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Kidadl’s 10 Bathtime Commandments

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Bathtime is sometimes a big heap of fun, sometimes a bit of a stress, but usually both at once. Your kids know they shouldn’t splash, drink the water or - heaven forfend - poop in the tub, but does that stop them? 

Perhaps if we could all agree to one set of rules, it would make bathtime go a bit more swimmingly. Here, then, are Kidadl’s 10 bathtime commandments for you to cut out and keep (though you may want to laminate them for the bathroom!).


bathtime commandments for you to cut out

1. Thou shalt not eat thy sponge.

2. Thou shalt not covet thy sibling’s rubber duck.

3. Thou shalt not decant water unto thy mother and father.

4. Thy may splash, yet only insofar as commandment three be not infringed.

5. Thou shalt never grow tired of the soap sud beard.

6. Thou shalt not poop, nor otherwise befoul thy bath water.

7. Thou shalt not employ the edges of thy bath as a waterslide.

8. Thou shalt not drinketh from the tub.

9. Squirteth not from thy mouth. Thou art not an ornamental cherub.

10. When a parent or guardian commandeth thy egress, then thy jolly well better get out of the tub. 

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