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5 Ways To Make Spring Party Decorations

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Spring has officially sprung and while we may not be able to enjoy it much right now, we can bring it into our homes by ways of making our own decorations.

You don't need a reason to throw a spring party - this wonderful season of blossoming flowers, warm temperatures and joyful bird songs should always be celebrated. Turn it into a garden party if you have one or throw an indoor version decorating the house with all the things we love most about the season: a pretty flower to make the breakfast table come alive, colourful bunting and DIY cake toppers made of spring-themed prints - birds, green landscapes, butterflies, etc. -  and cutouts, painted rocks.

There are so many wonderful ways to get your home and outdoor space all decked out for a party that will get everyone into spring mode - here are five ideas to get you started!

Handpicked Flower Power

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of spring? Flowers! And not just one, but a whole field of flowers, preferably all colours of the rainbow. As far as party themes go, you can never go wrong with a burst of handpicked flower power in your living room and every other designated party-zone in the house. Turn your pre-party prep into a little outing to the nearby countryside or park and get everyone picking - whatever catches their eye. Daisies and dandelions, large and small grass stalks in different shades of green, daffodils, bluebells and alliums can be found everywhere, and they will be sure to set the theme. The best time to pick them is in the morning, as it will keep them fresh longer.

Arrange the flowers all around the home, garden or balcony using different-sized glass jars to create mini flower displays. Use flower tops to decorate plates and dishes with and set others aside to create a nature collage with. If your spring party isn't planned until two to three weeks from now, you could also press flowers to create invite cards or artwork with.  Dried flowers also happen to make for whimsical birthday crowns. Think of your home as your canvass and flowers, leaves and other greens as your paint - you can never splash enough of it around and it will truly make your home pop like a colourful garden bursting into bloom.

Beach party where a woman is dancing

A Chirpy Bird House Centrepiece

Whether you're throwing a spring themed birthday party or are just celebrating the first BBQ of the year with the family on a warm, blue-skied Sunday, beautiful table decor will always set the tone. Birds offer the main soundtrack to the season we all love so much, so why not pay tribute to our winged friends by creating DIY birdhouses to use as centrepieces? With a few slabs of wood from Dad's workshop or recycled materials, you can create one or more birdhouses that will delight your guests and, once the party is over, the birds that come to visit your garden or balcony. Paint your birdhouses with spring motives and bright colours and arrange them on the table, along with a few fresh sprigs or other greens around.

If you want to take it a step further create a mini garden party for the table by ways of a fairy garden, using a small, DIY birdhouse as the inhabitants' main digs. Who knew that creative party ideas would end up coming in useful for our outdoor spaces too? It'll make for a real eye-catching display on the table as well as your garden or terrace. Putting together a fairy garden is fun and will give you - and your guests - something pretty to look at for a long time to come.


Bees To Get Your Spring Party Buzzin'

Spring has officially arrived and we can hear the bees and other insects buzzing around us, busily tending to our ecosystem. If you're looking for fun and timely party themes to roll with, turn this gathering into a reminder to save the bees with easy and decorative papercrafts.  These also work great as a birthday party theme for girls - as in, the one who's special day you're celebrating, gets to be the queen of the party hive. Once you get started on these bees you'll see - ideas on how to use them will just keep on coming. All you'll need for these spring party decorations are toothpicks and/or wooden skewers, craft paper - alternatively, regular paper and cardboard - and colour pens or paint.

If you're working with regular paper, stick it onto a piece of cardboard and sketch a bee onto it or find a template to print out online. Colour them in with coloured pens or paint, then cut them out and stick them onto a skewer or toothpick, depending on what you are using them for. Do the same when using craft paper to make a bee from separate elements - i.e. wings, eyes, antennas, etc.  Many ideas of how to use them will start forming as you're setting up for the party. Stick the long skewers in with flower pots or bouquets and the toothpick sized bees on to muffins or burgers as decorative toppers. Set a few bees aside to give people as party favours or to stick on top of presents if you're throwing a spring birthday party. These are easy to make on the quick and will bring a breath of spring even to an indoor "garden" party.


Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: The Life Of Every Spring Party

If you want to party spring style, put all those toilet paper rolls you've hoarded since the lockdown started to great use, by creating cute decorations for your garden party. Or is it a birthday party? Either way, you can never go wrong with going with a seasonal theme - especially a colourful, versatile one like spring. Your guests are going to love them and you'll have found a creative way to recycle all those loo rolls - it's a win-win situation. Best of all, your kids are going to enjoy making them and like them so much they might end up using them for other art projects or their DIY puppet theatre.

Turn your toilet rolls into animals or flowers using coloured craft paper. You can also create beautiful butterflies and flowers with different folding techniques, some of which can be used like the bee ideas above.  These also make for excellent party favours your guests will love. A great, possibly the best thing you could turn your toilet paper roll into, is a fairy house for the table's garden party centrepiece. Painting it in bright and whimsical colours will be sure to lure many fairies to the party! You can also use fabric or felt or, bring a bit of glam to the fairy party using recycled sweet wrappers.

Rock Your Spring Party With Lucky Ladybugs

To add a touch of spring to every corner of the house and garden, paint some rocks as ladybugs. Spend an afternoon collecting rocks at the park or in the garden, clean them off and get to painting. This is a fun activity for the whole family and kids are going to love finding places to put them once they're done. You can't rock a spring party without lucky ladybugs in the house, so get to painting and watch as they liven up the party zone!


Written By
Roxanne Sancto

Roxanne Sancto is a freelance writing, Yoga and English teacher forever covered in glue and paint stains. She currently has four fur babies and ends up with a new pet every time she goes for a walk. Her students keep her up to date with the latest kid lingo and trends both in the UK and Spain.

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