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50 Great Hobbies For Teens To Keep Them Motivated And Happy

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Do your teens ever say, "I'm bored" or "What can I do now?"

Do you – and they – ever wish they had a passion that got them away from their screens? Well, we can help with that dilemma.

We've compiled the best list of hobbies for teenage girls and hobbies for boys. Now could be the best time to grab your teen's attention with one of these great hobbies to get them motivated.

Learn A Skill

Hobbies for teenagers can enhance their catalogue of abilities, whether they're learning web design, graphic design or another useful skill. Check our our list of hobby ideas and see which one suits your teens.

1. Foreign language. A new language is useful for school, communicating with others, learning about another culture and can lead to job prospects.

2. Play an instrument. Creating music is a skill that can bring joy to the player and listener.

3. Cooking. Infinitely useful, can be creative and can also lead to job opportunities.

4. Sewing. Make your own clothes teaches how to follow a pattern and make up designs.

5. Drawing. Online classes teach basic skills, which can then be used to create cartoons, portraits and scenes.

6. Painting. An online class will teach about light and shade, contrast and atmosphere, and more.

7. Knitting. This soothing hobby can fill cupboards with wonderful woollies for the whole family.

8. Candle making. An easy, fun hobby and one that can be personalised with scents, colours and shapes.

9. Pottery. Sign up for a class to make cups, bowls, plates and decorations.

10. Singing. A joyful activity that can be participated in with an online class or choir.

11. Sign language. This can be learned online and makes it possible to speak to others who use it. It could even lead to a job as an interpreter.

A close up image of a teenager playing the guitar as a hobby.

Image © hugo_34, under a Creative Commons license.

Hobbies That Make Money

If your teens can get on board with these types of hobbies, they may learn something new and put some change in their pockets too.

12. Carpentry. Making boxes, stools, shelves and more is satisfying and a useful skill that could lead to paid employment.

13. Greeting cards. Making professional-looking ones could be a real money spinner.

14. Tutoring. Teens who are good at a subject and like helping others can make a nice sideline out of this and it teaches kids how to teach.

15. Website design. Your teen can teach themselves how to do this online, then offer their skills about.

16. Dog walking. Sort of a job-cum-hobby, but a great way to make furry friends, especially if you can't have a dog but your child would like one.

17. Coach. Is your teen great at a sport? Turn them in the direction of the nearest sports centre and see if they could offer a hand.

18. Gardening. This is a great one for learning about growing things, propagation and, of course, producing fruit and vegetables. Even those with just a windowsill can get going and sell their seedlings.

Just For Fun

This list of hobbies for teens could even involve other family members.

19. Birdwatching. A great way to learn the difference between their calls, keep a logbook of what's been spotted and visit RSPB sites.

20. Reading. Escape, broaden vocabulary and imagination, and the start of a life-long love affair with books.

21. Vlog. Setting up a YouTube channel is an excellent way to learn how marketing and self-promotion works.

22. Blog. Not quite as scary and out there as vlogging, blogging offers writing practice and teaches how to get views across.

23. Podcast. Teaches focus, clear thinking and communication.

24. Comedy. With teens who like to get a laugh, see if they can put together a comedy routine, then try it out on family and friends.

25. Ancestry. Building a family tree teaches history and leads to honing research and interviewing skills.

26. Upcycle. Find an old piece of furniture and see how your teen can transform it with imagination and creativity to give it fresh life.

27. Local history. Researching your family home, the neighbourhood or town teaches many transferable skills that can improve schoolwork.

28. Volunteering. Check first that the chosen activity is suitable for their age. Could be a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or a local theatre, Great for the CV and they'll learn lots of invaluable skills.

29. Juggle. A great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination.

A tween girl sits at a desk in front of a sewing machine, she is surrounded by sewing equipment including a pin cushion and tape measure and is smiling at the camera.

Image © user16172657, under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Pursuits

These fantastic hobbies for girls and boys alike are bound to get teens thinking creatively.

30. Acting. Sign them up to a local amateur group, take classes and see how far they go. Great for boosting confidence and public speaking.

31. Writing. If your teens love to make up stories, why not get them to write them down? You never know where it may lead!

32. Baking. Teens have a sweet tooth? Turn it into a creative hobby by letting them learn to make cakes.

33. Photography. If they've got a phone, then they've got a camera. There are plenty of tricks and tips on the internet for making the most of them.

34. Jewellery making. Get the tools, then see where their creativity and designs take them.

35. Calligraphy. This ancient art takes patience and a steady hand.

36. Origami. The ancient art of paper folding encourages patience, concentration and produces beautiful objects.

A tween girl wearing a chef's hat and apron tosses salad into the air whilst smiling at the camera.

Image © senivpetro, under a Creative Commons license.

Physical Hobbies

Hobbies for a teenager may mean they get started on becoming physically active, or try out a new sporty skill.

37. Walking. Ideal exercise, can be done alone or with others just about anywhere.

38. Swimming. Full body exercise, can be done year-round or competitively.

39. Yoga. Good for mind and body, can be done alone or in a class.

40. Running. Fantastic for cardio health, and can lead to racing and competing.

41. Cycling. Another all-round fitness hobby that can be a great way to make new friends if your teen joins a club.

42. Dancing. Dance classes can be wonderfully sociable, great exercise and lots of fun.

43. Riding. Horses are a passion for many and get your teen outdoors, progressing through lessons.

44. Martial arts. Wonderful discipline for the mind and body.

45. Bowling. A year-round activity that develops hand-eye co-ordination.

46. Circus. A total workout and one that could lead to a career in a troupe.

47. Skating. There are two kinds: on wheels or blades. Both encourage agility, balance and are a good work-out.

48. Keep fit. Having an exercise routine builds muscle, stamina and fitness.

49. Geocaching. Ups fitness, teaches deduction and map reading.

50. Sailing. If you live anywhere near a lake, river or the shore, there's bound to be a sailing club. Lessons teach navigation, knots and offer plenty of excitement.

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