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Creative Kids Birthday Themes At Home By Age

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If your child's birthday falls while we still require social distancing, it can be stressful to come up with ways to plan a birthday party with limited guests.

We've put together a list of fantastic kids birthday party ideas, that can be easily adapted in the future. From decorations and music to costume ideas and food suggestions, we've got you covered so you can throw a birthday party to remember.

We have divided ideas for party themes into different ages, but there are lots of ways to tweak each theme to fit your child's age group.

5 And Under

Kids Birthday Themes At Home

Under The Sea Party!

This classic party theme is not only lots of fun but can be adapted to any age group.

For decorations, paper streamers are your best friend. Make some by taking green and blue crepe paper, and cutting into long strips. These can be hung from windows with paper fish glued on to give the illusion of being underwater or creeping up the wall to imitate seaweed.

For music, the soundtracks from musical films such as 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Moana' are perfect for an ocean vibe. Party games can include 'Pin The Tail On The Octopus', or 'Underwater Limbo' (have the kids play limbo, but acting as sea creatures each time, such as 'wobble like a jellyfish'!). Gummy sharks, 'seaweed' (or green candy laces), fish fingers and seashell-shaped pasta are all excellent party food options.

In terms of costumes, the world is your oyster! Attaching your crepe paper streamers to an umbrella makes a simple jellyfish outfit, or dressing in flippers and a snorkel with a cardboard shark guarantees lots of laughs.

Teddy Bear's Picnic

What could be more adorable than a teddy bear themed birthday party? All you need is a rug or picnic blanket to set up your party, and fill it up with teddy bear 'guests'!

You can make some delicious homemade sandwiches, and get some nibbles and sweets to layout on the rug. For games, give each child a packet of gummy bears. Whoever can sort them into separate colours first wins! Bear ears make a fantastic costume or dress up as your favourite bear (Paddington, anyone?).

Top Tip: This party idea could be a great way to get some reading in! Stories such as 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and ' Goldilocks And The Three Bears' are some great entertaining options.

Colours Of The Rainbow Party

This kids party theme is easy to plan, and is sure to be lots of fun! Kids can dress as any colour they like (or just the whole rainbow!), and you can serve lots of healthy, colourful 'rainbow' food. Bell peppers, tomato, carrots, and cucumber with tasty dips are some great options.

Make sure to include lots of fun rainbow activities, and don't be afraid to make a little mess! You could make an easy rainbow scavenger hunt, where kids have to find a certain number of items for each colour on a list, (and maybe discover some prizes along the way!). Upbeat, fun music is a must- we're thinking 'I'm Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina & The Waves, and 'I Feel Good' by James Brown to get the party started!

Ages 5-10

Kids Birthday Themes At Home

Artist's Painting Party

For your little Picasso, an art-themed birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate and have lots of creative fun! Some great arty birthday party games for kids include Pictionary, 'scribble' drawing, where kids have to make drawings out of a simple scribble on a page, and portrait painting. You could even try this simple guide on how to make your very own paint!

In terms of costumes, you could dress up as famous artists or paintings, or simply throw on a beret and striped shirt. There are lots of ways you could serve art-themed food- why not try putting similar coloured foods in small bowls and serving on a large DIY cardboard 'palette'? Setting up a little 'art station' for each guest at the table, with plain sheets covering the ground and paint cans dotted around is a great way to create a 'studio' vibe. Put on some funky tunes to get the creative juices flowing and get partying!

Out Of This World Space Party

A space-themed birthday party is one of the most imaginative yet easy party ideas. These space craft ideas will have you set for decorations, party games and even costumes! For easy set-up, think tinfoil covered objects and shiny streamers on the walls. 'An astronaut's packed lunch' is a top idea for food- simply pack 'lunches' in a Tupperware or box wrapped in tinfoil, and serve to your guests mid-'mission' (party).

Ages 10-13

Kids Birthday Themes At Home

Dance Till You Drop Disco Party!

Nothing releases the pressure of lockdown like a good old disco! Get out your dancing shoes, throw on a classic disco playlist and get grooving. This guide has everything you need to know about how you can put on a disco in the comfort of your very own home.

Top Tip: Add a DIY touch to your disco party with some 'Make Your Own Pizzas' (below)!

Make Your Own Pizza Party

No matter your age, you simply can't beat a pizza party. Order in some cheesy pizzas, or make your own, and you're on your way to the ultimate cheesy extravaganza! For decorations, a great idea is to create a mini-restaurant, so you can have an authentic pizzeria experience (follow this guide for some fab tips on how you can make this happen).

Now, you can choose whether you all want to dress up as pizza toppings, chefs, or perhaps just a slice of pizza? This birthday party idea is genius as it leaves lots of room for kids to have fun and be silly with their outfits. Ideas for activities include 'Decorate Your Own Chef's Hat', 'Pizza Box Puzzle' (cut up a pizza box and let the kids reassemble), and, of course, DIY pizza toppings!

Top Tip: Why not switch things up and let the kids make a dessert pizza, using chocolate spread and fruit instead of the regular toppings?

Ages 14+

Kids Birthday Themes At Home

Gaming Party

If your teen loves their gaming, a birthday party centred around this could be lots of fun for the whole family! There are loads of great options for playing games online, and you can even invite your family and friends to join in virtually. Alternatively, get your child to pick out some of their favourite games, and challenge the family to a league!

Make a scoreboard and have some fun, friendly competition. For food, some classic gaming snacks like nachos, dips, and pizza are good options- you can add in some veggie crudites for a healthy kick. Different coloured cupcakes arranged like Tetris, Pacman, or any other game kids love, are sure to get everyone in the party mood.

If online games aren't your thing, you can also try using card games, board games, or even sports games! Creating simple prizes is also a great way to reward winners and get everyone having some friendly competitive fun.

'90s Throwback Party

With nineties fashion having come back in recently, a nineties throwback party is the perfect concept for any style-conscious teen. Dress up with scrunchies, crimped hair, glitter and snazzy outfits, and maybe even recreate some of your own looks from back in the day!

A nineties R'n'B playlist is sure to get the party going, and you could serve some non-alcoholic drinks in champagne flutes for a classy touch. Have some classic nineties movies playing in the background (some suggestions are: 'Clueless', '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Wayne's World' and 'Space Jam'), that you can dip in and out of. For activities, make some fun props and set up a 'photo booth' using decorated cardboard boxes, so your guests can take lots of fun photos to commemorate the occasion!

We've got plenty of birthday ideas on our website, so make sure you check them out! For lockdown birthday ideas, take a look at 14 Tips To Celebrate A Teenager's Birthday In Lockdown and Top Delivery Ideas For Kids Birthday During Lockdown.

Written By
Sarah Hallam

Sarah was born and raised in the North West. Her love of art and culture brought her to study in London and she never left! She can be found teaching painting classes, trying out new recipes, or drawing with a cup of tea.

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