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How To Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers

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Image © Pexels / Pixabay.

Twisting endless pipe cleaners together is the highlight of any kids' craft session.

But with a little guidance and a helping hand from mum or dad, kids can fine tune their 'things to make with pipe cleaners' ideas. Pipe cleaner art doesn't come much better – or with prettier results – than pipe cleaner flowers.

With a few simple twists kids can craft armfuls of pipe cleaner daffodils and tulips, bunches of roses or wonderful bouquets of easy pipe cleaner flowers. So if you want to try some crafts with pipe cleaners why not start with a pipe cleaner flower craft? Make a selection of pipe cleaner flowers, arrange them in a bunch and tie them with a ribbon for a gift for a loved one. No pipe cleaners? Why not try paper marigolds or these flower art ideas. You could even ask each family member to make a different type of pipe cleaner flower and compare results at the end.

some crafts with pipe cleaners

Easy Pipe Cleaner Daffodil

Making daffodils is the perfect introduction to pipe cleaner flowers for kids. These pipe cleaner daffodils also make a  longer-lasting gift for mother's day or Easter than the real blooms. Ready to learn how to make daffodils? Follow these steps for perfect daffodil craft ideas.

Plant pot of pipe cleaner daffodils.

Image © One Little Project

Age: 8+


Three yellow pipe cleaners.

One orange and one green pipe cleaner.

Hot glue gun.


Step One: Fold each of your yellow pipe cleaners in half. Open them up and layer them on top of each other into a star shape, twisting them in the middle to keep the position.

Step Two: Wind each length up to the middle, curling it round like a snail. When they're all done, position them so they're spread out evenly.

Step Three: Take your green pipe cleaner and bend it a short distance from the end into a 'J' shape. Loop it through the centre of your yellow flower and then twist the end round itself to secure.

Step Four: Wind the orange pipe cleaner up as you did with the orange ones, but stop after a few rotations. Transfer to your little finger and keep winding it. Slide off and pinch it together tightly. Apply hot glue to the base and press onto the yellow flower.

Lazy Daisies Pipe Cleaner Flower

Red and pink lazy daisy pipe cleaner flowers.

Image © Karen Monica

Age: 8+

You can use the same method as above to create a bouquet of daisies. Just switch the yellow pipe cleaners for white pipe cleaners, and use a yellow pipe cleaner for the centre instead of orange. Or use any colour for the petals, yellow for the centre and green for the stem and you can make a bright and cheery bunch of pipe cleaner flowers.

Craft Roses For Your Loved Ones

Pipe cleaner crafts are just the thing for little hands. The stems can be twisted to secure them which means many of these craft activities don't require messy glue. With this rose step by step guide you can learn how to make a rose. Set aside half an hour for your rose craft and you could soon have a dozen red roses (or any colour you wish).

A dark pink rose on a stem, made out of a pipe cleaner.

Image © KitKraft

Age: 5+


One each of pink, yellow and green pipe cleaner.


Step One: Create a loop in your green pipe cleaner three inches from the bottom. Pinch the loop and then pull apart to widen into a leaf shape. Twist to secure and repeat to create a second leaf.

Step Two: Make a small half inch loop at the end of your pink pipe cleaner. From this you can coil the pipe cleaner, working in slightly bigger circles each time to create a bowl shape.

Step Three: Thread your green pipe cleaner through the bottom of the pink flower and back down.

Step Four: Cut a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner about one inch long. Fold into a v shape, place in the centre of the flower and loop through the green pipe cleaner. To secure twist the green one at the base of the flower.

Button Flower Bouquet

Easy to make, bright and colourful these bold pipe cleaner flowers are great for younger kids. Just be sure to help them with the glue gun.

Three flower pots with pipe cleaner button flowers in them.

Image © The Resourceful Mama

Age: 6+


Coloured pipe cleaners.

Lollipop sticks.


Hot glue gun.


Step One: Shape one pipe cleaner into an oval, twisting the ends to secure. Carefully twist into a figure of eight shape and repeat using the same colour.

Step Two: Attach your two figure of eights together using a blob of hot glue, attaching them at the centre and fanning out to make four petals.

Step Three: Glue a button on top of the join.

Step Four: Paint your lollipop stick green and leave to dry. Then attach your flower to the top.

How To Make A Tulip From Pipe Cleaners

Although this pipe cleaner craft uses no hot glue it can be tricky trying to hold the bunch of pipe cleaners while you wind another one. Don't give up though, as the pipe cleaner flower you get is beautiful.

Flower pot of three red pipe cleaner tulips.

Image © One Little Project

Age: 6+


Five red pipe cleaners.

One green pipe cleaner.


Step One: Cut four of your red pipe cleaners into thirds. Fold each piece into half.

Step Two: Line the folded red pieces up so that all of the folds are at the bottom and place the green pipe cleaner somewhere in the middle. Bunch them all together with the green in the middle.

Step Three: Use the final red pipe cleaner to bind together the pieces. Start around a third of the way from the bottom (folded ends up). Keep winding until they're tightly bound.

Step Four: Bend each folded pipe cleaner end upwards so that the wound piece is in the centre. Now shape each petal by slightly pinching it inwards.

Lavender Stem Lovelies

Pipe cleaner craft doesn't come much simpler than this. Not only is this craft easy to make but it's also very realistic and quick.

Flower pot of pipe cleaner lavender stems.

Image © One Little Project

Age: 4+


One purple pipe cleaner

One green pipe cleaner


Step One: Place your green coloured pipe cleaner next to a pencil or knitting needle so they're level. Wind the purple pipe cleaner around both the pencil or needle and the green pipe cleaner. Start around two inches from the end.

Step Two: Keep winding, working more tightly as you get to the end so that it narrows slightly. Slide off the needle and gently bend the purple stem to look more realistic.

How To Display Your Flowers

Why not display your pipe cleaner daffodils and tulips, roses and other flowers in a plant pot? Take a small terracotta pot and fill with some stones, and push the stem of your pipe cleaner daffodils and tulips or other pipe cleaner flower crafts into it.

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