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Creative, Arts & Crafts

Glitter, paint and felt-tips galore! Get crafty and creative at home with Kidadl. Let make-believe become a reality as you and your mini artists delve into craft, music, movement and more.

A child doing some creative playdough arts and crafts at home. Image
Bath bombs, maracas, fidget spinners, laptop cases, crafts you can make are endless.

The Best Diy Craft Projects For Kids

The Easter holiday is, in many ways, the best school break.

Family Activities For The Easter Holidays

History is an endlessly fascinating subject for children and adults.

How To Turn Your Lounge Into A Time Machine

There are lots of fun activities you can do with your children at home this St Patrick’s Day.

Best St Patricks Day Activities To Do With Your Kids

If you're stuck for things to do with the kids this half term never fear!

Things To Do At Half Term

You’d be surprised just how much science you can do around the home.

Science Projects To Keep The Kids Busy

Why not make your other half a present they'll remember?

Valentines Craft Projects Theyll Love

DIY Christmas card

Send A Friend A Card Make Their Day

Minifigure Steve with diamond sword and villager run away from the Creeper. Characters of the game Minecraft.

Amazing Lego Models To Inspire Your Kids

No one knows how or when the pandemic will end, but we’ll talk about it forever

How To Save Memories Of Lockdown Life

enjoyable way of spending family time

How To Get Your Home Ready For Santa Claus This Christmas

A girl making Christmas decorations at home.

Simple Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Craft At Home