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5 Cool Ideas For Sewing For Boys (Plus Projects For Them To Do Too!)

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Image © jackmac34, under a Creative Commons license.

Dust off the sewing machine, get out the fabrics and check out these fun sewing for boys craft projects!

Looking to jazz up your little man’s wardrobe or sew some new accessories for his room? Check out these cool sewing projects for the boys in your life, including a cool pillowcase, gadget bag, and some groovy PJ bottoms.

As well as plenty of ideas of projects for parents to try a hand at, we have also included some fun sewing techniques and sewing projects for your boys to get involved with. Sewing can help to improve dexterity and coordination, as well as develop fine motor skills and creativity. Your little boy is bound to want to help with these projects. but some are more difficult than others. Experts suggest children should be around 3-4 years old before learning hand sewing and around 6-7 before they can start learning how to work the sewing machine. As well as our top 5 sewing projects for boys, we have also included some tips and tricks for teaching kids how to sew.

Practice With Plates

Age: 4-7, this one is just for the kids, but you will need to supervise and support if needed.

You Will Require: Styrofoam plate, thick thread and embroidery needles.


Styrofoam plates are an excellent way to teach children the basics of sewing as they are much easier to sew than fabric. When you are first teaching how to hand sew, it is best to use thicker thread and embroidery needles. Encourage them to draw simple shapes on the plates and then follow the pattern. You could also use this material to show them various examples of stitches and how they can be used.

 cool sewing projects for the boys in your life

Image © Victoria_Borodinova, under a Creative Commons license.

Felt Puppets

Sewing felt crafts is a great way to develop basic sewing skills and felt puppets are so much fun. Everybody loves a puppet!

Age: 5-9, parents will need to help when cutting the felt.

You Will Require: Felt in the colour of your choice, scissors, needle, thread and embellishments.


1. Cut the basic outline for your puppet. Either a long oblong for a finger puppet or a hand-sized one. You will need two of these, and they need to be the same size.

2. Sew your two pieces of felt together on three sides, leaving the bottom open.

3. Embellish your puppet.

One of the best things about making puppets is that you can start with a basic concept and then work your way up to something more complicated. Sew buttons on for the eyes, add ears as you like, and embroider on details such as a mouth and nose. You could also create clothing for your puppets, such as simple t-shirts or even superhero capes.

Pillow Case Craft

Pillowcases are one of the easiest projects when sewing for boys and this cool case would be ideal for his room, travelling or sleepovers.

Bonus Tip: At the fabric store, let kids chose their own design to promote autonomy. However, try to encourage them to stick to cotton or flannel as these are much easier to sew.

Age: 5+, kids and adults can both have a go at this!

You Will Require: Fabric, measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine and thread.


1. Cut fabric into one large rectangle. The size you cut will depend on the pillow you are using, but the UK standard is 29.5 inches x 19.5 inches. You will need to add an extra inch for seams and hems.

2. Hem the shortest ends of your rectangle.

3. Fold one end towards the centre, but not quite. To work out how much you need to fold the equation is x= (pillow size/ 2) + 2.

4. Fold the opposite one to the centre, so each side overlaps by two inches.

5. Sew the open sides.

6. Turn the cover right side out.

7. Iron before adding your pillow.

Young boy knitting with blue string.

Image © Foundry, under a Creative Commons license.

Boys' PJ Bottoms

Another fun and easy project, sewing for boys' PJ pants is a great way to practice your skills, and your boy can never have too many pyjamas!

Age: This is a project for parents.

You Will Require: Sewing patterns for boys' pyjamas, fabric, elastic waistband, sewing machine and thread.


1. Start with your boys' sewing patterns for PJs and measure your child for size.

2. There should be four different pieces, two for the front and two for the back.

3. Depending on the pattern that you use, you will usually sew the inner leg seam before you do the centre seam. This can be difficult, so open up the pieces and press them so the seam is flat.

4. Once you have got the centre seam right, it should be easy to pin and seam the outsides of the trouser legs.

5. You will then need to form the casing for adding elastic into the waist. Feed the elastic through using a safety pin.

6. Turn the PJs right side out, iron them, and are ready to go!

Gadget Bag

This easy drawstring bag can hold your child’s favourite gadget such as a game console, pencil case or phone. Alternatively, if your kids collect cards or marbles, this would be excellent at keeping their collection together. Whether it is LEGO carriers, gadgets, or anything else, this fun sewing for boys project is quick and easy.

Age: This is a project for parents.

You Will Require: One rectangular piece of fabric (10’’ x 15’’ or to the size you require), 2 yards ribbon/string/ twine, safety pin, sewing supplies and sewing machine with 1D Presser Foot.

Close up of a mum cutting pink fabric to sew with her son.

Image © prostooleh, freepik.com, under a Creative Commons license.


1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric in the size you desire; the longer the fabric, the deeper the bag.

2. Fold each of the two ends around 1 and 1/2 inches. Sew both sides to create a pocket for the string.

3. Fold your fabric in half with the right side in.

4. You will want to sew these together, but you need to be careful you do not sew over the holes in the folded parts you have just created.

5. Turn your bag to the right side out.

6. Threading your string can be tricky, but using a safety pin can make it easier. Use the pin as a guide and feed it through the holes at the top.

7. Then when it is out the other side, remove the safety pin and tie the two ends together. Each side will have two ends of string which should then be tied together at the bottom.

8. Cinch up your bag ready for storing your boys' treasures.

Tips For Teaching Sewing For Boys

Like with most things, patience is key when teaching your boy how to sew. Here are some of our favourite tips.

Safety First: Start with a safety talk and ensure that children know they need to be careful.

Practice: Before you start your project, use practice cloths to break down the basics. This is also a great way of modelling skills and teaching different stitches.

Slowly Does It: When sewing for boys, remind your boy that a stitch in time saves nine and encourage them to take it slow.

Trace: If you are using sewing patterns for boys, tissue paper can be difficult to work with. Trace the pattern onto thick paper or card instead.

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