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7 Amaze-ing Maze Activities For Kids

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It's no secret how much kids love mazes, so we wanted to give you some fab maze-related activities your kids can enjoy to the full!

Mazes can come in all forms, shapes and sizes. They are great fun and they also help your kids develop their problem-solving skills, fine motor control and visual-motor skills.

Maze activities for kids can be enjoyed indoors or in the sun so are perfect for the current situation. They mix creativity and logic problem solving, making them an easy and fun way to learn and play at the same time. That's why we've put together this list of fantastic maze activity ideas and resources for you and your kids. 

Printable Online Mazes

You can find lots of great printable activities for kids online, such as krazydad.com which offers tonnes of downloadable mazes tailored to every age for you to print out and complete at home. Use a different coloured pencil for each attempt through the maze so that you can see where you went wrong!

Create Your Own Maze On Paper

Child creating a paper maze activity

Creating your own mazes is equally as fun! Your kids can create a maze for you to complete and you can make one for your kids to complete. When you create your own maze you can tailor it to yourself and make it as easy or as hard as you like.

Using a pen and paper, you can create your own mazes just like the ones you see in activity books. You can create mazes in the shape of your favourite objects, like a character or animal. You can add colour, stickers and drawings to make your maze even more eye-catching. You could even add a story to your maze; if you like science and space, then maybe you could make the start the earth, the finish the moon, and you the astronaut trying to get there.

Take A Look At These A-MAZE-ING Toys!

There are some fantastic maze toys for kids such as the super fun maze ball from Kidult Addict. As well as being brilliant fun, this maze toy for kids provides plenty of hand-eye coordination and patience practice. Labyrinth and Labyrinth Junior are fab board games that can be played again and again as the board always changes! And there's no beating the classic Buzz The Wire game, which is perfect for building hand-eye coordination skills.

Make A Cardboard Marble Maze

Making a cardboard marble maze activity

If your feeling really creative, then creating a cardboard marble maze is a fantastic craft activity for your kids. Follow the steps below to craft your very own cardboard maze. If your little one wants to help make it, then you'll need to do the cutting parts yourself as it can be a bit fiddly.

What you will need:

-Scissors or knife to cut out holes (this bit will need to be done by an adult)


-A pencil

-A circle shape stencil or something circle shaped and just bigger than a marble to draw around. We recommend a 10 pence coin.




-A ruler

-Marbles! (Or anything spherical and marble shaped)

-Coloured pens and pencils (optional)


1. Take a large piece of cardboard, around 30cm x 30cm. This will be the base of your maze. Using a pencil and a ruler, draft where your walls are going to go. Plan a start and finish. Make sure the walls allow for enough room for a marble to get through.

2. Using the 10 pence coin or circle stencil, put some obstacles in the base of the maze. These circles will eventually be holes that the marble will fall through. The aim will be to pass around the holes and not fall through them, so allow for enough width in the path for the marble to get around.

3. Then an adult can cut out the circles carefully with the knife of scissors.

4. Once you are happy with the base, you are ready to construct the walls. Measure the pencil lines with a ruler and write down the lengths as the next step is to create the cardboard walls.

5. Using your measurements, create as many as you need to length. The cardboard walls should be around 2cm tall. If the cardboard isn't thick enough, stick more than once pieces together to make them less flimsy.

6. Once all your walls are created, use super glue or tape to stick them to the base.

7. Voila! Let the glue dry and then you're all good to go. You might decide to add some colour and decorations to your new maze with coloured pencils and pens if you still have some creativity left in you! You can also add any other craft materials you have to make it even more fun.

Make A Big Maze!

If your kids love the smaller maze activities, then they're bound to love a maze they can actually fit into! This fun activity can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. When you make big mazes, just make sure you have plenty of space, either by pushing the furniture to the sides of the room or by constructing your maze outdoors.

Use objects like DVDs, toys and clothes as walls and, just like the smaller mazes, create a path with a start and finish. Include some obstacles in the maze, and really use your imagination to make your mazes truly unique! Depending on the design of your life-size maze, you can even try and get your four-pawed friends to try and complete it.

LEGO Maze Ideas

If your children love LEGO, then this could be an activity that makes constructing your mazes easy as well as fun. Using a LEGO board as the base and pieces as walls, you could make mazes just like the cardboard marble maze above. If your kids play with the blocks a lot, then they could even construct mazes with lots of layers where they can go up and down as well as left, right, forwards and backwards. LEGO activities for kids are lots of fun and help encourage their imagination, so who knows what your kids will design!

Maze Computer Games

Child playing maze computer games, fun maze activities

There are also tonnes of fun maze games online for kids. The Happy Clicks website includes lots of fun kids' activities that are suitable for children of varying ages. You can use the arrow keys to control the character to try and find your way to get to the finish.

You can also find some great maze-related apps to play on your phone. You might be trying to limit screen time at the moment, but when it is allowed then maze games are great for developing the kids' problem-solving skills.

The classic Pac-Man app has the iconic 80's maze game, where you have to collect all the pellets in the maze without getting caught by the ghosts. These kids' activities are just for fun but it's definitely important to have some downtime, and you can get nostalgic teaching them about your childhood games at the same time!

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