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Are you looking for some 'The Lion King' trivia questions?

'The Lion King' is one of the most epic animated movies produced by Disney. Released in 1994, it was the first Disney animated feature that was an original story.

Directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, produced by Don Hahn, and with a screenplay by Linda Woolverton, Irene Mecchi, and Jonathan Roberts, the movie has earned worldwide appreciation from kids and adults alike.

Whether your favorite character is Mufasa, Simba or even Timon and Pumbaa, we have all the 'Lion King' trivia facts for you here. It’s time for some hard 'Lion King' trivia, let's find out if you can ace this ultimate 'Lion King' quiz. Hakuna Matata!

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'Lion King' Cast Trivia Questions

The film features a voice cast including Jeremy Irons, Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Rowan Atkinson, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Madge Sinclair (in her last film role), Ernie Sabella, Robert Guillaume, Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Cummings and Cheech Marin. But do you know which characters they provided their voice overs for? Let's find out with these easy 'Lion King' quiz questions all about the cast. How many will you get right in this ultimate 'Lion King' trivia quiz? Remember, unless specified otherwise, these cast member questions are 'Lion King' 1994 trivia questions, not from the 2019 remake!

1. Question: Who provided the voice over of Young Simba?

Answer: JD McCrary.

2. Question: Which famous actor gave the voice of Mufasa?

Answer: James Earl Jones.

3. Question: Which actor recorded the voice of adult Simba?

Answer: Matthew Broderick.

4. Question: Which famous actor gave the voice of the antagonist, Scar?

Answer: Jeremy Irons.

5. Question: Who gave the voice over of Zazu?

Answer: Rowan Atkinson.

6. Question: Which actor recorded the voice of Rafiki?

Answer: Robert Guillaume

7. Question: Which famous actress gave the voice over for Nala?

Answer: Moira Kelly.

8. Question: Who gave the voice of the lead hyena Shenzi?

Answer: Whoopi Goldberg.

9. Question: Who gave the voice for Simba's mother in the movie 'Lion King' released in 1994?

Answer: Madge Sinclair.

10. Question: Who gave the voice for Nala in the remake of 'The Lion King' in 2019?

Answer: Beyonce.

11. Question: Which actress recorded the voice of Sarabi in the remake of 'The Lion King' in 2019?

Answer: Alfre Woodard.

'Lion King' Music Trivia Questions

If you’re a 'Lion King' fan, we are sure you can probably recite the best original song of it word for word (or roar for roar). Haven't we all sang car karaoke with 'The Lion King' soundtrack, saying “Hakuna Matata” every chance we get? Well, our love for the musical soundtrack has brought us to these wonderful 'The Lion King' broadway trivia songs questions and 'The Lion King' film music questions. Artist and composer Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice wrote the original songs for the film and the background score was done by Hans Zimmer. This list includes questions about Best Original Song awards and much, much more. Let's find out if you can win this 'Lion King' children's trivia quiz and become the true King of the Jungle!

12. Question: The song, 'Circle Of Life' includes which two languages?

Answer: English and Zulu.

13. Question: Complete the lyrics of this song, "I have never seen a king of beasts with ______"?

Answer: "quite so little hair."

14. Question: Which character goes around singing, "Asante sana, Squash banana, Wewe nugu mimi hapana"?

Answer: Rafiki.

15. Question: The movie 'The Lion King' starts with which song?

Answer: 'The Circle Of Life'.

16. Question: Which famous singer sang several tracks of the movie?

Answer: Elton John.

17. Question: Which song is played at the end of the movie?

Answer: 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'.

18. Question: At the end of the song 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King', Zazu is trapped under which animal?

Answer: Rhinoceros.

19. Question: Which Broadway adaptation song was animated and used in the second edition of the movie?

Answer: 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King'.

20. Question: Complete the lyrics, "Let every creature go for broke and sing _______".

Answer: "let's hear it in the herd and on the wing."

21. Question: Which is the remarkable song used in the first ever trailer of the movie?

Answer: 'The Circle Of Life'.

22. Question: What line follows the line, "So prepare for the coup of the century"?

Answer: "Be prepared for the murkiest scam".

23. Question: What is the meaning of the opening line of 'The Circle Of Life', when translated into English?

Answer: "Here comes a lion, father. Oh yes, it’s a lion."

24. Question: In which song do Nala and Simba fall in love?

Answer: 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'.

25. Question: In the song, 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King', what does Simba use to dry himself with?

Answer: An elephant's ear.

26. Question: Complete the famous phrase, "Hakuna Matata, it means no _____ for the rest of your days".

Answer: "worries".

27. Which three songs from 'The Lion King' were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1994?

Answer: 'The Circle Of Life', 'Hakuna Matata' and 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?'.

28. Which song from 'The Lion King' won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1994?

Answer: 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?'.

'Lion King' Awards Trivia Questions

The movie has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including Academy Awards, a Golden Globe award for the Best Motion Picture, and more. There are two 'The Lion King' films, the 1994 release and the 2019 release, and both have enjoyed success at award ceremonies over the years. According to 'The Lion King' 2019 trivia, James Earl Jones won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance in 2020 after his superb second performance as Mufasa. Do you know how many and in what categories the movie has won awards? Take this 'The Lion King' trivia quiz and find out how big of a fan you are!

29. Question: How many Golden Globe awards has 'The Lion King' won?

Answer: Three.

30. Question: How many Oscar awards has 'The Lion King' won?

Answer: Two.

31. Question: Elton John won an Oscar for which song from the film?

Answer: 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?'.

32. Question: Who won the Academy Award for the Best Original Score for his work on 'The Lion King'?

Answer: Hans Zimmer.

'Lion King' Relations Trivia Questions

The most interesting part of the movie is the different relationships shown between the characters, particularly the parent-child relationships. The moviemakers have handled the responsibilities of creating each character with love, understanding and patience. Do you love the characters of Pride Lands and Pride Rock? Take this 'Lion King' trivia with answers to find out how much you really know.

33. Question: Who is Simba's mother?

Answer: Sarabi.

34. Question: Who is Simba's father?

Answer: Mufasa.

35. Question: Who is the uncle of Simba?

Answer: Scar.

36. Question: Who is Sarafina?

Answer: The mother of Nala.

37. Question: Who is the best friend of Simba?

Answer: Nala.

38. Question: Who is the grandfather of Kiara?

Answer: Mufasa.

39. Question: What is the name of the grand-daughter of Sarabi?

Answer: Kiara.

40. Question: What is the name of Mufasa's and Scar's father?

Answer: Ahadi.

41. Question: Who is Kovu's father?

Answer: Scar.

The Lion King Musical Poster

'Lion King' Dialogues Trivia Questions

The Disney classic is 26 years old yet there are many dialogues that still resonate with people of every age. They are witty and funny, and at the same time motivational and full of life lessons. In honor of these classic lines, we have compiled these questions all about 'The Lion King' trivia and answers for you to test your knowledge on. Good luck, Hakuna Matata!  

42. Question: Who said the following line, "You won't find him here. The King has returned."?

Answer: Rafiki.

43. Question: What is the last word of the dialogue, "Oh, just look at you two. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the ________."?

Answer: Savannah.

44. Question: Who delivered the dialogue, "He's mad as a hippo with a hernia"?

Answer: Zazu.

45. Question: Simba and Nala rode on which animal during the song 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King'?

Answer: Ostrich.

46. Question: Which animal is seen sitting on top of Zazu at the end of 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King'?

Answer: Rhinoceros.

47. Question: Who sang the line, "Everywhere you look, I'm standing in the spotlight."?

Answer: Simba.

48. Question: Who said these words: "I killed Mufasa!"?

Answer: Scar.

49. Question: What does 'Hakuna Matata' mean?

Answer: In Swahili, 'Hakuna Matata' means, "no worries".

50. Question: Whose motto of life was, 'Hakuna Matata'?

Answer: Timon and Pumbaa.

51. Question: What does Scar say while attacking Sarabi?

Answer: "I am ten times the King Mufasa was".

52. Question: Who says that he is in the shallow end of the gene pool?

Answer: Scar.

53. Question: The movie ended with which word?

Answer: "Remember".

54. Question: Complete the lyrics with one word, "I'm gonna be a mighty King, so enemies ____"?

Answer: "beware".

55. Question: What is Scar's response when Simba tells him that his father showed him the entire kingdom and that Simba would be ruling it one day?

Answer: "Forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know".

56. Questions: What did Simba say after tasting insects for the first time?

Answer: "Slimy....yet satisfying."

57. Question: What was the golden advice Mufasa gave to Simba after his lecture?

Answer: "The Great Kings of the past will always look down on us from the sky. Whenever you feel alone, those Kings will be there to guide you, so will I."

58. Question: What is the second motto of Pumbaa?

Answer: "Home is where your rump rests".

59. Question: How does Timon describe the taste of grubs?

Answer: "Tastes like chicken".

60. Question: Complete this dialogue of Timon, "When the world turns its back on you ______"?

Answer: "you turn your back on the world."

61. Question: What were the last words of Mufasa?

Answer: "Scar, brother, help me!"

62. Question: Who was scolded by the line, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with foods."?

Answer: Zazu.

63. Question: Who said that "I laugh in the face of danger."?

Answer: Simba.

64. Question: Who said, "What is the hurry? We'd love you to stick around for dinner."?

Answer: Shenzi.

65. Question: Which character says, "Remember who you are."?

Answer: The spirit of Mufasa.

66. Question: Which hyena asked what they were having for lunch tonight?

Answer: Banzai.

'Lion King' Plot Trivia Questions

The story takes place in the Pride Lands of Africa. The movie is filled with so much goodness; be it the captivating story, the amazing music, or the important life lessons it teaches us. It’s truly a masterpiece of animated movies. The movie teaches us that life is full of challenges but these should be dealt with with bravery. Let's take a look at some 'The Lion King' movie questions and answers, including some trivia about Scar from 'The Lion King'.

67. Question: What kind of animal is involved in terrible stampede?

Answer: Wildebeest.

68. Question: Who is the first main character to appear onscreen?

Answer: Mufasa.

69. Question: Who do Simba and Nala defend from the hyenas?

Answer: Zazu.

70. Question: What is Scar doing in his opening scene?

Answer: Playing with and talking to a mouse which he is about to eat.

71. Question: Mufasa explains to Simba that he will rule everything that what touches?

Answer: The light.

72. Question: Where did Rafiki use to live?

Answer: A large old baobab tree.

73. Question: Sarabi allows Simba and Nala to go on a venture until who goes with them?

Answer: Zazu.

74. Question: Simba came to know about the Elephant Graveyard from whom?

Answer: Scar.

75. Question: What did Simba practice as a young cub?

Answer: His roar.

76. Question: How did Mufasa die?

Answer: He was trampled by a stampede of wildebeests. It was a conspiracy of Scar's.

77. Question: During the ending of the film, who does Rafiki present to the Pride Lands?

Answer: Simba's and Nala's newborn baby.

78. Question: What is the complete name of the sequel of the first movie?

Answer: 'The Lion King II: Simba's Pride'.

79. Question: Which scene in the film required the heaviest use of graphics and computer animation?

Answer: The wildebeest stampede.

80. Question: Who talks to Simba right before he becomes King?

Answer: Rafiki.

81. Question: What insect was Pumbaa chasing which led to his separation from Timon?

Answer: Beetle.

82. Question: While chasing Simba out of the Pride Lands, how many hyenas fell in the thorn bushes?

Answer: One.

83. Question: How many times does it rain in the movie?

Answer: Two.

84. Question: Simba was forbidden to go where?

Answer: The Elephant Graveyard.

85. Question: According to Timon, what are stars ?

Answer: Fireflies that got stuck in the "big bluish black thing".

86. Questions: What is behind Simba during his transition to becoming an adult.

Answers: The moon.

87. Questions: When Simba, Zazu and Nala are being chased, On which roar does Mufasa appear?

Answers: Second.

88. Questions: As per Zazu's morning report, who are "going ape"?

Answers: Baboons.

89. Questions: Where is the Elephant Graveyard located?

Answers: The Northern Border.

90. Questions: What is the first animal seen in the opening scene?

Answers: Rhinoceros.

91. Questions: In the very first scene, we see Rafiki raising a cub. Who is the cub?

Answers: Simba.

92. Questions: Simba is practicing his roar on what animal?

Answers: Chameleon.

93. Questions: Why does Simba go to the Elephant Graveyard?

Answers: To check if the brains of the elephant are still there.

94. Questions: When Simba pounds Zazu, he lands on which animal?

Answers: Groundhog.

95. Questions: True or false? Timon and  Pumbaa are related?

Answers: False, they are best friends.

96. Questions: When Rafiki tells Simba that Mufasa is in the pool of water, who does he see first?

Answers: His reflection.

97. Questions: When Rafiki came to take Simba back to Pride Rock, What does he do with his staff?  

Answers: Hits Simba's head with the staff.

98. Questions: Scar gave which animal's meat to the hyenas?

Answers: Zebra.

99. Question: Who is the only non Sub Saharan African animal in the story?

Answer: Rafiki.

100. Questions: After Mufasa's death, what is laid over his body?

Answers: A tree.

101. Question: Who is the only character to give the correct meaning of the star?

Answer: Pumbaa.

'Lion King' Characters Trivia

Did you love Simba as a young cub? Or perhaps other characters from Pride Rock were your favorites? Try this 'The Lion King' quiz on characters of the movie to see how much you know.

102. Questions: Which character farted the most?

Answers: Pumbaa.

103. Questions: Scar's scar is on which eye?

Answers: Left.

104. Question: What is the meaning of Simba's name in Swahili?

Answer: Lion.

105. Question: The character Zazu is what kind of animal?

Answer: Hornbill.

106. Question: What was the lead hyena's name?

Answer: Shenzi.

107. Question: What does the name Rafiki mean in Swahili?

Answer: A friend.

108. Question: Two of the three hyenas were called Shenzi and Banzai. Who was the third one?

Answer: Ed.

109. Question: What type of animal was Mufasa's official majordomo?

Answer:  Hornbill.

110. Question: Who was the sidekick of Pumbaa?

Answer: Timon.

111. Question: What is the color of Nala's eyes?

Answer: Teal.

112. Question: Whose advice convinces Simba to return home?

Answer: Mufasa's.

113. Question: What was the fate of Scar at the end of the story?

Answer: The hyenas ate him.

114. Question: What was the name of the honey badger from another film from the franchise, 'The Lion Guard'?

Answer: Bunga.

115. Question: What is the name of the Scar's chosen heir?

Answer: Kovu.

116. Question: Officially, Zazu is in which post?

Answer: Majordomo.

117. Question: How many dark stripes does Timon have on his back?

Answer: Five.

118. Questions: What was Pumba called other than his own name?

Answers: Mr Pig.

119. Questions: Timon is what kind of animal?

Answer: Meerkat.

120. Question: How many fingers does Timon have on each hand?

Answer: Four.

121. Question: Simba falls in love with which lioness as an adult?

Answer: Nala.

122. Question: Which antagonist tried to kill Simba in his childhood?

Answer: Scar.

123. Question: What kind of animal is Pumba?

Answer: Warthog.

124. Question: Which character was also called Cactus Butt?

Answer: Banzai.

125. Question: What is the name of Nala and Simba's daughter in 'The Lion King 2'?

Answer: Kiara.

126. Question: What is the meaning of the name Pumba in Swahili?

Answer: Simpleton.

127. Question: What are the colors of Timon's eyes?

Answer: Black on white.

128. Question: Who is the Shaman of the pride?

Answer: Rafiki.

129. Question: What kind of animal is Rafiki?

Answer: Baboon.

130. Question: How many animals are hit by Scar?

Answer: Four.

Miscellaneous Questions About 'The Lion King'

These questions are about everything from the Pride Lands to 'The Circle Of Life' and more. If you can answer them all you will be the true King of the Jungle.

131. Question: What do the stars in the sky represent to the pride?

Answer: The Great Kings of the past.

132. Question: What was the original title of the movie?

Answer: 'King Of The Jungle'.

133. Question: The movie 'Lion King' was inspired by which Shakespeare play?

Answer: 'Hamlet'.

134. Question: Who do Timon and Pumbaa think Rafiki is when they first meet?

Answer: Simba's uncle.

135. Question: When was the movie 'The Lion King' first premiered?

Answer: 24 July 1994.

136. Question: What kind of movie is 'The Lion King' 1994?

Answer: Animated musical film.

137. Question: The story revolves around which young lion?

Answer: Simba.

138. Question: Where is 'The Lion King' set?

Answer: Pride Rock and the Pride Lands.

139. Question: What is the highest mountain in Africa which is also shown in the movie?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.

140. Question: Who composed the famous score of the film?

Answer: Hans Zimmer.

141. Question: Who was the story supervisor of the film who went on to direct Pixar's 'Brave'?

Answer: John Lasseter.

142. Question: The claw of which lion never completely retracted?

Answer: Scar.

143. Question: How is Bon Jovi connected to the movie?

Answer: His hair was a model for Simba's mane.

144. Question: The name of which character is never mentioned in the movie?

Answer: Sarafina.

145. Question: What animal were the villains in early versions of the script?

Answer: Cape dogs.

146. Question: The production of which other Disney movie coincided with the making of 'The Lion King'?

Answer: 'Pocahontas'.

147. Question: How many 'Lion King' movies are there?

Answer: Three.

148. Question: Which animator supervised Pumbaa and then co-directed the movie 'Mulan'?

Answer:  Tony Bancroft.

149. Question: Other than 'Hamlet', what else is a source of inspiration for the film?

Answer: Osirian myths.

150. Question: Which animated movie broke the record of 'The Lion King' as the highest grossing animated movie in 2010?

Answer: 'Toy Story 3'.

At Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our 'The Lion King' trivia, why not check out our animal trivia, or '90s movie trivia?

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