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Get Buzzy With These 11 Cute Bee Crafts

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With World Bee Day coming up soon on May 20th, why not celebrate our fuzzy friends with some bee craft ideas for kids of all ages?

We might not always realise it, but bees are top pollinators, which is essential to keep our worldwide ecosystem in check. World Bee Day is a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about the importance of bees while having fun making their very own bee crafts!


1.Toilet Paper Roll Bumble Bees

This simple recycled bee craft will make use of things you already have lying around, and is suitable for even young children.

You will need:

1 toilet paper roll per bee


Pale blue/ white, yellow and black coloured paper

Googly eyes

Glue/ tape


Measure the length of the toilet roll out onto your yellow paper and cut to size.

Roll the paper around the toilet roll and glue/tape in place.

Cut out some strips of black paper (these will make the stripes on the bee!). Roll these around the roll on top of the yellow paper, and glue down.

Cut out two teardrop shapes from the blue/white paper- these will make the bee wings.

Glue or tape the wings to the bee.

Optionally, add on some pipe cleaner antennae or legs.

Add googly eyes and you're done!

2.Egg Carton Buzzy Bees

This adorable bee craft reuses egg cartons to make the cutest bumble bees. Kids can make this easily, and will have hours of fun playing with their new recycled buddies.

You will need:

An empty egg carton


Yellow paint

Black string

White paper

Googly eyes

A pen


Cut your egg carton into sections (each 'egg holder') and turn upside down so you have a little cardboard dome. This will be the body of your bee.

Paint the section yellow.

Cut out two small teardrop shapes from your white paper. Secure these on the top of the carton to look like wings.

Wrap the black string around the carton, overlapping the wings a little, to make the 'stripes' of the bee.

Add googly eyes and a little mouth with a pen!

Top Tip: Looking for more ways to upcycle things at home into fun child-friendly crafts? Check out this blog post for some more great craft ideas!

3.No-Heat Beeswax Candles


Beeswax is a great all-natural and eco-friendly material to use in crafts. This idea uses beeswax to make candles that make great decorations or gifts, and don't worry, there's no heat required!

You will need:

Beeswax Sheets

Wicks (there are many candle-making kits online if you find it easier to buy the wicks and sheets together)


(Optional) Small cookie cutters


Cut your wick to the desired length. Make it approximately 2cm longer than you want the candle to be.

Cut across the wax sheet to match the length of the candle.

Place the wick down on the wax sheet, and roll the sheet tightly around. Press together to make it stick.

For decoration, try cutting out shapes in different colours of wax sheet- they should stick on with the warmth from your hands. Some examples of shapes that work well are flowers, stars, circles or diamonds.

Enjoy your candles!

Top Tip: Make sure that wherever you source your beeswax sheets from is sustainable and bee-friendly. This way you are supporting businesses who are helping bees to thrive!

4.'Flying' Bumble Bees

These adorable bee decorations will cheer up any bedroom wall!

You will need:

Yarn or string

Coloured paper and pens

A pencil



Clothes pegs/ paper clips


Draw out your 'bee shape' on yellow card or paper (a yellow oval about the size of a tennis ball)

Cut strips of black paper, and wing shapes from white or light blue paper.

Glue on the 'stripes' and wings.

Draw on a little bee face with a black pen.

Cut a length of string or yarn, and secure both ends up on a wall, wherever you would like to display your bees.

Use the clothes pegs or paper clips to attach your bees to the yarn.

5.Pressed Flower Bumble Bee Art

Drawing, painting, crafting

This craft uses pressed flowers and adorable bee designs to make a beautiful work of art!

You will need:

Pressed flowers (learn how to press them here!)

A plain canvas or piece of card

PVA Glue

Coloured paper

Paints and brushes


(Optional) Googly eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners and anything else you have in the craft box!

Top Tip: Mod Podge makes a great substitute for PVA glue- it takes a little longer to dry but will help protect the flowers, especially if you paint a layer on top to seal the flowers.


Paint a background colour on your canvas- maybe a blue sky, or green garden design. Let dry.

Gather your craft materials and pressed flowers, and start to arrange flowers along the bottom of the canvas.

When you are happy with the flower placement, carefully glue them down.

Add any other elements you would like in your picture. Clouds, the sun, birds, grass, trees, other flowers or animals are all great ideas.

Make your bees out of coloured paper- cut little circles from yellow paper, add wings and black stripes. Glue on some googly eyes too if you like!

Place your bees wherever you like- they could be pollinating flowers, or simply bumbling around.

Apply PVA glue to the back of the bees and press them down.

Let dry and hang your new work of art in pride of place!

6.Lollipop Bumble Bee Puppets

These little puppets are sure to provide hours of fun for all the family. Why not put on a puppet show when you're finished?

You will need:

Wooden lollipop sticks

Newspaper/ scrap paper to protect surfaces

Paint and brushes

Coloured paper



Googly Eyes

Pipe cleaners


Take your lollipop sticks (one per bee) and lay them down on some scrap paper or newspaper.

Paint all the lollipop sticks with yellow paint. Let dry, turn over, and repeat on the other side. If you want the colour to look extra smooth and vibrant, try painting another layer.

Make your bees! Cut out a little circle of yellow card, add your black stripes either using paper or pens, and add a face/ googly eyes.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half, and bend into two teardrop shapes to make wings.

Glue the wings on to the back of the bee.

Once dry, glue your bee on to the top of the lollipop stick. You can also try adding tape for extra security.

Enjoy your adorable bee puppets!

7.Pipe Cleaner Bees

This craft idea is super simple and requires only a couple of items to make the perfect little playmate!

You will need:

Googly eyes



White, yellow and black pipe cleaners



Wrap the black and yellow pipe cleaners around each other until fully entwined.

Wrap these combined pipe cleaners tightly around a thick pen to make the 'body' of the bee.

Cut the white pipe cleaner in half, and create two wing shapes- twist these on to the back of the 'body'

Glue the pom-pom on to the end of the 'body' to make the face.

Glue on some googly eyes and enjoy your new little bee friend!


Buzzing for more? Why not try these extra fun bee-themed craft ideas:

  • Adorable Bee Pom-Pom Decorations-These adorable bee pom-poms make the perfect fuzzy friend!
  • Paper Plate Bumble Bee Craft- Learn how to make an easy peasy bumblebee from a paper plate. This activity is perfect for younger or preschool kids.
  • Accordion Paper Bee Craft- Cute, fun, and easy, the kids will love playing with these mini bees!
  • Bandaid Bee Card- These sweet cards are great to send to friends and family, and use plasters in a way you wouldn't expect...
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<p>With a Diploma in Education specializing in Fine Arts (Painting) and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Illustration and Visual media from the University of Arts London, Sarah previously was a London-based teacher who brought her passion for art and culture to the classroom. Her creative endeavors include painting classes and experimenting with new recipes. She draws inspiration from the world around her and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others while sipping a cup of tea.</p>

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