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Celebrate The Queen's Birthday With 8 Tips For A Royally Good Time

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Birthdays are always a great excuse for a good old party and who better to throw a party for than Her Majesty, herself.

The best thing about throwing the Queen a birthday party is that you can do it TWICE! That's right the Queen has TWO birthdays, her actual birth date on April 21st and her official birthday on the second Saturday of June known as the 'Trooping the Colour'.

The Queen's official celebration occurs in June because April often isn't warm enough to have a parade through the town. Wouldn't we all love to move our birthdays to fit around the seasons? This is why we should absolutely take advantage of the good weather and get ourselves outside for the party of the year. Celebrate the Queen turning 94 this year with the best Royal themed party using these nifty ideas.

Design A Royal Hat

The Queen is very famous for her spectacle headwear. She will never be seen in the same hat twice and ensures that she has the perfect had for every occasion! This is the perfect excuse for your royal prince and/or princess at home to design their very own hats and maybe even create them! Get your family to draw their very own hat designs and maybe even use some of the Queens classic looks for inspiration from this Pinterest account. Once you've drawn your beautifully royal theme hats then you can get creative and try to make them 3-D out of paper, cardboard or any other recyclable materials you have available. These easy steps might not be the shape of hat you are looking for but it might spur some creative juices in case you are lacking any.

Make Your Own Bunting

Nothing screams royal birthday party like some good old fashioned bunting! And what's better it is SUPER easy to make. Bunting is such a fun and easy decoration because they are good for almost every occasion; whether it is a royal birthday, baby shower or even a wedding, there is always a perfect excuse to get out the bunting and hang it up! Your bunting can be generic and interchangeable or as specific as you wish. You can always replace certain bunts if you would like to reuse your bunting for a different occasion. All you need to make bunting is a long piece of string or ribbon, some card or paper, glue and decorating materials. Then just follow these easy steps to make your bunting:

1. Cut out your isosceles triangle bunts (all the same size) which will be the main feature of your royal bunting.

2. Decorate all your bunts so that the top point of your triangle is facing downwards as they will be hung from the base. You can paint the union jack on them for a patriotic feel, you could use a coin or stamp and attempt to draw the queens head on them and you can simply write 'Happy Birthday' on some of them if you so wish. Remember that repeating the same designs will allow you to create an order of patterns on your bunting so don't feel like you have to make everyone different - sometimes less is more!

3. Next step is to punch two little holes on either side of the base - it is your choice whether to do this with a hole punch or simply by poking a pen or pencil through it but ensure that it is big enough to thread your string or ribbon through.

4. Once all your bunts have their holes in them then you are ready to thread! Then you should be left with your very own royal bunting to hang up in the party room!

Learn The Whole National Anthem

What better way to pay tribute to HRH than to learn the National Anthem of our great country. If you're thinking you already know it then did you know it also has a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth verse? This is the perfect excuse to teach your kids the song that emanates British culture which they can show off to all of their friends.

Bake Some Party Food

There are lots of avenues to go down for party foods; why not celebrate this momentous occasion with some Royally British finger foods? Prepare the cucumber sandwiches, pop out the scotch eggs and put the kettle on to truly party like a Royal. Of course, it would be a proper birthday party with no cake so why not think about baking some red, white and blue cupcakes either by adding some food colouring to a normal cupcake recipe or by using icing to create some more flags on your tasty treats.

young girl pouring tea

Ban Those Words

Did you know there are 10 common words we use every day that the Royal family have banned? Well, there are; so to celebrate the Queen's birthday why not create the game in your family of behaving like Royals and banning these words in your very own house! Replace the word 'toilet' with funny and posh alternatives and avoid using the word 'tea'. You could even make a competition out of it by adding forfeits every time someone forgets and uses one of these 10 words!

Dress Like Royalty

Since you probably haven't had much to dress up for during this time, use this birthday celebration as the perfect excuse to get dressed up! Theme your outfits around the amazing costumes the royals wear at every occasion. Take some ideas with a Pinterest page to inspire your outfits or even search explore more ideas to present the best-dressed family for a royal birthday!

three children in royal carriage

Coin Rubbings

What's a coin rubbing? I am glad you asked - coin rubbings are a super easy and fun way to create great decorations for any Royal event. All you need is a coin, a piece of paper and a drawing implement. It is also fun to experiment with different mediums to create different effects e.g. pencils, chalk, crayons, pastels, etc. All you have to do is place the coin under the paper and rub, rub, rub! If you do it with the Queen's head facing upwards you should get a small rubbing of her face onto your piece of paper. Try all different coins to see which ones work the best and to have different size rubbings. You can use these to decorate your bunting, create your very own commemorative stamps or simply draw a picture frame around them and treat them like Royal paintings. The options are endless!

Make a Royal Birthday Card

Since you're throwing Queenie her very own birthday party, it is only right that you make a birthday card for her in anticipation of her arrival. Sometimes a bit of crafty goodness adds something to your celebration. Get the whole family to make their own birthday card for the Queen and then you can stand them up around the house to show your appreciation on her special day.

Written By
Josie Bergman

<p>A London native with a passion for theater and music, Josie loves nothing more than getting lost in the vibrant world of the West End. With her family by her side, she can be found dancing to her favorite musicals and discovering new hidden gems across the city. Her older sister is a great resource for vegan dining recommendations, and Josie is always excited to explore new culinary adventures. When not in a theater seat or sampling new cuisine, she loves to visit the Victoria Palace Theatre and take in the sights and sounds of Borough Market.</p>

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