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Shine On: 15 Window Decoration Art Projects For Kids

With many of us staying at home currently, it can be a challenge to keep spirits up.

Since face-to-face socialising is still limited, what better way to bring your neighbourhood some cheer than by creating some beautiful window art? Kids will have a ball making these fun craft ideas, and displaying them for everyone to see.

All you need are some basic craft materials and a free hour or two and, you can make anything from suncatchers to DIY stained glass windows!

Rainbow Window Decorations

The rainbow symbol has become synonymous with showing support for the NHS and key workers everywhere. These rainbow art ideas are loads of fun to make, and are a fantastic way to get crafty with the kids while decorating your windows!

Crayon Suncatcher Craft

Group of Stacked Pile of Crayons Top View.

Shine On: 15 Window Decoration Art Projects For Kids

All you need for this colourful craft project is wax crayon shavings, which you can melt down with an iron to make beautiful designs that look amazing when they catch the light. This suncatcher craft is great for other art projects too, as the wax designs can be cut and repurposed to make endless decorations.

Abstract Geometric Window Art

This cutting-and-sticking activity is a fantastic way to encourage your younger children to think about how different colours and shapes interact together and can be combined to make different designs.

Top Tip: While this activity is removable, it involves attaching sticky transparency sheets to your windows, so we recommend you pick a window you're happy for the kids to go crazy on.

Creative Bunting Craft

Kids will love getting to grips with this fun bunting idea. With some string, coloured paper, glue and any other craft materials you have lying around, kids can design and make their very own bunting to display in the window, in their rooms or anywhere else in the house that needs an injection of creativity! To make your bunting, simply decide how long you'd like your bunting to be, and how many triangles you'd like to add, then cut out double that number in coloured paper. Then, let the kids loose with the craft materials to design their triangles. Then, cut a length of string about 10cm longer than you'd like your bunting to be, and glue the backs of the triangles, sandwiching them together along the length of the string. Then you can hang your bunting up anywhere you want!

Top Tip: Why not give your kids a theme idea for their triangle designs? Animals, aliens or rainbow themes are all fun suggestions.

Symmetrical Butterfly Art

This easy peasy butterfly art is a simple and quick craft that all kids seem to love. All you need is paint, brushes, and a sheet of paper. Before you begin, fold the sheet in half and open back up again. Then, starting from the middle of the page, let the kids paint half a butterfly. Then, with the paint still wet, they can fold the sheet over and see their painting become a complete butterfly image! This is not only lots of fun but is also a fab way for kids to start learning about reflections and mirror images.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

This sweet craft activity isn't just for Valentine's Day- kids will have a great time cutting and sticking tissue paper to make this adorable heart wreath. Not only can you use cardboard from the recycling, but if hearts aren't your thing, you can adapt this easy craft to make any shape you like!

Top Tip: Why not switch up the colours of your tissue paper to make a multicoloured or rainbow heart wreath?

Nature Scene Window Display

All you need for this craft idea is different coloured paper, scissors and glue. First, take a piece of green paper, and get the kids to cut fringe until about 2cm from the edge. You can tape this along the bottom of the window to create 'grass'. Then, fill your nature scene with whatever you like! Some suggestions are trees, flowers, a sun, clouds, birds, and woodland creatures such as squirrels, bears, deer and foxes. Make these by cutting out shapes and glueing them on top of each other. Add details with pen or paint, and attach to the window using scotch tape or blu tack. Neighbours will marvel at your paper masterpiece!

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

This super simple craft shows you how to make fabulous stained glass 'windows' using tissue paper!

Mondrian Stained Glass Window

If your child is a budding artist, they will love this educational yet fun art window craft inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian! It uses bright primary colours and bold lines, and the 'stained glass' effect is created using diluted tempera paint that can easily wash off.

PVA Abstract Window Art

These fantastic PVA shapes are so easy and cheap to make, satisfying to create, and look great in the window. All you need for the basic craft is PVA glue, food colouring, cocktail sticks and poster paints. You can also add in glitter to jazz it up a little! To make your basic colourful circle, you can use a circular biscuit tin lid, or something flat with an edge on it, like a frisbee. Pour out a layer of PVA glue to fill the circle, until it's about half a cm deep (don't worry, the glue will dry clear). Then, drop in some food colouring and drips of poster paints. Now, the kids can use cocktail sticks to make designs in the glue. Once you're done, let the glue craft dry overnight until all the glue is clear, then peel it off to reveal your wonderful designs!

Top Tip: Take this craft one step further by cutting your glue into different shapes. You can also punch a hole in it and hang it up as a suncatcher!

Paper Plate Jellyfish

This craft is really fun to hang in the window, and you can make multiple jellyfish in different colours! All you need is paint, a paper plate, glue, string, tissue paper and some googly eyes. First, cut the plate in half and paint it whatever colour you'd like your jellyfish to be. Next, cut some strips of tissue paper and glue them along the flat side of the plate for the jellyfish's legs. Now, add a pair of googly eyes, make a small hole at the top and tie your jellyfish up in the window with some string!

Post-It Note Designs

Bright, colourful and temporary, this easy craft will have the kids entertained for ages. Simply give the kids a variety of different coloured post-it notes, and let them create some designs on the window using only the post-it notes. This is a great way for kids to learn about shapes, colour, and design.

Mini Cone Streamers

This cute craft is easy to make and can be decorated and personalised using craft materials such as paint, glitter, pens, pom-poms and beads. It's also really easy to adapt and recreate as holiday decorations.

Recycled Yoghurt Pot Suncatcher

Can't get enough of suncatcher art? Then you'll love these easy recycled suncatchers, made from recycled yoghurt pot lids!

Beaded Curtain DIY 

A DIY beaded curtain always looks good, is fun to make, and is a great addition to the window or anywhere else in the house! Check out this list of ideas on how you can create your own. Some exciting ideas for recycled things to make your curtain out of are buttons, bottle lids, beads, pom poms, or old CDs.

For more creative craft activities to keep the kids happy at home, take a look at our articles on DIY paper marbling and how to make beautiful paper flower wreaths.

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