes. Don't forget to provide a big bucket of water for refills.

Speedy Suits

Suitable for ages 5+, younger players may need help

You will need two firefighter outfits - trousers, coats, hats, boots – you could even make an oxygen tank out of an old box with elastic for straps. Place the outfits in two piles and split guests into two teams. Each person needs to run-up to the pile of clothes, get themselves fully dressed as a firefighter, then undress and return everything to the pile. Only when they return to their teammates can the next person go. The aim of the game is to see which team is the quickest to have every member of their fire crew dressed and undressed in turn.

Fire Truck Fun

Suitable for ages 7+

Kids will need to work together as a team and get their thinking caps on to play this game. Before the party, you'll want to raid your recycling box and craft supplies for old cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots, paint and so on. Divide the kids into teams and challenge them to build their own fire trucks out of junk. The winning team will be the first to finish with a design that resembles a fire engine.

Relay Obstacle Race

Suitable for ages 3+

Before the party search for an old cardboard box and remove the top and bottom to create a fire truck large enough for a firefighter to stand-in. Paint it red and add details like windows, ladder, hose, siren etc. Attach lengths of ribbon either side so kids can wear it over their shoulders. To play, guests must wear the fire engine while completing an obstacle course. Adjust how difficult your course is according to age - try a broom handle for a limbo, items to scramble over or under and hoops to crawl through. Time how long each person takes with a prize for the quickest firefighter.

Scavenger Hunt

an old box with elastic for straps

Suitable for ages 3+

Cut flame shapes out of orange card and hide around the house or garden. Remember how many you do. The challenge is for everyone to hunt for the flames until they've all been found. You can alter where you hide them to make it easier or tougher. For older kids, you could also write a letter on each flame that spells out a message (HAPPY BIRTHDAY or GO FIRE PATROL). Once they've found them all they need to rearrange them to decode the message.

The Twisted Hose

Suitable for ages 6+

Get guests to stand in a circle and stretch their hands out front. Each child should grab the hand of two different children. When everyone is holding hands the challenge is to unravel the party by stepping over, ducking under or twisting.

Extinguish The Fire

Suitable for ages 3+

Before the birthday party cut out a large flame shape from stiff cardboard or a piece of wood and paint it. Carefully cut out holes from the shape in varying sizes and write a number next to them. Smaller holes should be a higher number. Fill up a large supply of water bombs. To play, each person takes it, in turn, to throw a set number of bombs at the flame trying to get them through the holes. Points are earned according to the size of the hole they go through. If you're playing indoors switch water balloons for beanbags.

Rescue The Cat

Suitable for ages 4+

No firefighter birthday party would be complete without a round of pin the tail on the donkey - but of course, you'll want something suitably themed. On a piece of paper or card draw a tree. On a separate sheet draw or print out a picture of a cat. Attach the cat image to the tree picture with a pin. Now you're ready to play. Your heroes need to be blindfolded then spun around three times before they attempt to rescue the cat from the tree.

Don't Spill A Drop

Suitable for ages 4+

Each team needs two small paddling pools and a paper cut per guest. Fill one paddling pool with water and get the team to line up behind it. When the siren starts the person closest to the pool needs to scoop out a cupful of water, turn around and tip it in the next person's cup. This carries on down the line - until the person at the back empties their cup into the second paddling pool and runs to the front to do it all again. The aim is to empty the pool into the second pool and the winners are the team that does it quickest.

To The Rescue

Suitable for ages 5+

Firefighters are going to have to be brave to rescue the teddy bear on the other side of the flames. Using a hula hoop attach paper flames all around it. Each person takes it in turns to jump through the hoop without touching the fire. When they get to the other side they rescue a teddy and bring it safely back round to the front. Challenge kids by placing the hoop higher each round until you have just one winner left.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Suitable for all ages

Here's another classic game with a twist for a firefighter birthday party! Put on some music and encourage your little firefighters to get dancing. But, when the music stops they have to stop, drop and roll around on the floor to put out the 'flames'. Last to drop is out.

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