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How To Make Pipe Cleaner Spiders

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Making pipe cleaner spiders is a great craft activity for you and your little ones.

They can make be used as fantastic Halloween decorations for October, or just as a fun new friend! These kinds of DIY craft ideas are a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Making pipe cleaner spiders is a fairly simple activity too, so you don't have to worry about lots of preparation. Plus, you'll have some fantastic homemade Halloween decorations at the end of it. We've listed below an easy guide on how to make your own pipe cleaner spiders.

What You Will Need

Making pipe cleaners spiders

You can add lots of Halloween crafts to your spider, to really personalize your cute eight-legged friend. You can use whatever colors you like. You might wish to use black materials to give your spider a Halloween feel, or you might choose to use your favorite color to make it really stand out. Here's a list of what you will need to make your DIY pipe cleaner spider.

Pipe cleaners crafts

Pompom crafts

Googly eyes

Child-friendly PVA glue for craft activities


Newspaper (to avoid a gluey mess!)

Add cotton wool to add a Halloween theme to it (optional)

How To Make The Spiders

Pom-poms for pipe cleaner spider

Starting with the pipe cleaners, these will be used as the spider's legs. You will only need four pipe cleaners because one pipe cleaner will go across the body and become two legs.

You'll only need one pom-pom for your spider and this will be the spider's body. Make sure it's big enough to add the googly eyes at the end.

Cut the pipe cleaner down to the side you like so that each leg is a good size for the body. Repeat this for all four pipe cleaners. Remember one pipe cleaner is used for two legs, so keep in mind that the length of one leg will be half the length of one pipe cleaner. Also, each leg will have a twist in them, which will make the legs look a tad shorter too. Our tip is to leave the legs slightly longer than you think, as you can always cut more off at the end.

Glue the middle of the first pipe cleaner to the middle of the pom-pom, so that the two legs are equal in length. If you find your glue isn't strong enough, you can twist your pipe cleaners and bend them around the body or another leg to make them a bit more durable.

Repeat the process for the other three legs; twist them around each other if required.

Bend one leg at a time to make them look more like a spider's leg.

Glue the googly eyes onto the body, and voila your spider is complete! Just let the glue dry and you have a great addition to your Halloween decoration ideas. You can add cotton wool around the spider to look like webs to really give it a Halloween feel.

Ideas On How To Make Other Little Bugs

Pipe cleaners spiders

If you have a large red pom-pom and black pipe cleaners, you can create a ladybird by using a black felt tip pen to mark black spots on your pom-pom.

You can also try to create a caterpillar by sticking lots of pom-pom crafts together in a line and then attaching the legs and googly eyes like before!

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