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6 Easy Ways to Press and Dry Flowers Beautifully

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Feel like you've exhausted all the crafts you can do with the kids during lockdown?

Why not step into the garden, or collect some flowers while you're out on a walk? Flower pressing is a super easy and creative way to keep the kids busy, and create some beautiful keepsakes that will last for years to come.

All you need to get started is to collect some flowers. Smaller ones work better, so things like daisies, blossom petals, and buttercups are amazing. However, collect whatever you can find, to make a unique piece of art that reflects the beauty of your local area.


All of these methods of pressing flowers are child-friendly and deliver a similar result. Traditionally, flower pressing takes a few weeks until the flowers are fully dry, however we've included tips to help speed up the process!

Book Pressing

Takes: 2-3 weeks

Once you have collected your flowers, there are several easy ways to press them, using things you have at home! for example, a heavy book makes the perfect DIY flower press, as it adds pressure and weight.

To Press Flowers Using A Book, You Will Need: A large, heavy book (or stack of books), parchment paper, and flowers.

First, open your book in the middle (if you don't have a big book, just open whichever you have, you can always stack more on top).  Place down two pieces of parchment paper, one on each page. Now, carefully place your flowers on one page, making sure to leave adequate space between them so they don't overlap. You can now slowly close the book. If you have lots of flowers, repeat the same action on other pages in the book. Now, place more books on top to add pressure and weight. The more weight, the flatter your pressed flowers will be- try adding a brick or other heavy object. Now, wait 2-3 weeks, changing the parchment paper every few days so the moisture from the flowers doesn't transfer to the pages. Once the flowers are fully dry, you can remove them from the book using tweezers or your fingers- careful though, they will be very delicate!

Iron Pressing

Takes: 10 minutes

This method requires some adult supervision as it involves applying heat. This is a quick way to press flowers if you don't fancy waiting weeks.

For This Technique, You Will Need: An iron, parchment paper, and flowers.

First, lay out the flowers between two pieces of parchment paper. Flatten them down on top using a book or other heavy object. Next, heat your iron on low, making sure you have emptied out all the water. Firmly press the iron on top of the flower, and lift up after around 10 seconds. Let it cool, and repeat. Once your flower is fully dry it is ready to use!

Flower Press

Takes: 2-3 weeks

If the kids are loving the process and you would like to invest in a press, something like this beautiful personalised flower press will make it much easier to come out with high quality flowers every time. For something quicker, you can also get instant presses that dry the flowers using the microwave, so you can get on with your flower crafts straight away! Using a flower press generally requires patience, but kids will love coming back to their flowers after a couple of weeks and seeing the transformation.

Pressed Flower Crafts

Children crafting

Now you've learned how to press flowers, there is no limit to the creative things you can use them for! We've put together some fun ideas that the kids will love, and will create beautiful keepsakes for the future.

Greetings Cards

One of the most simple yet beautiful crafts that is not only super easy for the kids to create, but your friends and family will love receiving them.

You Will Need: Plain greetings cards and envelopes, PVA glue, pressed flowers, and other craft materials for decoration (i.e. pens, paint, glitter).

To make these gorgeous cards, first of all get out your pressed flowers and arrange them on the front of the card, as you'd like them to be displayed. You could do just one simple flower, or make an arrangement! Next, carefully use a brush to apply glue to the back of the flowers, and gently press them in place on the front of the card. Now you can let your imagination go wild! Add glitter, ribbon or drawings to make the picture come to life, write inside and they're ready to send.

Mod Podge Bookmarks

Flower pressing

These adorable bookmarks make lovely gifts, and are bound to get the kids enthusiastic about reading.

You Will Need: A4 card in any colour, a ruler, a pencil, scissors, a hole punch, string/thread, Mod Podge, any extra craft supplies you have for decoration, and your flowers of course!

First of all, take your card and lay it out horizontally. Place your ruler down vertically, and trace around the shape of the ruler, so you have a rectangle shape on the card. Next, cut out your rectangle and you have the base for your bookmark! Repeat this step if making more than one- each A4 sheet should make at least 4 bookmarks. Now, using a hole punch, punch a hole about 1cm from the top of the bookmark, in the centre. Cut a length of string around 15cm, thread it through the hole and thread into a double knot. Cut the excess, and you have a basic bookmark!

Now, place your pressed flower on to the bookmark. Using a brush, apply a small amount of Mod Podge on the back of the flower, and press it down in place on the bookmark. Now, coat the entire top of the bookmark in Mod Podge. This will help seal the flower in place. (Top Tip: For a sparkly sheen, try mixing in some glitter with your mod podge and add a layer on top!) Allow to dry for at least an hour (or speed it up with a hairdryer set to medium), and add any other decoration you like. Leave for approximately 24 hours before using.

Flower Artworks

Using the same Mod Podge technique, you can easily design many more beautiful decorations. This flower art will immortalise your day of flower picking and can be displayed anywhere.

You Will Need: Plain canvases, Mod Podge,  paint, glitter and your pressed flowers.

Like the bookmark technique, place down your flowers in whatever arrangement you like. Now, remove them from the canvas and lay down a thick layer of Mod Podge. Place the flowers on top, and go over them with a layer of Mod Podge (or try our glitter technique from the previous craft!). Leave to dry, then add paint, drawings or any other additions to your artwork!

Some other ideas for what to make with your pressed flowers:

Decorated bowls or glasses (mason jars are a great idea for this!)

Pressed resin flowers


Decorated phone case



For some more flower-themed ideas and crafts to do with the kids, check out how to make pipe cleaner flowers or these 12 blooming wonderful flower art projects to do at home!

Written By
Sarah Hallam

<p>With a Diploma in Education specializing in Fine Arts (Painting) and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Illustration and Visual media from the University of Arts London, Sarah previously was a London-based teacher who brought her passion for art and culture to the classroom. Her creative endeavors include painting classes and experimenting with new recipes. She draws inspiration from the world around her and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others while sipping a cup of tea.</p>

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