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Create Woolly Wonders With These 15 Knitting And Crochet Tips

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Learning to knit and crochet is the perfect hobby for artistic little ones to get into.

Not only is it a great way to explore their creativity, but it is also a very resourceful way to make things that are actually useful everyday items. Crochet and knitting can be taught in small steps at any age. It will teach kids patience, creativity, and so many other things that will help them grow as people.

So, get started on trying one of these free and easy patterns and top tips to unleash your children's artistic flair!

Top Tips Before You Begin

How to teach them

The most simple way to teach children to crochet is by using a large hook and bulky yarn as these will be easier for small hands to grasp. Showing your child the instruments needed and what a finished crochet looks likes will help them make this connection between the method and the finished product, and it will be much easier for them to learn visually rather than just through words.

How to start

In order to learn crochet and knit, children will need to learn the basic stitches and beginning points. So, try starting with a slip knot first with your yarn, which is super simple to learn. The first full stitch type they learn should be a single crochet, and then they can progress onto double and triple crochet after they have completed a few projects!

Where to start

Simple crochet patterns like necklaces, garlands, and scarves are all perfect projects to start small with. Bear in mind that a beginner or easy level crochet might still be tricky for kids to understand, and be too much for them to really enjoy the process. Crochet patterns for children need to be simplified in terms of style, hook, yarn, and pattern instructions.

Knitting Ideas And Crochet Patterns

Search for these step-by-step instructions on

1) The chain stitch is a great place to start. All Free Crochet have a wonderful 'How To Crochet The Chain Stitch' video tutorial that will help teach one of the most important skills in crochet.

2) Making a 'Rainbow Friendship Bracelet' is a great idea that kids will love, as they can be swapped with friends. This small project may be too tiny for some, but is very simple to follow and would make a great first project for little ones. Also, you can try using only one colour to make it easier to crochet for first-timers.

3) Why not try progressing to an 'Easy Crochet Flower' now? This video tutorial is for making a basic flower, using any size hook and yarn weight, meaning it is simple to adjust for the whatever your kids' desire - e.g. which colours and thicknesses they wish to use.

4) All Free Crochet's 'Children's Hand Chain Scarf' free crochet pattern project for kids doesn't use any hooks, only hands! Which is great if you just want them to try it out before you purchase all of the kit.

Handmade knitting wool doll

Top tip: Did you know that Hobbycraft do free crochet patterns? The website is packed with ideas crochet lovers are bound to enjoy. This is also bound to make your search for new patterns much easier and quicker - as Hobbycraft is a shop that we all love!

5) Expecting another little one? Encourage older siblings to make a 'Cute Washcloth' - a fun crochet baby project for them to make and then use for the new arrival's bath time.

6) Their 'Quick Crochet Butterfly Pattern' would be perfect for a child hoping to redecorate their bedroom! Because who doesn't love butterflies? It is an easy pattern which makes it perfect for beginners, and children will love working through them to make a beautiful collection to feature on their walls!

7) Try making a crochet hat with All Free Crochet's 'Single Crochet Beanie'. This is a basic beanie using single crochet, so it's perfect for kids wanting to practice this stitch and could be made as a gift for a friend or sibling!

8) We also love their 'Easiest Beginner Crochet Necklace' - an easy and free crochet pattern for kids that could be a scarf or a necklace. It can be adjusted to whichever size, style, or thickness that they desire.

9) If your kids have tried our other hand crochet idea, then they're bound to love the 'Hand Chain Sashay Scarf' on Hands-on and creative kids will love following this free crochet pattern, making it up with their hands and seeing it come together quickly.

10) A final tip from All Free Crochet, this style of this cloth hides mistakes easily, which is a bonus for beginners: Grayscale Beginner's Crochet Cloth.

YouTube Tutorials: If your kids are enjoying these knitting and crochet ideas so far, why not try watching a YouTube tutorial such as Scribble's 'How To Knit For Kids'? It focuses mainly on knitting and is very quick and concise - perfect for eager learners who are ready to get started.

Some More Great Knitting Resources:

11) Be sure to check out the beautiful mermaid blanket crocheting pattern on It should be a favourite with under-the-sea fans and anyone who feels the cold!

12) Have a go at making Ravelry's chunky and cosy hat! This pattern is quite a simple one to follow, so adult and children crocheters alike can enjoy making this chunky knit hat. The free pattern and instructions are available at

13) Try the Ninja Turtles crochet hat from KnottzOfYarn to turn your little ones into adorable pizza-eating, crime-busting reptiles. If they love the Ninja Turtles as much as you did when you were a kid, they’ll be ecstatic with these beanies and will really love making them.

14) Moogly have an adorable cat snood on - perfect for kids who love kittens or have a pet cat at home. Is it a hoodie? Is it a scarf? It’s both! This super cute snood even features little pockets/gloves at the end of the scarf section, so you know that the lucky little one who gets to wear this will be warm and snug. This is for the more advanced crocheting kids to move onto once they've nailed the simple designs.

15) If they've already mastered the skill of making hats for little ones, get them to try something a little different... Why not encourage the kids to make some crocheted converse from A bold task but a great one!

<p>With a childhood spent traveling and exploring, Annabelle moved to Bahrain at 13 and then to London at 19 to attend Chelsea College of Arts, UAL to study Interior and Spatial Design. She has a passion for all things creative, particularly recycling materials. Outside of art, Annabelle enjoys walking her dogs and cooking for loved ones.</p>

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