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Kidadl's Guide To The Best Sky Movies To Watch As A Family

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After a long day of homeschooling, the whole family deserves quality time to cuddle up and watch a film. Settling down with a movie is the perfect break, and the whole family get to escape into worlds so very different from our own. We've scoured Sky to find our favourite family flicks, now on TV. There are hundreds of family movies out there, and to avoid infinite scroll syndrome we've complied our very own Sky Movies guide so you can spend less time searching and more time together watching.

Film reel

Hercules (U)

Perfect for: KS2 Kids that are mad about myths, and anyone who likes a a good sing-a-long.

The animated Hercules from 1997 is a brilliant depiction of the classic quest story. The demigod, Hercules is cursed by Hades at birth to live a half-mortal life, so that Hades may overthrow Olympus with the help of the Titans in eighteen years' time. Hercules learns of his powers with the help of Pegasus and Phil, and embarks on a quest to return to Olympus. An excellent accompaniment to the Greek and Roman Myths scheme for primary-age children, with quick comedy and catchy tunes, you'll want to watch this one again and again.

TV Listings: Saturday, April 4th and 11th at 4:45am-6:20am, Sunday, April 5th and 12th at 9:45 pm-11:25pm, on Sky Disney (Channel 609). Available on demand.


Lego Movies 1 & 2 (U)

Perfect For: Anyone planning to attempt the 30 Day LEGO challenge!

'Everything Is Awesome' when The Lego Movie is on. This totally hilarious epic series sees our everyman Emmet have his world turned upside down when he discovers he is destined to be The Special, and must save the Lego world from evil corporate superpower, Lord Business. He is joined by kickass builder Wyldstyle, Batman, Unikitty and Benny the astronaut to help out along the way. The Lego universe is superbly meta and pleases audiences of all ages.

TV Listings: Saturday, April 4th and 11th at 6:15pm-8:00pm, and 8:00pm-10:00pm on Sky Movies (Channel 301). Available on demand.


The Harry Potter Series (1-3: PG, 4-7: 12A)

Perfect for: Die-hard witches and wizards aged 6 and up.

Whether its your first or 394th foray into the fantastical world of Harry Potter, Rowling's magical storytelling is always ready to welcome you home. In times of uncertainty and injustice, the Harry Potter series is a constant to comfort children and adults alike. Time spent at home means many all over the world will return to Hogwarts, be it through page, screen or audiobook. Orphan Harry is confined to the cupboard under the stairs until he finds out that he is a young wizard. While uncovering the mystery of his parents' death, he discovers that the magical world is full of danger. With the help of his friends, he is forced to confront the dark forces that threaten both the magical and muggle worlds. Eight movies long, this series is perfect for a marathon alongside reading the books. After The Prisoner of Azkaban, themes run a bit darker so adult discretion is advised.

TV Listings: Saturday, April 4th from 6:05am, and Saturday, April 11th from 4:45am, screening all day on Sky Family Movies (Channel 306). Available on Demand.

Harry Potter


The Addams Family (PG)

Perfect for: Kids with a taste for dark comedy, pranks and Halloween. Ages 7+

The wonderfully creepy Addams Family are an unusual household with connections to the supernatural. Meet Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Thing the hand, Lurch the frankenbutler and Grandmamma, and experience their fantastically chaotic lives. The Addams' are forced to exist alongside mere mortals when the children attend their local school. In the meantime, Gomez mourns his missing brother, Fester. When Fester returns, Gomez is overjoyed, but his sudden appearance sparks suspicion among the rest of the family that Fester may not be who he claims, investigation and disorder ensues. The Addams Family is a magnificent tale of unconventional family values, expect to laugh a lot.

TV Listngs: Saturday, April 4th and 11th at 12:25pm-2:15pm on Sky Movies Comedy (Channel 335). Available on Demand.

Stardust (PG)

Perfect for: Lovers of fantastical fiction, ages 7+

An adaptation of Neil Gaiman's beloved novel, Stardust's magical world will capture your heart. Tristan is set on a journey, by his unrequited love Victoria, to capture a star that has plummeted to earth. Little does he know that the star is named  Yvaine and takes the form of a woman. Tristain is not the only one looking for Yvaine, Lamia, a witch is looking to take her heart for eternal youth, and the sons of a dead king seek a ruby from her to gain ultimate power. Tristain is lead on a quest to find Yvaine, but once he does, keeping her seems to bring all sorts of issues. Stardust is a is a step up from the common fairytale, and ideal for fans of His Dark Materials, with a star-studded cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Clare Danes and Robert Deniro. The adaptation of Gaiman's fantasy story is packed with comedy and adventure, and is sure to leave the whole family spellbound.

TV Listings: Sunday, April 5th 12:55pm-3:10pm on Sky Movies Select (Channel 340)

Matilda (PG)

Perfect for: Avid readers and lovers of Roald Dahl, aged 3-8

The classic Children's novel in film form, Matilda spells magic to young and old. In a world filled with terrible teachers and pesky parents, adopted child genius Matilda turns to her books in tough times. When she attends school for the first time, and receives kindness from her peers, and her teacher Miss Honey, she discovers magical powers. She endeavours to take on the adults that have wronged her. From one absurd situation to the next, expect an incident with a newt, hair dye and lots of superglue.  A tale for rebels, smart girls and underdogs, Matilda reminds us all why we love stories, and why, above all, kindness is key.

TV Listings: Saturday, 11th of April at 2:35-4:40pm Channel 5. Available on Demand through Sky Cinema.

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Ursula is a writer and educator from South East London. She spends most of her time writing, reading and taking trips to the cinema. Her favourite places in the city include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Prince Charles cinema. In the warmer months, she loves swimming in Hampstead and taking trips out to the beach, always with a book, and always with snacks.

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