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10 DIY Luggage Tags To Make With Kids

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Image © Bob Dymt / Pixabay.

Passports, check. Tickets, check. Money, check. But what about the luggage tags?

Never lose a suitcase again by getting the whole family involved in crafting some easy DIY luggage tags. With personalised DIY luggage name tags, you can be sure you'll easily spot your suitcase on the carousel at the airport.

To make your own DIY luggage tags is super-easy and many of the ideas require few materials. Plus it's something even the youngest members of the family can get involved with. While luggage tags are not required while flying it will make the holiday easier if you can quickly identify your suitcase amongst a sea of identical cases. So get your craft box out while you start planning your next trip. Read on for 10 activities to show you how to make your own luggage tag.

Honey I Shrunk The Tags!

DIY luggage tag drawn and cut to look like a piece of watermelon.

Image © Lovely Indeed

Kids will be fascinated to watch their giant DIY luggage name tags shrink right down in size.

Age 6+


Shrink plastic




1) Calculate how much shrinkage your plastic will take; the pack should tell you. Draw out the size of your luggage tag on the shrink plastic taking into account how much it will shrink.

2) Get kids to design their own luggage tags on the tag front. Leave the back side blank.

3) Add your details on to the opposite side, remembering it will shrink. You may like to do this for younger children to ensure it's readable. Use a hole punch to make a hole in one corner.

4) Follow pack instructions for shrinking your luggage tag. Tie a ribbon through the hole and secure your luggage tags to your bag ready for your next trip.

Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Watercolour painted, monogrammed DIY luggage tags.

Image © A Beautiful Mess

You can let the kids loose with these leather discs and paint to produce their very own DIY luggage tag.

Age 5+



Watercolour paints and brush

Gold pen

Marker pen

Keychain clasp (optional)

Tassel (optional)


1) Cut your leather fabric into discs; 6cm diameter works well.

2) Use watercolour paints to add a wash of colour to the fabric. You can dilute them with water to adjust the colour. Or spritz the fabric first for a marbled effect. Leave to dry.

3) Use the gold pen to add your initial over the watercolour. Use the marker pen to add your details to the back.

4) Punch a hole in the top of the disc and attach a keychain clasp and tassel if you wish. Or simply thread a piece of ribbon through.

Wooden Wonder DIY Luggage Tag

DIY wooden luggage tags, decorated with letters drawn on them.

Image © Anika's DIY Life

This DIY luggage tag tutorial is perfect for older kids to try out power tools on a small scale. Always make sure they're fully supervised and have the necessary safety equipment.

Age 11+


1/4inch thick MDF


Acrylic Paint

Sand paper


Wood burning tool


1) Using a jigsaw, carefully cut out your desired shape and size of luggage tag from the MDF. Use the drill to make a small hole at the top. Sand all the edges to ensure they are smooth.

2) Apply the acrylic paint to the luggage tags. You may like to give it a border, put a stripe across it or paint on dots.

3) With the wood burning tool, you now trace your initial into the wood. Work slowly and carefully, building up the layers until you're happy with the final look.

4) Finally, thread a piece of cord or ribbon through the hole. You can use a regular pen to write your details on the back.

No-Sew Luggage Tags

Image © Her Packing List 2

No sewing machine, no problem! These fabric DIY luggage tags are quick, easy and fun.

Age 4+



Heavy card

Fabric glue



1) Sketch out your luggage tag shape on heavy card. Write your details on one side.

2) Glue the card to your chosen fabric and leave to dry.

3) Cut out the luggage shape from the fabric covered card. Punch a hole in the corner and thread a length of ribbon through.

Sew-Easy Luggage Tags

Easy stitched DIY luggage tags.

Image © Her Packing List

With some basic sewing skills, you can make your own luggage tags.

Age 8+


Two pieces of fabric 11cm X 8cm

One piece of felt 11cm X 8cm

One piece of vinyl 11cm X 8cm

One piece of ribbon

Sewing machine


1) Sandwich your felt between your two pieces of fabric and pin them together right side in.

2) Sew together the fabric along three sides, working with a seam allowance of approx half a centimetre. Snip off the corners and trim closer to the seam to neaten.

3) Turn the pocket the right way out and iron it flat. Insert your ribbon to the open end and then sew it up.

4) Place your vinyl on top and then a piece of tissue or wax paper to prevent it sticking to your machine. Sew around three edges leaving one short edge open.

5) Trim the vinyl to size so it sits neatly in the middle of your tag, and insert a small piece of cardboard to the vinyl pocket with your contact details.

Decoupage Luggage Tag

Decoupage DIY luggage tag.

Image © Her Packing List

Luggage tag ideas don't come much easier than this one.

Age 4+


Sturdy card

Old magazine or decoupage paper

PVA glue



1) Cut your card into a rough rectangle shape. Tear up your paper into small pieces.

2) Cover one side of the card in glue and then stick on the paper, overlapping as you go. Finish with another coat of glue on top and leave to dry.

3) When dry, cut out your luggage tag shape, punch a hole in the corner and thread through a ribbon. The back is blank for contact details.

Travel The World Luggage Tags

DIY luggage ta made from a printed map tied onto a blue carry-on bag.

Image © Rand McNally

The beauty of DIY projects like this one is the luggage tag is ready for you to use, all you need is to personalise it.

Age 4+


One clear plastic luggage tag

Old map

Letter stickers

PVA glue



1) Cut a piece of card into a size that will fit into your plastic luggage tag.

2) Apply glue to the tag front and then stick your map to it, smoothing it out. Cut round the tag to remove the rest of the map.

3) Apply another layer of glue and set to one side to dry.

4) Use the letter stickers to put your initials on the map side. Leave the back blank for contact details.

DIY Statement Style Tags

DIY coloured leather luggage tags.

Image © The House That Lars Built

We can show you how to make luggage tags that look good enough to pass for shop-bought beauties.

Age 7+


Leather fabric


Embroidery thread

Hot glue gun


1) Cut out two luggage tag shapes from the leather fabric that are identical.

2) On one of the luggage tags use a craft knife to cut out a flap, slightly smaller than your piece of card.

3) Use the glue gun to secure the two pieces together (fuzzy side on the inside) but only secure along the two long sides and the pointed end. Leave the bottom end unglued so you can slide your card in with your details on.

4) Make a small hole at the glued short end and thread through a slim length of the leather fabric. Bind the two ends together with embroidery thread and secure with the glue gun.

Stuck On You Luggage Tag

DIY luggage tag made from colourful, zig-zag tape.

Image © Vikalpah

Who'd have thought duct tape could be transformed into cute DIY luggage tags?

Age 5+


Patterned duct tape

Craft knife

Clear plastic or clear tape

Sticky back velcro


1) Cut two strips of duct tape about 8 inches long each. Stick them together to make a duct tape fabric strip.

2) Cut out a 3 inch square duct tape shape. Snip out a half inch square on both ends of one of the sides of the square, leaving a smaller square on a larger square. Fold the bigger square around each other to form one strip. (see picture).

How to fold the tape to make a luggage tag.

Image © Vikalpah

3) Use the sticky section of the strip of tape to attach it to the first shape you made. Stick a small square of velcro to the end of the strip, and the opposite square of velcro to the tag at the point where the strip would be folded down.

4) Cut your clear plastic of tape into a 3.75inch by 2inch shape. Attach half inch strips of duct tape on each side. Fold the duct tape over to stick on one of the shorter sides.

5) Now place the plastic on the duct tape luggage tape and use the half inch strips to attach by folding them round on the other three sides.

6) Take a 10 inch strip of duct tape and fold a third of each side in to form a narrow strip. Using a craft knife carefully make a small slit in the closed end of your luggage tag and thread the strip through. Fold in half and secure with tape.

Quick And Easy Laminated Tags

Laminated DIY luggage tag with twine threaded through.

Image © The Handy Homemaker

You'll need your own laminator for this DIY option - but it's quick and easy for the kids to design their own tags.



Laminating pouches





1) Get kids to design their own luggage tag, using one side for contact details.

2) Place inside the laminator pouch and run through the laminator. Cut to the shape of the luggage tag.

3) Use a punch to make a hole and thread through the twine.

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