River Deep, Mountain High, 12 Geography Games Kids Should Try

Rosanna Robertson
Jan 24, 2024 By Rosanna Robertson
Originally Published on May 14, 2020
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There are lots of different ways to learn about geography - but if you can make learning more fun then kids are much more likely to be engaged and interested in the subject.

From board games to apps, we have listed the 12 best games and quizzes for kids of all ages, from preschool up to KS3. Kids will learn to identify countries, cities and other landmarks on a map - as well as absorbing important information about each different culture, including the different foods, clothing, music, art and landscapes that make each country special and unique.


Geography for Preschool Kids

Geopuzzle Bingo (Assorted Colours) by Geopuzzle

Geopuzzle is a brilliant way to make geography more fun for kids aged 4+. Suitable for 2 or more players, the game includes 50 country cards, which are designed to teach young players the location, capital, land area and population data for each country. The aim of the game is to get 5 countries in a row on one of the 8 bingo boards that come with the game - and this is sure to become a family favourite game for kids and adults alike.

Carrots are Orange

This website focuses on fun games and activities to do with preschool kids that will teach them about the different aspects of geography - using Montessori learning. The lessons focus on teaching young children the different types of clouds, as well as how to begin teaching the concept of landforms, continents and maps.

Making Geography Fun for KS1 - 5-7

'Paper Dolls: Around the World'

Young children can learn a lot about the different countries through colouring in these paper dolls, which include the national dress, the country's flag and the national meal. Kids will love colouring in the various elements on the sheets, then they can cut out the dolls and do imaginative play with characters from around the world. There are paper dolls from Latin America, the Philippines, Spain, Denmark, Korea and Vietnam - as well as many more.

Jazzy World Tour, by The Melody Book

Exploring the world through music and culture, this app follows two kittens on an amazing hot air balloon journey, visiting Brazil, Spain, Japan, Australia, Russia and Ireland - as well as many other countries. Jazzy World Tour Mini is a free version, whilst the Jazzy World Tour - Learn Music version is £4.99 to download. Kids can play different instruments from around the world, broadening their horizons and gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures. There is a quiz for every country that they visit in the app, which includes topics like music, animals, food and culture.

Games for Kids in KS2 7-11

I am Learning: KS2 Geography, by Frog Education

This engaging and entertaining app costs £1.99 in the Apple Store, and it focuses on improving exam results through revision and assessment tools. Although its objective is to offer kids more effective ways of learning geography, the app is also designed to make learning fun and easy, with lots of games - including Sea Spikes and Goals of Glory. Following the official UK curriculum, parents can even see how their child is improving though the in-app reports.

GeoChallenge Quiz Game, by Kay Win Lee

This free and beautifully illustrated app tests your little geographer's knowledge of countries, cities, flags, borders and landmarks. Kids can enter either 'training mode' or 'challenge mode': in training mode, kids increase their geographic knowledge, before moving on to complete the quiz in 60-second rounds. There is a leader board, so that kids can compete against their friends, siblings or even parents...

Stack the Countries, by Dan Russell-Pinson

Available to download on Amazon for £2.29, this geography app has more than 1000 unique questions, as well as 193 flash cards, one for each country in the world. Using the interactive maps, which are complete with fun sound effects and music, kids play to collect all 193 flash cards, learning as they go.

Ticket To Ride Board Game

Taking you on an adventure across Europe, players aged 8+ board the train and visit amazing cities in Europe, including Edinburgh, Moscow, Lisbon and Constantinople. The rules of the game can be learned quickly, and the Ticket To Ride board game can be enjoyed by the whole family - it has even been updated so that your Echo device or Alexa can join in, keeping score and teaching the rules.

Geography Games for KS3 11-14

National Geographic GeoBee, By National Geographic

Available on iOS and Android, this free geography app from the National Geographic is a fun way to explore the world and test your knowledge. With multiple choice quizzes that use questions from the annual National Geographic GeoBee competition, the app also has a map challenge round, where players zoom, pinch and tap their way around a beautiful interactive map. See the amazing photos that the National Geographic has published over the years, and try to guess where it was located on the map.

Play Geography

This educational website has top quality quizzes and games for kids. Suitable for older children, the games rely on a pre-existing bank of knowledge, making it a great tool for revision rather than learning. Each quiz covers a specific topic, such as 'Flags of the World', 'Countries of Europe' and 'UK: Regions' - and the quizzes on the Play Geography website are split by continent, making it easy to find the quiz that relates to their current school work/project or their favourite part of the world.  


With lots of games for kids, this website is a great educational tool that aims to 'train your brain with Geography'. Kids can choose quizzes and games according to a specific country or continent - making it a great compliment to their schoolwork - and there are topics including the UK's mountains and rivers, the flags of Europe, capital cities, monarchies, peninsulas, Europe's lakes and battlegrounds.

World Geography Games

This website has plenty of different quizzes and geography games for young geographers to test their knowledge. The educational quizzes help students to study the map in a number of ways, including the world map, flags, countries, regions and capital cities. The educational categories include 'Earth', 'Oceans', 'Rivers', 'Seas', 'Atmosphere', 'Mountain Ranges' and 'Metropolitan Areas' - so kids that are focusing their studies on a particular topic or area can easily find a fun game or quiz to play.

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