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5 Great DIY Birthday Banner Ideas

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Image © freepik, under a Creative Commons license.

Everyone knows that no birthday party is complete without party decorations, a party theme, a birthday sign and, of course, an epic happy birthday banner.

Whether it's a first birthday or an adult's birthday party, birthday banners are guaranteed to make an impact, as well as help to tie in the themes of the party and make the birthday girl or boy feel super special! Not only will making your own birthday banners mean you get full creative control, it is also, typically, a more affordable way to have epic birthday party decorations.

Why not take DIY birthday planning and birthday party decorating to the next level by making your own happy birthday banner? Check out these birthday ideas and have your paintbrushes, glitter and crafts at the ready to get creative with these 5 party banner decorations craft ideas.

The Letter Shape Birthday Banner

Perfect for a first birthday party or any special occasion, this letter shape happy birthday banner is perfect for personalising your birthday party!

Age: 4+

You’ll Need: cardboard, scissors (used by an adult), a hole puncher, paper templates, string and plenty of decorating crafts for this happy birthday banner.


1. Firstly, grab sheets of card (as many sheets for as many letters you need to make your desired word/phrase, for example, if you wanted to spell out 'happy birthday' with this birthday banner, you would need 13).

2. Find a Google template for letters, that you can then trace out onto the card and cut out carefully with scissors - these will form the letters and basis for your party decorations.

3. After you’ve got all your letters cut out, you want to start decorating them with all sorts of arts and crafts. If you’re going with a theme for your birthday party, why not make the birthday banner to match? If not, get creative and use all sorts of paints and stickers to decorate your letters - you could even go crazy and make glitter letters!

4. Once you’re happy with your letters (be sure that they are dry), they are ready to be assembled onto your birthday banner!

5. Using an adult’s help, grab a hole puncher and punch holes into the tops of the letters so that you can thread string through them.

6. After you’ve made all the holes, weave the string in and out of the letters and then you’re ready to hang your birthday banner up!

Happy birthday spelled out in a banner hanging on the wall behind a table with a cake and party hats on it.

Image © Bambi Corro, under a Creative Commons license.

Paper Chain Birthday Banner

A super cute and unique way to pimp any birthday party or special occasion, this is especially great for getting younger children involved in the creation of their happy birthday banner. This might not be your traditional birthday banner but it’s super fun to make and looks really effective!

Age: 4+

You’ll Need: Paper (if it’s coloured, great!), glue, scissors (and the help of an adult) and plenty of craft decorations.


1. Firstly, cut your sheet of A4 paper into strips, aim for around 2cm x 20cm, as you don’t want these too thick or thin.

2. Then, take your first strip of paper and curl it round so that the two ends meet, and using glue, stick the ends on top of each other and hold in place for a few seconds.

3. After, take another strip and loop it through the chain and curl it round so the two ends meet, forming the first link, and glue it in place - it’s super simple!

4. Continue for as long as you would like your banners to be, you can even personalise it by drawing and decorating the paper strips.

Peg Birthday Banner

This happy birthday banner is one that all the family can get involved in. It’s super simple but really effective.

Age: 2+

You’ll Need: Wooden pegs, string, cardboard and plenty of craft decorations for this happy birthday banner.


1. First up, create equal shapes out of cardboard - you could go for something simple like squares or circles, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous this birthday, why not try hearts or stars? You’re going to need as many shapes as you want letters.

2. Draw the letters onto the card shapes spelling anything you like. Perhaps 'One Today!' would be perfect for your baby's first birthday.

3. Then, grab your wooden pegs and attach your shapes along the line of string, spelling out your desired word or phrase to create the perfect, easy happy birthday banner!

Toddler sat on a toy donkey at his first birthday party with balloon banners decorating.

Image © Cleyder Duque, under a Creative Commons license.

Balloon Birthday Banner

This is another super simple and fun happy birthday banner that the whole family can get involved in. It’s really easy to personalise this one to suit the rest of your party decorations.

Age: 6+

You’ll Need: Balloons, permanent markers, stickers, tape and string for this happy birthday banner.


1. Firstly, grab some colourful balloons, ensuring that there are enough balloons to spell out your desired word/phrase. If you’re sticking with a pink theme, why not go for some glittery pink balloons or maybe an ombré style birthday banner (bound to look super cool and really simple for a first birthday party).

2. Blow up all of your balloons, making them as equal in size as possible.

3. Using a permanent marker, write a letter on each balloon, spelling out your desired words/phrases. Make sure to do this with the tied side at the top, that way, when you hang them on the string, the birthday sign will be the right way up.

4. Then you’re free to decorate your happy birthday banner with stickers, glitter and more!

5. Once all of your balloons are decorated, your birthday banner is ready to be assembled. Grab a piece of string and individually tape each balloon to the string, using the tied side at the top.

6. Hang your happy birthday banner up and get celebrating!

Green bunting birthday banner hanging on the wall behind a table with crafts made by the kids.

Image © Cleyder Duque, under a Creative Commons license.

Bunting Birthday Banner

The possibilities and ideas for birthday banners and decorations are truly endless, but one thing’s for sure, you can never go wrong with a classic bunting style, happy birthday banner. This happy birthday banner is a little more complex but the end result is fab and makes any birthday party complete!

Age: 10+

You’ll Need: Felt, scissors (and the help of an adult), paper templates, a simple sewing kit, string or ribbon, plenty of decorating crafts and glue for this happy birthday party banner.


1. First, you’ll need to cut out triangle shapes (as many triangles for how many letters you need to spell out your desired word/phrase). The base of the triangle should be around 12cm and the tip should be around 12cm high.

2. Then find some letter templates online, print them out, and trace around the letter and on a piece of felt. You can then cut it out and stick it onto a triangle, with the point facing downwards - repeat this until you have all of your letters.

3. Once you’ve got all of your felt letters onto your triangles, feel free to get seriously creative and add anything from stickers to glitter!

4. Here’s when the sewing part comes in… Grab your triangle and piece of string and ribbon and fold the base of the triangle over the ribbon/string and sew into place. Repeat this until all your letters have been secured, leaving around a 3cm gap between each triangle.

5. Voila! You’re ready to hang your happy birthday banner up and party!

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