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7 Easy And Fun Giraffe Craft Ideas For Kids

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With their long necks and signature spots, it's no wonder giraffes end up being many children's favourite animal.

Their distinct animal appearance makes them ideal for crafts for kids, especially for preschool kids. With just the right combination of colour and spots, it doesn't take long until something starts looking like a giraffe craft.

Giraffes are the world's tallest mammal. They live in the savanna in Africa, a big open grassy region with trees and shrubs. They get most of their water from the leaves and plants that they eat and only need to drink every few days. Did you know that giraffes sleep standing up and only need up to 30 minutes sleep every 24 hours?

Now you've got some cool giraffe facts under your belt, it's time to have a go at some giraffe crafts for kids, prepare for hours of entertainment!

Make Your Own Model Giraffe Craft

This is a very easy way of making a model giraffe, with materials you will probably have around the house to make the animal craft. The key to great giraffe crafts is in the long neck.

Age: 5+

Materials: Five toilet roll tubes, card, yellow paint, brown card or paper, brown paint, googly eyes, coloured pens, sticky tape or glue and scissors.

Step 1: Using sticky tape, attach two toilet roll tubes together to make one long tube. This will be the giraffe's neck.

Hint: Keep the sticky tape on the inside of the rolls to make them easier to paint later on.

Step 2: Attach one toilet roll tube at a right angle to the bottom of the neck, this will be your body.

Step 3: On another end of the neck, facing away from the body, connect a second toilet roll tube. This will be the head of the giraffe craft.

Step 4: Take your fifth toilet roll tube and, using the scissors, carefully cut it in half width ways. Stick these two (now mini!) tubes on the bottom of the body as legs. With any luck, your giraffe craft should stand up!

Step 5: Paint your giraffe craft using yellow paint.

Step 6: Once the paint is dry, cut two horns and two ears out of the brown card and stick these onto the head. Cut a tail and stick it to the end of the body.

Step 7: Cut out lots of paper spots that you can then glue all over the body of the giraffe. On the face, stick on some googly eyes and use the pens to draw a cute smiley mouth. Your giraffe model is now ready to play with!

Art Projects In The Style Of Kids

Pin The Tail On The Giraffe Craft

This variation of the traditional animal game serves as a great party game for children, making it one of our greatest giraffe crafts. It is a kid-friendly, quick, and simple giraffe craft.

Age: 5+

Materials: Big sheet of paper, yellow paint or colouring pens, brown or orange colouring pens, one smaller piece of paper, blue tack, scissors, pencil and blindfold.

Step 1: Sketch out a giraffe outline on a big piece of paper, then use paints or coloured pens and pencils to colour it in with the colours and patterns of a giraffe. Repeat this process separately for the giraffe's tail.

Step 2: Cut out your giraffe and blue tack it to the wall. Make a mark where the tail should sit. Also, cut out the tail and attach a piece of blue tack onto the top of it. You are now ready to play!

How To Play: Kids take it in turns to wear the blindfold. They are spun around three times with the tail in hand and then have to find their way to the giraffe picture and try to attach the tail onto the giraffe, as close to where it should go as possible. The winner is the person who pins the tail nearest to the correct spot.

Make Your Own Finger Print Giraffe Pattern

A giraffe's spots are like our fingerprints - no two giraffes share the same combination of spots. Using kids' fingerprints to make their own unique giraffe crafts decoration is a fun activity, particularly for preschool kids.

Age: 3+

Materials: Yellow paper and brown paint.

Method: This super easy giraffe craft activity is so simple that it is perfect for preschool kids. Simply get them to dip their fingers into the paint and use their fingers to make a fingerprint giraffe pattern on the paper. It can make really cute wrapping paper or simply be proudly pinned to the fridge!

Easy Pen Pot Giraffe Craft

This easy giraffe craft for kids makes a really useful pot where they can store all their craft pens and paintbrushes for future giraffe crafts and activities.

Age: 5+

Materials: Toilet roll holder, yellow card, yellow paint, colouring pens and sticky tape.

Step 1: Paint the toilet roll holder yellow. Cut the giraffe face out from the yellow card and color it using coloring pens while the wet paint is drying.

Step 2: Glue the giraffe's face on the topmost part of the toilet paper tube with sticky tape. On a yellow card, sketch the bottom of the toilet paper tube. Now, cut out the circle, and glue it to the bottom portion of the tube to complete the pot.

Step 3: Now all that's left is to do is draw or paint your giraffe spots onto the pot to complete your cute kids' pen pot.

Giraffe Growth Chart Craft For Kids

A giraffe growth chart activity is one of our favourite giraffe crafts for kids because it doubles up as a great way to record your kids' development, from when they are tots right through to preschool and school.

Age: 5+

Materials: Several sheets of yellow paper, brown or orange felt tips, a metre ruler, a black pen, scissors and sticky tape.

Step 1: Cut the yellow paper into long thin rectangles and stick them together until you have a 'giraffe neck' that is 1.5 metres long.

Step 2: Down one side of the neck, use the metre ruler and copy the cm marks onto the neck, writing on '10cm', '20cm', etc.

Step 3: Use felt tips to decorate your giraffe growth chart with the animal's signature spots.

Step 4: From another piece of yellow card, cut out a giraffe head and decorate it with spots and a face. Don't forget the ears and horns. Stick this to the top of your kids' growth chart.

Giraffe Paper Plate Craft

This is one of the most fun and easy giraffe crafts for kids. Not only can your kids get crafty, but they can also use this cute animal mask for fancy dress in the future. This craft activity is even suitable for preschool kids.

Age: 4+

Materials: Paper plate, yellow paint or paper, brown paint or paper, coloured pens and felt tips, googly eyes, scissors, glue and elastic.

Step 1: Carefully, use the point of the scissors to make two holes at either side of the plate (make sure an adult does this part). Thread each end of the elastic through and tie a knot to secure it. This is how the mask will stay on your child's head.

Step 2: Cut two holes where the eyes will be.

Step 3: Now's the time to get creative. Use paints or coloured paper and pens to decorate the plate to look like a giraffe face.

Bookmark Giraffe Craft

This is an ideal fun giraffe craft activity for kids who love both giraffes and books! It's really easy for kids to make and will be used over and over again.

Age: 3+

Materials: Yellow card, colouring pens or pencils, 15cm ruler and scissor.

Step 1: On your piece of yellow card, use a pencil to draw around your ruler to get a rectangle shape.

Step 2: At the top of your rectangle, sketch out a giraffe's head. At the bottom, sketch two feet.

Step 3: Decorate the bookmark, drawing giraffe spots onto the body and drawing a face onto the head section.

Step 4: Now an adult can cut around the outline that the kids have drawn and your fun giraffe bookmark is ready to use.

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