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5 Brilliant Stick Man Activities In The UK

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Life is an exciting ride when you're a Stick Man! Just as Julia Donaldson illustrates in her much-loved children's picture book. The imaginative story tells of a father's journey to make it home in time for Christmas - encountering many adventures along the way. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him… he even ends up on fire! Stick Man’s lively experiences are enough to inspire any child’s imagination - which is why we’ve found five brilliant Stick Man themed activities for you in the UK!

Woodlands Farm Trust, London

This self-guided trail is open all year round

Perfect for: kids aged 3-7 who love to explore new places!

This self-guided trail is open all year round - making it perfect for half term entertainment or just a spontaneous trip one weekend! The fun-filled activity trail is great for feeling at-one with the outdoors - to explore the natural world and find out how things grow!

Based around the adventures from the much-loved book by Julia Donaldson, these twiggy trails feature colourful boards and associated activities, all of which have been designed to encourage their imaginations in the great outdoors! What’s more, there are so many creative ideas that can be brought home to the garden to keep the kids entertained for longer.

Where is it? South London.

How much to budget for: Donation only to enter + free downloadable maps.

Nearest station: Welling.

Don't miss: Outdoor and educational fun!

The Forestry Commission, UK

While adults take in the beautiful scenery

Perfect for: entertaining all members of the family!

At multiple locations around the UK, you can enjoy one of twenty four self-led Forestry Commission England trails based on the Stick Man story! Choose to visit your local Forestry Commission woodland or venture into an unknown woods, where you’ll help Stick Man find his way back to the family tree. While adults take in the beautiful scenery, older children may want to stop for some climbing, whilst the younger children take part in activities along the route to learn about the importance of forests. These trails are free, but the activity packs available are £3.

Where is it? Across the UK.

How much to budget for: Free entry + £3 activity packs.

Don't miss: A day of activities for everyone to enjoy!

Stick Man Activity Day, Beaumanor Hall

From trails amongst the trees

Perfect for: outgoing kids aged 3-5 ready to socialise!

The activity day starts with an introduction which will set the scene and excitement for the day. Group Leaders help to coordinate the day, as the children take part in four different Stick Man themed activities. From trails amongst the trees to creating ‘journey sticks’ and decorating family trees, kids will enjoy the new and exciting group challenges that the day has to offer. With all of the activities having a different theme for learning, they will experience an exciting and varied Stick Man adventure of their own!

Where is it? Charnwood Forest, near the town of Loughborough.

How much to budget for: Contact the location to enquire on prices for themed days. A packed lunch and snacks must be brought with you.

Nearest station: Loughborough.

Don't miss: Varied learning experiences with a common theme!

Pooh Sticks At Your Nearest River!

kid playing pooh sticks

Perfect for: kids aged 3-7 who enjoy a competition!

Remember playing Pooh Sticks as a child? It really is a timeless game that all children will play at some point in their lives. But how about racing stick men? Most of the resources you need can be found in your garden or local park, aside from a little glue - just make sure to stay away from plastic.

Let children use their imaginations to create their version of Stick Man or search ‘how to make a stick man’ online and encourage them to follow the instructions. Then, later on, enjoy watching them compete in racing down the river!

Where is it? Anywhere!

How much to budget for: A small, optional budget for arts and crafts materials.

Don't miss: A creative and competitive afternoon of fun.

Turn Stick Man Into A Performance!

stick man show

Perfect for: kids aged 4-8 to boost their confidence!

Make the most of a rainy weekend and encourage the kids to get creative by using the speech from the book to create a script! Read over the book and pick out your favourite lines to reenact together. Help to teach young readers to create joy and imagination in the most ordinary of places!

Some may naturally take the lead whilst others are happy just making the props. Either way, help to develop the sense of teamwork amongst siblings or friends by giving them the freedom to dramatise the book as they wish. If they’ve enjoyed it and they’re up for an even bigger challenge, prepare them for a final performance in front of an encouraging audience to boost their confidence in speaking!

Where is it? At home or in the garden.

How much to budget for: Optional budget for costumes or props.

Don't miss: Learning through teamwork and hours of entertainment!

<p>With a childhood spent traveling and exploring, Annabelle moved to Bahrain at 13 and then to London at 19 to attend Chelsea College of Arts, UAL to study Interior and Spatial Design. She has a passion for all things creative, particularly recycling materials. Outside of art, Annabelle enjoys walking her dogs and cooking for loved ones.</p>

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